Saturday, 28 April 2007

it's Saturday....

Oh my gosH ! Haven't been updating these past few days ! GueSS I've been really LAZY and owh well I'm being too BUSY at the moment also.

Last nite, I was eagerly waiting to watch my favourite local band "ESTRANGED" on Musik Musik (for those of you who don't know it's on air every Friday night 9.30 pm @ channel tv3). Well, I don't really watched much tv these days. I didnt even know the exact time at first and ya do I even watch Musik Musik? Nay ! But I did last nite! Ekekeke ;p I was on the net frequently checking out stuffs. As I stumbled upon Estranged's latest news...According to their official website, they will performed live during that show. And the best part was, Accoustic version ! *Wondering* I was really wanting to know how it turned out to be....I've never seen they perform accoustic.But too bad my curiousity ended up with dissappointment ! Damn, they will be only on tv next Friday ! Who said they're gonna be on tv last nite on the website?? Aarghhhh....Guess I have to wait for another 1 week lah ! Huhuhu :(

Tho' I was so disappointed yesterday but I didnt wanna go to bed yet.... I saw Dino suddenly came online, and there I go again disturbing you...This cutie drummer from FReQuencY Cannon who just came back from a show...SoO sorry man, hope you're not annoyed ! You're hard to resist lah..Haha ;p

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