Sunday, 17 June 2007

Happy Father's Day to Daddy CooL ! :)

Since I havent been going out this week, I've tried to spent every moment with my family members at home. I've started cooking for dinner again. Which is a good thing. I even cooked for my Uncle Clement and Aunty Mary from my mum's side from Papar the other day. They came all the way to my home in Penampang so I might as well prepare them something SPECIAL which I did. :)

What a great weekend to start celebrating for my dearest Dad. I havent been spending much time with the whole family lately. I even missed my outreach programme just to meet my favourite band ESTRANGED again. Will be updating bout that soon. So I guess it is time I make up my time for them. Right after coming back home yesterday, we had our lunch together outside the verandah which we always to chill at. And at night, I've decided to treat everyone in the family for dinner. We went to our favourite restaurant Gaya Seafood Restaurant. We just love having seafood once in a while.

This morning we had our early rise to church together after so long I was always the one who went missing. And yeah after that, dim sum galore here we come. Traditional Chinese is still in our blood though it's mix....hehe ;) The siblings decided going to Likas Bay to watch the DragOn Boat Race but nah, sadly we dont get to see it. Cause walaweh TRAFFIC JAN giler ! Sayang lah sebab it was a good weather this morning. But off we went continue our journey of photo shOoting NICE :)

I'm taking things slow and steady nowadays. I'm willing to take chances of whatever that comes my way. I'm giving other people time to get to know more of me and accept me for who i am.

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