Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Hotlink Borneo Music Festival 10 June 2007

Myself behind a Hotlink booth ;)

I was supposed to blog about this few days but ya as usual I was busy doing doing nothing but wasting time...Haha =p I was SoO owh looking forward for the date till it Finally came.
Padang Merdeka witnessed the whole scene once again....
I was there with Vira since 3p.m I think....SoO early ya I KNOW ! CRAZY RIGHT?It was RAINING heavily at one time but that doesnt stopped me from having fun!

The venue of the day

I knew ESTRANGED were coming again sOo I cancelled my family trip this time just to see them again. I was on the phone with Hanafi accompanied by Rich's voice at the background the day before.And I sOo wanted to meet my buddy, Enoch the guitarist from COSMIC & watch him performed Live. I didnt managed to talk to him. So sad we were not even talking closer to each other but making sign language from afar. Beside I've told the guys from DISAGREE that I wanted to meet them in person this time ( the last time I didnt get to give them the cards personally, thank gOodness I've got Hanafi from ESTRANGED to pass it to them ;) Thanks ) Which I didnt get the chance again....*sigh* But at least I got to shOok hands with Hamka twice Fuyoh Party & Hotlink Borneo Music Festival...Saying hello between barricades! What a Wrong timing! Hehehe...


Personally speaking, All and all every performance were ABsolutely AWESOME ! I never tot I Love REGGAE more that day! Coz Im a BIG HARD ROCK FAN...I was dancing like crazy & doin' head banging the whole day....And guess what? I didnt CRACKED a SINGLE BONE yet! I Love the new single from ANDALUSIA...Cant wait to purchase it! And same goes to DISAGREE I want the new album lah...GERHANA SKA CINTA is GReat! Ska,ska,ska ;) COSMIC, I heart u guys! Was droOling over you (ONE of YOU) the whole time and Edward did an AMAZING job on his 1st appearance! Cant believe I got to hear u sing Live.. JLO is WICKED! Love that accent of yours...hehe....MOST OF ALL I STIL LOVE HANAFI,DIN,ANDY,RICH&KEN -ESTRANGED Rawks My Heart Out !!!!-

My buddy Enoch ! :*

My favourite 2 guys Enoch & Edward ;)

Still the Best Part was: 10.40 p.m Hanafi texted me that he was at VIP Stage. I got in, passed the security with Hanafi's help and got to meet the guys AGAIN. Chatted with the guys for awhile. Took pictures with them, get them to signed the Hotlink hand and my usual thing, a card for each of them. Too bad Rich & Ken werent there this time. I got 3 gOod night hugs from them again before they're off back to the hotel. I guessed alot of eyes watching me at the VIP Stage with the guys feeling jealous....I guessed I'M THE LUCKY ONE THAT NIGHT ! ;)

Love them to bits! Din, Hanafi, Andy & Yours truly ! Taken by sound manager Anthony! ;))

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