Friday, 20 April 2007

You misunderstood me.....

You can talked & tell me if you are not happy about it, say what you really wanted to say but you refused. Hiding it wont solve everything. Every little things has a solution to it. Now look what happened to us, causing a stir to our relationship is not what i'm expecting.

Sometimes I felt that I don't even know you at all. When I told you yesterday I didnt mean that I wanted to cancelled what we have been planning for all this while. I'm not that kind of person la. I would not spoil it for anything. I just told you that to shorten the days because of I'm scared I wouldnt have enough leave. But if you're not okay about it then we should go on with the trip. I wouldnt mind at all.

I just wanted your OPINION thats it ! But then you always misunderstood what I wanted to say. You wont even listen when I wanted to talked it OVeR ! OMG, come lah its a SMall thing & you're trying to make it a BIG DeaL....Why make it such a FuSS? Suddenly you're acting like a Lil' kid....DUH! I'm not sure if I say the WRONG words, but if I did I'm SOo SORRY ! If you're Hurt & I'm Hurting more.... :(

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