Friday, 18 May 2007

I'm currently listening to: Rascal Flatts- What Hurts the Most
MoOd : MiX- EmotioN
What time exactly : Way past my bedtime ! Ahaks =p

It's Friday nite and I just came back from town for lil chit-chatting moment with my fave cuzzy ;) We were SUPPOSED to go to the Beach just now, but toO bad it was RAINING ! DaMn... Bought a few stuffs for Daddy and myself. It was a nice nite out since we were staying home alot this few weeks. Saving up for more important things..hehehe...LOTS of SHOPPING coming up soOn....CoZ they'll be like aLotttt of WeDDings to attend and ya, we WOMAN have to get ready from tip to toe....I am SoO going to buy that SeXy DreSseS I just SAW last week ! Not to mentioN, I think I'm gonna get myself Pairs & pairs of Pretty SHOES ! aND owh well, a Hawt HaiR Do will do...Urmmm, a Curl perhaps? What do you think?

Besides that, I am sOo looking forward to get myself pampered & relaX ! A night wit my siblings & cuzzies at Magellan will definitely do! Can't wait! Few more weeks, we're gonna PARTY like KERAZIE ! Aramaii tiii...SUTERA HARBOUR here I come ...and owh ya it's been a while I didnt get myself DRUNK? Hahaha ;p

I was supposed to be at the JUGS 2nite to meet someone I havent really hang-out with and NEVER even talked to in college. And is it strange or what? BUT well I'm feeling a bit under weather and my sore throat is still getting worst. In the mean time, I will have to resist ALCHOHOL ! SORRY ! I hope you won't 'putus kawan" with me cause I'm not there right now...

Okay la I better get to bed now....The medicine makes me sleepy !

Take Care
Lotsa Love ;)

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