Monday, 30 April 2007

SleepleSs in Borneo? Ahaks =p

*It's exactly 11.25 p.m. And still I'm not asleep yet. These are some of the days that I tend to have my late nights unlike those days where I had to "early to bed, early to rise" kinda thing. The fact that I'm gonna get 2 days public holidays makes me HAPPY =)) Labour day & Wesak daY...YAY!

*Right now, I'm listening to the songs that I'm currently addicted to. Maybe I should recommend to u guys, Reza Salleh's "Smokecity" cd is awesome ! I could'nt have got it if it wasn't for Hanafi.( Note: Hanafi is the cute,sweet,shy lead guitarist who played for Estranged & a couple of bands. And did I forgot to mention that he's absolutely TALENTED? veRy ARTISTIC & taKe Nice PiXies! LoVe HiM ! ;) )

* Btw, I haven't had my coffee in days ! Is that a MiRaCLe or wHat? I think I'm gonna DIE not having one! Someone bring me one cup of Macchiato for me puhleaseeeeeee....Hahaha ;p

*I think I've lost touch in some of the things that I love most. Gotta bring me back to life !

::: Here's a SMILE before I'm off to bed :::

To Everyone Who's SoO SCHWeeeetttttt & Beautiful People in My Life !

Lotsa Love~

Saturday, 28 April 2007

::Right Now::

Right now, I'm just confused about certain things. Choosing the best things in life. Urmm, it just aint that easy when it comes to making decision whether to go on with my career or to continue my studies. If I quit now, its not worth it cause I know it is certainly hard to get a job these days, it is all about the competition or race to get up to there. But I also think I should upgrade myself to get to the next level. I wished things would be easier for me. I only hope & pray to God that He will send His Guardian Angel to guide me through all this.

it's Saturday....

Oh my gosH ! Haven't been updating these past few days ! GueSS I've been really LAZY and owh well I'm being too BUSY at the moment also.

Last nite, I was eagerly waiting to watch my favourite local band "ESTRANGED" on Musik Musik (for those of you who don't know it's on air every Friday night 9.30 pm @ channel tv3). Well, I don't really watched much tv these days. I didnt even know the exact time at first and ya do I even watch Musik Musik? Nay ! But I did last nite! Ekekeke ;p I was on the net frequently checking out stuffs. As I stumbled upon Estranged's latest news...According to their official website, they will performed live during that show. And the best part was, Accoustic version ! *Wondering* I was really wanting to know how it turned out to be....I've never seen they perform accoustic.But too bad my curiousity ended up with dissappointment ! Damn, they will be only on tv next Friday ! Who said they're gonna be on tv last nite on the website?? Aarghhhh....Guess I have to wait for another 1 week lah ! Huhuhu :(

Tho' I was so disappointed yesterday but I didnt wanna go to bed yet.... I saw Dino suddenly came online, and there I go again disturbing you...This cutie drummer from FReQuencY Cannon who just came back from a show...SoO sorry man, hope you're not annoyed ! You're hard to resist lah..Haha ;p

Friday, 20 April 2007

You misunderstood me.....

You can talked & tell me if you are not happy about it, say what you really wanted to say but you refused. Hiding it wont solve everything. Every little things has a solution to it. Now look what happened to us, causing a stir to our relationship is not what i'm expecting.

Sometimes I felt that I don't even know you at all. When I told you yesterday I didnt mean that I wanted to cancelled what we have been planning for all this while. I'm not that kind of person la. I would not spoil it for anything. I just told you that to shorten the days because of I'm scared I wouldnt have enough leave. But if you're not okay about it then we should go on with the trip. I wouldnt mind at all.

I just wanted your OPINION thats it ! But then you always misunderstood what I wanted to say. You wont even listen when I wanted to talked it OVeR ! OMG, come lah its a SMall thing & you're trying to make it a BIG DeaL....Why make it such a FuSS? Suddenly you're acting like a Lil' kid....DUH! I'm not sure if I say the WRONG words, but if I did I'm SOo SORRY ! If you're Hurt & I'm Hurting more.... :(

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Turning a year older ...oN the 12th April 2007

Thank you so much to all who gave me special treat, gifts & wishes during my birthday ! Here's some pictures on the night of my birthday. Steamboat Buffet which I happened to LOVEEEE SoO MucH.Thanks Once Again...I finally turned 23 ! Yikes I'm getting older by year Hahaha =p

Venue of the Night....Kg. Nelayan ;)

Chillies.....More of it ! =p

:::::: WASTED ::::::::

The FINISHED product....Hahaha ;p

The Birthday Girl~ Hehehe ;)

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Life, I'm Thankful for.....

I am thankful to God for I am still here today. Thankful for the many abundant blessing which I have received today & all these years. Thank you for giving me the chance to live again. Only God knows what happened that particular day if He has chosen to let me leave this world so soon. He has showered me with beautiful people surrounding whom I get to see & smile the whole day through. Meeting new people & getting to know them further. Life is so much full of pain, not always a bed of roses but Life to me is always beautiful, Beautiful when you know how to appreciate others, when you know how to be thankful for everything. Without God, you will not have LIFE & the Happiness you seek. I learn to love the life I am Living right now. Though it's not perfect, it's still better than anyone else.

For this I am THankful for the Life you have given me for 23 years. I want to Live my Life to fullest ! ;)

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Just Another day @ Starbucks Again.....

I am sOo tired & sleepy I can't even think what to blog. My brain are all worn out, I have nothing to say I'm speechless. I guess I just leave some pictures of what I usually do when I'm stressing out....Hanging out at my favourite place of course ;)

me bored @ starbucks? u've gotta be kidding ! ekekekeke ;p

i just Love the's my cheekbone?

two of the things I cant leave without....hehehe ;p

Me ordering a COFFEE OF THE DAY is must at Starbucks....SoO the Next time you decided to drop by there, don't forget me ya? U guys should buy me a drink....Hehehe....Speaking of that I am SoO Mishing MY COFFEE MATE ! ToO Far to accompany me at our favourite place....Huhuhu :(

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

her second attempt? urmmm.....

Hey's your day? I hope your days are better than mine....ehehehe :p
I've been sOo lazy & sleepy at work today maybe because I was lacking enough sleep these past few days. I'm not sure why but maybe I was just too much thinking of stuffs. And damn, my days are getting freaking busy lately ! Feeling a bit stressed -out I think I do need a vacation ! ;) Well, hope all goes well with u guys lar, I know we are all been busy but lets have some time to chill out for awhile...

Sorry for this kinda-bored-2nd-entry, I can't seem to think anything wonderful to write. Like what Dino said to me YeaH, I am 'budak pemalas' hafta agree with you on that...Maybe I havent get rid of my MONDAY BLues since yesterday...Ahaks =p

Anyway, here's a picture I wanna share wif you guys. My new pet, small & adorable toy size puppy. I called it Pretty-Bambi....Cute aint she? ;)

That's it for today...

Need to shut my eyes now !

~Much LoVeeeee~

Monday, 9 April 2007

......the artystyc baby's new blog.....

Hi all....

Here I am starting all new & refreshed in a new blog. Inspired by alot of beautiful people around me, I want to write even more. Seems like everyone I know started their own already sO I tot to myself, why not give it a shot huh?

Ive just decided to start blogging to a new place cause I felt the old one were not that good plus blogspot seems to have so much option dats y I've always wanted a space here. You even have privacy setting & more option on the designs. Yay ! I'm not sure if I have the time to blog daily but I will try, can't promise though ! Haha =p

My first entry would be a short & simple entry SOo you guys have to wait for the future entries aights? Will be posting more posts and hopefully with lotsa pictures tOo...feel free to comment......

I'm off to bed now ! Nite.....

LoVe U aLL ;)