Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Labour's Day !

Yeap, for those who are living in Malaysia, today's a public holiday....Labour's Day! I'm all excited when it comes to holidays....Geesh, I just love it so much! ;p

Started off the day goin' breakfast with my favourite cousin...ehehehe...well actually it's kind of BRUNCH sudah la...haha....after that, we went to a near-by shopping complex to search for our niece & nephew's Madeline & Michael presents. Just in time for last minute gift.

Arrived at my cousin's place around evening for a high tea party. They were like alot of family members who I havent seen in ages & most of them just came back from the Peninsular & Singapore. Took alot of pictures as usual but right now I'm kinda lazy to upload it. Will probably update 2morrow then.

Need to get my head on the bed now.....

Nite~Sweet Dreams

Lotsa Love ;)

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