Sunday, 29 July 2007

~Someone turned 25 lah today....hehehe =p~

It was 9 something at night but guess what? He did'nt picked up my call. Okay, so I understand. Maybe he was busy or something. I should have called earlier, I wanted to but hmmm I was busy the whole day and I was at City Mall's Giant doing some grocery shopping. Busy huh? Kunun!!! Sempat lagi chatting with Dino before that..haha! My Super Moleman who just came back from his Saturday weekend in PD playing drums for his brother's band, PoP SHuvit....Kesiannyer! Must be tired until he slept for the whole day hehehe ;) Anyhow, back to the story, I finally called him at 10 something and managed to wished him on the phone! He was at his friends hse celebrating his birthday pulak, no wonder lah! I hope you realize I call (which Im sure you did, coz u did my mentioned my name...haha) coz you said you were drunk! Oooppss...don't spill the beans Eudora! heehehe...

Hope you have fun tonight....probably still partying during this blog were written ;)

I know I've send my wishes through testi on your Fs but it wouldnt complete without talking to you n wishing ya personally!

Owh well....


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Currently listening to: Spanish Guitar by Toni Braxton ( yeah,yeah I'm a fan when it comes to anything involving Spanish ;) )

Since I'm at home most of the time nowadays, I wanna try to make my time to blog as often as I can. Reading Kenny Sia's blog frequently makes me wanna blog more each day. But it seems that everytime I wanna post something, my head turned BLANK ! Haha..To tell guys the truth, I hardly had anything on my mind right now...What to blog ah? Heehe...Oklah, I'll tell guys what I'm up to these days...

For today, 5 things only lar k....Here goes...

1. I'm being a gOody-gOody recently
It's not dat I've been a bad person all this while, it's just that I stayed home
most of the time. No more going out late nights after working hours. Kinda missed
it though. *sigh* :(

2. I survived without having MY BLACK COFFEE FOR WEEKS!
Can you believe it? Not only Black Coffee lah, I even hadnt drank my favourite
Frappucino in weeks! Yikes, dats CReePy!! Haha =p

3. Haven't had shopping for real in malls in awhile! Uwaaaaaa.....I dO my shopping
online these days....But it aint the same! Where's the thrill of shopping online?
NONE Lah...NO SHOPPING BUDDY hUHU...Last item purchased: A Dress and A handbag :(

4. PROJECT BAZOoKA ! I wanna be part of it!
Was thinking 'bout it recently, since I love supporting local acts, I might as
well become a part-timer or a volunteer in this project. this project thingy
sounds sOo interesting and it's definitely me! I love this kind of stuffs Kudos
to the 2 person behind it, Yuri and Khailee :)

5. Last but NOT least,
MiSsing SoMeONe Out tHeRe!
Who? You're asking me? NaH, am NOT TELLING! Let's just say someone worth missing &
worth cuddling? KIDDING! Not ONE but lotsS...HaHa ;D

" Appreciate those who do same to you, Keep those circle of friends who are well worth keeping and be there for you through ups & down....If they only find you when you are in crowning glory, then you should like just forget about it!"
Eudora Maluna Manggala 25 July 2007

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

behind the heart of a survivor....

Silence just conquered me,I didnt uttered a word. Those words that came out from your mouth just felt like killing me. I felt as someone's gonna shoot me and let me die on spot. What you did almost made me cry. But I didnt, I keep it inside. I am learning to hide my feelings. I guess I don't wanna be a bad person so shhh I never say a word...I am more a stronger person nowadays.

Even when someone left me here alone recently, when I need dat person the most, but I don't mind. Thinking dat him/her will only be there when they needed you, thats sux like totally! It's hurts. I know. Being too close but havent had much to say. I'm still surviving till this stage. But will I make it to the finishing line? I hope so....

owh well...
"Let's leave it all behind, Forget that we have painted rainbow together, What's left are colourless, A note of thank you for the memories.....-Eudora Maluna Manggala 23rd July 2007"

Saturday, 7 July 2007

070707? Wow definitely a date to remember......

Yeap,today is 7th July 2007....

Lots of GoOd and HaPPy things happened ! Urmm, owh well there's one Bad thing happened though haha...I'm just sO happy I need tO shout-out to the world! But seriously I really got no time to write all the things I need to mentioned now....tomorrow's gonna be yet another busy day so I'll probably update this when I have's time consuming and I ought to go to bed right now.....




I've been pretty busy's what happened on the 7th of July....

The pictures of Mac Oliver & Kathleen say I do

My cousin Mac Oliver chose an exact beautiful date to tie the knot with his pretty wife Kathleen :)

Will be updating more pictures soon...
CoNGRat's AgaiN ! ;)

Another thing happened that night....

Shirley informed me kinda last minute that Joa wanted to bring us out to Pizza Ria in Damai for dinner. I was kinda unsure whether to go or not cause it was pretty tight schedule because of my cousin's wedding. The mass was in the morning and straight after that is the reception which was held at Tun Fuad hall. Though it was a busy day, I did went out with them. Joa took Shirley before picking me up at my place. But one thing happened. His car were not in good shape so my dad checked his car and told him that he can't drive his car that moment. So instead, dad asked Joachim to drove my dad's car taking us, Shirley and I out for dinner. Off we went to Damai. Met up with Ranie there and there we were waiting for our food. Lapar giler suda after Joachim trying to fixed his car...hehehe what a day! Finally ya? After one year later baru boleh jumpa. We were all talking as if there were no tomorrow, endless chat, updating stuffs what we were up to recently....there goes Shirley and Ranie with their stuffs and as usual Joa and I always felt out of place. But thank goodness we both have our very own side of story! Hehehe...we always click don't we? ;) After dinner, Joachim sent Shirley home first while we continue our journey to my place. Chat for awhile outside. The night end with a warm hug from Joachim. Thanks for the wonderful night my friend! One more pizza before you leave for Kl aights? Hehehe =p

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

My fave ESTRANGED 's Rhythm Guitarist turned 23! =p

Picture of Mr.Solihuddin & I backstage after their show in Pusat Kebudayaan Penampang, Sabah few months back ;)

Just got off the phone with Din an hour ago! He was having dinner with his family in Subang to celebrate his 23rd birthday! And he also told me that he celebrated it with his band mates from ESTRANGED after their show in Bangi just USUAL it was the "water war" AGAIN....Hahaha ! What a way to celebrate your day huh? Nice! Definitely a BLAST ler tue! Hehehe....Ya, Din hope to see you in KK sOon aights?


Urmmm, gotta thank Rich for the phone no. if not, I wont b able to call Din...

Take care