Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My Weekend Trip 22/09/07 Part 1

Guess where?

Yup, I went to Mesilau Nature Resort last weekend with my family but my elder sister have to missed it for an important office meeting! As usual, I escaped from work! Hate working on Saturdays when we're supposed to be resting at home like the Government staffs...toO bad ya?

If you're wondering where in the world is Mesilau....
It's in Kundasang, Sabah. The area or town where Mount Kinabalu is. Sabah's version of Genting Highland! Haha =)

There's a 2nd trail here from Mesilau to Mount Kinabalu. They say the view is more nicer than the 1st trail from Kinabalu Park but the route in Mesilau is longer by 2km compared to the first trail.

::The Restaurant::

A Great Place to Dine serenade by the Beautiful View.

:: This is where we stayed ::

Witti Range~

::How it looks like::

Nice ya? Hee =D

::The Sibling's BedroOm::

I had a very goOd night sleep here. The place where I had my sweet dream after that cold night I felt like my brain were freezing to death! Haha =p

::Comes complete with.....::

::The BathroOm::

ok,ok juak lah! Satisfied...heehe =)

::at the sitting & tv area::

I just love the lights! =)

To Be Continued.....

Monday, 24 September 2007

Congrates !!!!!!!

Finally someone popped the BIG question to you ya?
No wonder lah your weekend is in Langkawi. Just the right place & the right time ;) the both of you congratulation! I can't wait for the Big day! I've been waiting for this to happened. At last! I wonder when's mine going to be? Hurmmm =p

To the white man who's gonna say 'I do' to my beautiful cousin, I hope you take good care of her cause I know you will....I'm just so HAPPY for the both of you right now, I'm SPEECHLESS indeed!

By the way, Can I come to the reception in the UK?
Please, please, please....
I just LOVE UK ! I'll promised I behave when I get there! Haha =)

Congrates Once Again!
With Lotsa Love xoxo

to Mister Donut with Love!

Mi Amor Senor Donut? Hahaha =)

That's just the box =p


ya, I Love You Mister Donut! Haha =p

Since my favourite Donut stand can't be found around town nearer me, so I've decided to asked Daddy's favour to buy me one on his recent trip to the Land of Smile! It's more or less like Dunkin Donut which is available in our country, Malaysia, but I just love this more! =) It's been like almost a year missing eating that donuts. Looking forward to eat MORE on my next trip to the Philippines....Yay! Craving for it I could eat like a whole lot of it!

Have a peek what's inside....

Here's exactly how it looks like...

Looks Masarap diba?
Nyum,nyum mi favorita!

Maraming Salamat Po, Daddyko! Heehehe ;)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Someone got me soO into this one particular website which I'm not mentioning cause I'm not paid to promote the website! Someone's getting a new phone & its 3g...Plus its Cheaper there compared to Malaysia! Eeeeee....*jealous mode* Hee =D Anyways, I was browsing through that website and found this! It's SONY ERICSSON & it's GOLD. I fell soO in Love with it till I even forgot what's the model of it! Mind you...Geez, talked about being soO caught up with this thingy! Haha =p

It's not that I care much about getting myself an expensive toy. For me,as long as I can text or call my loved ones & friends, then I'm okay with it! I can survived with an old Sony Ericsson of mine! =) And further more, a 3g phone would sound so lavish on me & I wouldnt wanna be broke just so I can get a latest cellphone....I guessed I'd better stick to earning money for travelling! =)

But it doesnt mean I wouldnt want one as a gift.*hint hint*
SoO, if you happened to have extra...why not share it with me?
A Xmas gift will do...haha kidding! =p

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Things may have changed these past few weeks or even I might say months
Things are ought to be different now
What is left, it is all a history
It will never be same I know
But one thing for sure I'll never did forget the precious moments we had together
From babies to diapers, cotton candies to coffee nights, shopping spree to local gigs....

A big thank you for the memories
Last year was the best year of all and it had never been any better
I always thought I knew everything about you but I guess I don't....
The cold days of virtual winter are finally over,
I guess we better stick to reality summer.

This is the day I hope you grew older but much more wiser,

Maligayang bati....
I know you got what you want!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Small dinner party at my place =)

Last Wednesday on the 12th of September, we had a small dinner party at my place with a few of family members. My Aunt & Uncle from Labuan came to KK that day before heading to my cousin's place in Kuching, Sarawak the next day with my grandparents. As usual Dad prepared meal to welcomed them. We had the Chinese Bak Kut Teh that night! In case you were wondering, Bak Kut Teh is actually a Pork mix with herbal soup. What's special about it...It's Homemade! =D

The Simple Dishes For the Night!

Sorry, the picture is not in a nice position as I had to rushed taking this picture cause everyone is hungry & ready to dig in the food anytime! Haha =p

As always, I got to play with Madeline my niece, get her attention & go snapping her pictures while the others indulged in some tasty-fying Bak Kut Teh

She's such an Instant model! heehe =)
Ang cute cute talaga diba?

I even get a volunteered-model!

Smiling & posing to the camera all the way....
That's Moses my cousin, he can't stopped asking me to take his pictures! =)

All and all it was a Good night cause its been awhile seeing my aunty & uncle from Labuan. And my niece Madeline too. Too bad my nephew, Michael were not there.

PoP SHuvit's Songs

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Events I've MISSED OUT !

1. The Rainforest Music Festival 2007

An event on-going every year held in Sarawak, where traditional music comes to you from all over the world, the chances you could meet new faces & make friends with them and it's like a Summer party all night long! ( Im talking as if I've been there before but nope not yet! I've been thinking of going for last few years but never really got serious to it =[ )
ALMOST made it....
Just one step closer.....
Don't wanna talked about it BUT Uwarghhhhhhh......*sob*sob*

2. The Jazz Festival

The 1st of it kind in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

3. Bedroom Music Show

The first time doing it LIVE in KK ! BMS features local singers & musicians who got to play in one venue almost every week in KL.
A friend of mine, Mia Palencia & my favourite local English singer, Reza Salleh were even there that night! *sigh* I can't believe I missed his show here! I've been promoting his Cd to everyone and I didnt get to catch him performed Live!

But it's Okay. Maybe next time. One thing I've learned this year, No more making plans with someone who arent committed to it!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

3rd Sabah International Folklore Festival 2007

Geez, was supposed to post this earlier but guess I was soO caught up with something nowadays. Seriously, I aint got mood to even blog about this event. Anyway, Went to the Folkdance competition on the 6 of September 2007, 7 p.m at the Sabah Cultural Centre (which is few minutes away from my home) with Gayle, Vira & My Aunty & Uncle.This was the 1st day of the event. It was a Fun night witnessing this kind of event as it only comes once in 2 years and I must say it's worth it & the ticket only cost RM 10 per night! Cheap right? So, people if you kind of missed the folkdance that night, you might wanna consider going in the next 2 years lah! Heehe =)

Here's few pictures with LOW QUALITY of Folkdance Part One in non particular order. Yeah, I'm sOo soO damn lazy even to arrange! Haha =p

I found this outside the hall after the event.
This was at the boOth.

Some of the Russian stuffs that caught my eye! Heehe =)

SoO CUTE I want ! Note to Loved Ones : Those who are always travelling & if you happened to see this around RUSSIA, do send me as a souvenir aights? =p

Even The Harvest Festival Queen 2007, Jo-anna Sue Henly were there singing the theme song for the night.

Beautiful Kazakhstan ladies.....

Those Russian guys I've been eyeing on.....They're pretty good looking you know! Shhh..Hahaa =P

Poland dancers doing their thing ! =)

The Polish people who sang Malay songs that night...Wow I'm IMPRESSED ! Like totally! =D

The 2 Russian Ladies who were so famous after the event. Everyone wanted a picture with them....Including Me! But NO, I'm not posting it here though! =p

Russian dancers are AMAZING! Popular with their gymnastics skills, it's my FAVOURITE of the night! =)

I am definitely not a fan but gotta say that the Indian dancers are soO ENERGETIC, it makes me wanna joined in the dance too! Ahaks =)

The Chinese Dancers

I seriously think that this is how my ancestors in China looks like. Small & Petite like me ! =)

Me, Myself & the Ticket! =)

Venue of the Night!

Didnt went to the Folkdance Part 2 but I heard that RUSSIA won! Yeah, the one that I've predicted! Thought sO...Hee =)

Saturday, 8 September 2007

ShoOt, shoOt & capture on the Friday 7 September 2007

My colleague, Deb & I spent the whole day at a high school in the heart of Kota Kinabalu yesterday. Just in case you were wondering what we were doing there, we were there to capture photographs of students for their I.D Card as usual. Everytime we were asked to do this kind of assignments, we try to enjoy our outdoor work as much as possible as we don't do this often. Being outside, we get to work freely without looking at the Boss face & we get to escape from the endless phone calls , printings & more over-loaded paper work! Trust me, you will get bored easily being inside the office all the time ! Haha =p

But being outside the work place is not always that fun. Most people thought that taking pictures of students, teachers or government staffs is an easy job to do. But for us, it is kind of hectic sometimes. You have to deal with people with all kinds of attitude and coming from different walks of life. Sometimes you get a lil fed -up with kids running around, can't sit still, being noisy when you're trying to snap a perfect picture of them. Gosh, kids these days are so spoiled, they just would not listened to adults anymore! I can't picture myself having kids like those in the future...geez punya lah hard to handle.....Heehe....But at least there's always a few cute & innocent ones that listened to you when you told them to & never fail to put a Smile on my face! So guess I'll better make sure that my future kids behave like an obedient one =)

Still a day of photo-shoot would not be completed without....

LoOk what we decided tO dO after the photo-shoot session ended!

Pictures of yours truly and her crazy colleagues!
Finally you guys will see who I worked with....

Me,Shen,Deb & James.

Me,Deb & James

Deb, Shen & Me

ToO Bad Vincent is MiSsing tho'.....Guess he will have to join us next time!

It was indeed Fun Yesterday! =)

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I hope they win.....

I just got a message from Yvonne the other day. She reminded me about the Anugerah Era '07. Which I have totally forgotten about! Thank God I've got no plans this Saturday. And even if I do, I ought to cancelling it! Haha =p So I'll be probably stucked at home watching Astro that night ! Thanks Yvonne for reminding, I think I got short term memory this few days! Ahaks ;)

Speaking of Anugerah Era '07, the band ESTRANGED, my favourite local band hee =D, has been nominated 2 Categories !

Last Year, they won the Favourite Local English Act at the Anugerah Era 2006.

The 2 Nominations Anugerah Era Awards
(Era Radio Awards)

Band Pilihan (Favourite Band Category)
1. Dewa
2. Estranged
3. Samsons
4. Sofaz
5. Spider

Lagu Rock Pilihan (Favourite Rock Hit)
1. 3 Malam Tanpa Bintang - FIQ
2. Dewi- DEWA
3. Farhana(Puteri Bumi Kenyalang)
5. Mahakarya Cinta-FAIZAL

Well I just hope they Win lah !

As what Yvonne said to me, " Awardssssss sound so much better!" Ya, hafta agree wit u darl! Let's jz hope they get those 2 awards! *Fingers crossed* Since u wont b able to watch it,I'll text u on ur cellphone if they win k? No worries! =)

By the way, it will be held at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands on the 8th of September 2007 at 8.30 p.m. Don't forget to catch it LIVE at Channel 4 on Astro Ria!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

My blog entry is getting crappier these days.....
SoO before I get crapping here once more, might as well leave you guys with this music video from a local band. Yes, another local band. Told you I support local music industry! =)


I don't know why I think I'm starting to like this video.
I'm humming this song already. It'll probably gonna be stucked in my head for weeks!
HELP Heee =D

Guess who's in the music video?
One of My favourite Drummer of Course! No, not a member of Pop sHUvIT though!
Haha =p

Okay,okay I'll leave this short & sweet for today.
You guys take good care aights?

EnjoYyyyyy !!!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

When September comes....

The title above reminds me of that one song I used to love! Heehe =)

Today marks the 1st day of September.
My colleagues & I were still in a holiday mood at the office just now. Since its a half-day working on a Saturday so everyone were only there to waste time & get paid the Boss were not in the office! It was a Double Yay, Joy Joy! haha =p

Let's see whats gonna happened this month...Hmmmm

I think this month is ought to be a busy one. There's gonna be birthdays happening around the corner. Holidays coming up after that...YAY! And In few weeks time I'll be off on a road trip with my family. Vacation I Love ! My family the Adventurous one! Heehe =) Next thing...Uncle Gideon's wedding! Ooh, I love weddings! Gonna get well dressed for this one! As a matter of fact, I Need some ShOpping tO do.....Phew!

There's alot to mention here but I think I ought to go to bed now.....
My minds killing me, my eyes are kinda tired & Im damn full of that KFC just now...talked about late nite snack, I think I'll be fat! Haha =)

U guys take care ya...