Friday, 31 August 2007

I can't believe its the last day of August already.....

It's also gonna be my last blog entry of the month =/

Time does flies when we were having so much FUN !
The Question is " Did I ? "

So FAR YES I DID ! And hopefully more to come ! =)

Many things has changed in my life, the place I called home, the country I lived in, the people around me, friends come & go along the way, meeting new faces & getting reunited with old friends during the past few weeks, the single ones has finally say 'I do', new generations being born while the dearly departed old loved ones, and not to forget the pets we loved too has left this world....*sigh*

My country, Malaysia has finally hit the big 50, geez makes me feel a lil' old lah~
31st August 2007 the Independence day of a Multi-racial country. I hope this country will continue having peace & unity! Let's pray for it aights?

Here's something that makes me feel the patriotic thingy....a song lyric written by one of my favourite local band. Gotta say the best Merdeka song ever ! =)

50 tahun (by FREQUENCY CANNON)

Ini tak
Tak akan terhenti
Alunkan saja
Lagu cinta dan kedamaian
Menoleh keperitan perjuangan yang silam

Pasti kekal, akan kekal
Hak milik abadi
Pasti sama dihargai
Ini sumpah kami
Akan kukenang
Rela berjuang 50 tahun lagi

Bumi, langit, laut ini hak milik abadi
Tak siapa menoda,
Tak siapa merampasnya
Bumi, langit, laut ini hak milik abadi
Tak siapa menoda,
Tak siapa merampasnya

Ini takkan terhenti
Alunkan saja
Lagu rakyat dan kebebasan
Yang dimiliki dan berjanjilah selamanya

Pasti kekal, akan kekal
Hak milik abadi
Pasti sama dihargai
Ini sumpah kami
Aku mengenang
Rela berjuang 50 tahun lagi

Bumi, langit, laut ini hak milik abadi
Tak siapa menoda,
Tak siapa merampasnya
Bumi, langit, laut ini hak milik abadi
Tak siapa menoda,
Tak siapa merampasnya

~HaPPy MeRDeka PeOPLe !~

Thursday, 30 August 2007

it's almost midnight and i'm sitting & relaxing in my owh-sOo-comfort zone ! what? on a Merdeka's eve night? yeah, im sure alot of Malaysian's out there are partying hard for Merdeka's countdown....i know, i know...owh well, no more of it liao *sigh*

gotta be honest here, i aint feeling dat Patriotic thingy at all! excuse me , if you ask me, i should be proud being a citizen of Malaysia but i'm sorry i just dont have it in my heart right now. but at least, Frequency Cannon got me glued in to the song '50 tahun' their Merdeka single. it sure does help bringing me some of the feeling lah =)

since its gonna be a holiday tomorrow, i might as well make use of the time i have. Ha, i wish i dont need to work on saturdays =(

tomorrow is definitely gonna be yet another busy day for me. or i will probably end up doing nothing at all. once in while its gonna be heaven =p

my mind is full of stuffs to think right now....
sO much things to do, so little time...
but still there are certain things i'm all excited about
& im soO looking forward to =D

im not sure what exactly i wanna blog actually coz i cant seem to think straight nowadays....maybe im getting crazy? hahaha not!
maybe coz theres too many happy jolly moments coming by. i cant even remember that someone got My Plans RUINED ! owh at least i just dont wanna think about it anymore....

owh ya wanna share with you all that one of the reason that makes me happy today is because i found a long lost friend who i used to go to kindergarten with! mind you, kindy man! twas a long, long time ago! it's been ages but at last i found that of friend of mine on the net. ( will be updating bout dat soon =) )

Somehow i found out that part of today wasnt dat bad after all! When every person brings out the smile in you, it makes you happy! Thank God for the 3 man in my life today! Need I not mention names? No need lah....its You, You & You =p

Take Care

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Borneo Orchid Show 2007

Venue: 1st Beach, Tanjung Aru, Sabah, Malaysia.

Yours truly & her 2 other siblings went to the Orchid Show. It was indeed a beautiful Sunday after church. The weather was not that very Hot plus it does make me feel little SeXay tho' I know I'm NOT ! And as usual, my face were bare without make-up...Haha =p

They were already alot of people around when we arrived there. Since it was also the last day for the event, everyone took the oppotunity to see various kinds of orchids going to be displayed that day. They were like Lovely Orchids and hybrid & unique shapes too! I must say that the venue for the orchid show are Awesome cause I felt as if I was inside the rainforest for awhile. It's been awhile I went out travelling. So seeing how wonderful they made the place with the mini garden, complete with mini waterfalls, and mini jungle-like makes me feel owh so happy! Heehe talking bout a Nature lover like me =)

The exhibition

Besides that, they were also cactus around. I don't really fancy those kind of plants though. I am not sure why some people loves cactus so much. It has thorns & duh! it hurts people when you're accidently bumped on it! But I know it last longer even when it is not maintained lah! Hehehe =p

After alot of walking through colourful orchids & endless counts of snapping pictures, it was getting HOTTER & we were sweating like hell...and owh well, we also found some hot rides outside ! Drooling over the green PORSCHE I just fell in Love with!

*Thinking* When can I get One?

Friday, 24 August 2007

Charity Sunday....

Have you ever felt like you always wanted something but you never get it? You go insane over something you can't have even how much you work for it? That's what I used to think of myself. I always longing for something I want so much in life. It's not that I am not grateful for what I have right now. It's just that being Human, I want to seek pleasure and not satisfied until we get what we wanted. But on that particular last Sunday, something made me realize how grateful am I today....

Dad and his 2 lovely daughters went off to a town called Kota Belud (its a small town in Sabah, Malaysia) on the 19th of August 2007. As my Dad was always constantly enjoy travelling with his 4wd & that his children got this bloody adventurous type since they were a little kid, he decided to help the priest & some of the people from our church in lending a hand doing charity. Mum and my younger brother couldnt make it that day, so it was just the 3 of us. It was a rather HOT day but it was nevertheless a Great day! Plus I got sick at the end of the day! I shouldnt have eaten dat bloody Tom Yam! Haha =p

Eventhough I got sick til I felt like fainting, But THank God at least I've learned a thing or two from the day trip.....The feeling of being so Thankful to the Almighty for what He had bestowed & showered on me....And thus I am Satisfied for What I have Today, Eventhough I am Not Rich but Seeing my Life is way better than someone else makes me appreciate my surroundings and it does make me whole ! =)

Let's see what pictures did I took that day....

:: I'm feeling a lil' better after an hour nap & the medicine Dad bought for me! =) ::

Still smiling and sempat lagi bah kan posing for the camera...I was trying to forget that my stomach ache hurts! =p

:: The road less travelled ::

I took this on our way back to KK....

:: The 2nd church we've visited ::

:: Moi at Kg. Tingkalanon ::

Please ignore my tired-looking face, I was not feeling well bah..

:: Cloudy Sky ::

It was dark and it's going to rain!

:: Kg. Tingkalanon ::

Part of the villagers houses...

:: Kg. Tingkalanon AGAIN ::

That's my dad four wheel drive ! =)

These boys looking for just the right pair of shoes being donated to them.

The little boy in yellow observing his elderly choosing the clothings.

The villagers browsing through the cloths.

Busy searching for the items they need & suitable for them.

::The Signboard ::

At St. Barbara's Catholic Church.

:: The Cross ::

Yet another picture of St. Barbara's.

:: The View of Kg.Morion ::

I love the sky! =)

:: First church visited dat day ::

The villagers of Kg. Morion.

:: The Hard-Working Guys at Work ::

They were taking out the stuffs from the 4-Wheel-Drive. Spot my daddy's back ! Heehe ;)

:: The Busy Villagers ::

Constantly browsing through stuffs donated.

:: Spotted this young boy ::

He's so engrossed over the book =)

:: My model for the day ! ::

Sorry ate' I couldn't resist posting this ! Hahaha =p

:: Inside the church ::

The villagers going through the items donated.

:: Yeap, it is SHE AGAIN ::

The photographer for the day! SoO BusY ah yoU? Ahaks =p

:: Kg. Morion's Church::

At St. Mary's =)

That's it from me for now....It's raining heavily outside, I think ought to do something better !

Take Care

xoxo =)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Yogurberry-ing =)

Was supposed to post this on the 18th of the August 2007 but I got something else posted instead! =) So back to the story. Well, my sister & I decided to go to Yogur Berry in City Mall after Sunset Mass that Saturday. We both wanted something light for dinner and oh well, my sister said it's the right to be when you're on a diet. Me on DIET? Nah, just wanted to try something Healthy and you can still enjoy & get your stomach FULL. Ya, SERIOUSLY it could make you full even when you're not eating rice. Which is a GoOd thing for me! Heehe....Overall, I enjoy my meal there & I would recommend everyone to go there. It has a nice environment there at City Mall & I'm sure the one's in Warisan Square is more or less the same. These pictures will definitely tell what actually happened that day! Enjoy ;)

:: The sisters at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia ::

:: Aint she beautiful? My sister who's always ready to strike a pose....ahaks! =p ::

:: This is what I've ordered ! ::

:: My Single fruity 'Snow Yogurt' ::
Should have ordered a Double one instead BUT too BaD No one's gonna share it with me! Guess I've got to wait for someone to share the other half with me....Heehe...Anyone? =p ::

:: Nyum, nyum...Looks even BETTER from ON TOP ! Haha =) ::

:: My sis ordered this! Yogurberry Set 1 ::

:: At the corner table ::

:: Yours truly enjoying her Snow Yogurt ! =) ::

:: Everything you wanna know about Yogur Berry, it's all here. Lovely brochure =) ::

:: Last but not least, the colourful menu....hehe ;) ::

Ok enough 'bout food already! =p

Saturday, 18 August 2007

I've been turning the frequency toO loud til it felt like I've been hit by a cannon....

I've been listening to a local english band called Frequency Cannon songs since I've got to know the drummer, Azril Dino from MySpace a couple of months ago...back then, I never knew who he was. I just tot that he's some guy who got a band and is so into music. But after a while I got to know that he's actually Andy's elder brotherlah! You know Andy? The drummer from Estranged bah! Hehe :) Andy & Dino the 2 drummers I love! Hehe ;)

The band, FCannon were the Grand Champion for the 1st season of Hitz.Tv's BLast Off pulak! Of course I did watched Blast Off since the 1st season but didnt noticed that this guy is actually the drummer from Frequency Cannon...what the? We chatted on msn frequently and until a few chats then I got to know more about him & figured out he is one of the 3 talented drummers...I tot dat these guys (FCannon) were supposed to have an album by then but to my suprised, a BiG NO, NO.. What toOk u guys sO LONG? I mean they actually have few songs that caught my attention the minute I listened to their songs on Channel V's AMP website..I dunno lah if its just Me or maybe it's just bcoz it's my cup of tea or something...Im not sure juga lah..BUT seriously speaking they r GoOd! GoOd? I mean AWESOME! the drummer told me dat they only just recently got ACTIVE back to the music scene...most probably coz most of them have a real day time profession and music is only as a part dat they have their feet back on stage again...theyve certainly got alot of commitment to make and it aint dat easy! I could see them struggling & juggling through time to get an album done already! I kesian them wor! What to do lah kan, I'm sure all the hard work will definitely pay off & well at least i think its gonna be worth it someday aint it? ;)

Who are the guys?

Now & Then..

ACTUALLY, I only knew Dino the drummer but never really met him in person lah. SoO, I shud start with Dino then...

Azril Dino Malik- Some say he's shy & quiet in person but the way he is on Msn is very friendly & funny! The drummer who loves horror movies toO much! The drumming thingy runs in the family, the minute his dad bought him & his siblings his eldest bro Rudy from PoP Shuvit & Azwin Andy from the band Estranged a full set of drums at home. On stage, head bangs more than all the other members combined. Stays at home more often than his 2 brothers & replaced them when their out of the country! Has a cute cat named WoOfie =)

Kuachee - Vocalist & plays different kinds of instrument. A dental doctor by profession and has a clinic at an army camp?
Hmmm not sure bout dat tho'...Plays an unmentionable number of instruments and makes occasional odd noises.

Yuri Wong - A Peranakan guy from Malacca. The youngest of 2 brothers.Constantly looking for new guitar gear and searching for the sound in his head. Doesn’t want to admit it, but has turned yuppie. Has another band & 2 guitars named Daphne & Jacqueline hehe =)

Azrul - Oldest and wisest member in the band, nicknamed after a cute blue Japanese cat with no ears.

Siva - Self-dubbed ’Sporty Cannon’. Diving fanatic and constantly thinks of shooting paintballs at his friends.

Why am I writing about the guys from Frequency Cannon here?

I just think they deserved to get promoted. And the fact that I am sOo loving these guys! Having listened to 4 their songs plus the sample of '50 tahun' (What SAMPLE? I've got the FULL VERSION from Dino just now! Thanks =) ),makes me think their first album is sure definitely gonna be a HIT one lah hO ! My personal favourite 2 songs are GIRL & FAME AND GLORY (the video can be found at my Friendster profile =) )I love it when I can gO jumping around with a song & makes me happy all day long! That's what I love about Fcannon, keeping me feel energetic and alive with dat catchy song! I know they were supposed to release their album this month of August following their Merdeka single but due to some reason & clashed with some other local english bands, it's a good thing they postponed it to after Raya! At least I won't get a hole burned down to my pocket...Hehe =p

Well For more information about this band and their songs, you can check out their official website by simply clicking Frequency Cannon's Official Website link which is on the left side of my blog !

Frequency Cannon Rawks My Sox !
I really wanna meet these guys lah...

(P/s : To the band FCannon, if u guys happened to read this, I hope u guys don't mind me "curi" the photo's ya? haha =p ...And guys, hope things are doin' well with everything *Cheers* =) )