Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Here's to the night of endless horror movies,the day it's a must watched movie!, costume parties, partying like mad, sipping alcohols & kids searching for candies & going for trick-or-treat around house to house....happening all over the world in the end of October every year !

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL ! Hope it aint a scary day & night at all....Heehe enjoy!



Monday, 29 October 2007

MV Doulos - 13 Oct 2007, Saturday

On the first day of Eid, my siblings & I spent our day at the Sabah Port on board the MV Doulos, the largest ship bookstore sailing while our parent's went to a relative's open house at my mum's village. Instead of having ketupat, rendang & kuih-muih this time around, we thought of celebrating it a different way. Disadvantage : No duit raya! ( Tua2 pun dapat duit raya tau! Ahaks! =p )

On Board

As you can see that's Me wearing Blue on board this ship for the 3rd time (They will only be here for like 4 years once) & last time as they will be closing the bookstore soon and won't be sailing anymore! =(

At the Bookstore

There were like thousands of books on board and guess what? It's Internatinal ! All sorts of books can be found here. There are even Malay language books. Arts, Education, Fiction & Non-Fiction, Culinary, Decor....You named it, It's all here! And mostly the books here are all about Christianity. Not forgetting, souvenirs and books about MV Doulos are also sold here.The prices range between less than RM 8 - RM 100 I think and that's consider affordable. =)

Still at the Bookstore

Yours truly checking out the books....What's with the LOVE book huh? Hee =D

At the MV Doulos Gallery

When I first stepped on this ship few years ago as a kid, they did not allowed visitors to stepped inside the air-conditioned area. But this time they did. They did a gallery to show what types of culture are there on board. There were also pictures and tools used for the ship. The place were beautifully decorated with lots of colours in it! Nice =)


We found this white man entertaining everyone who is going in and out of the ship. Which he did caught everyone's attention by playing this piece of instrument. Everyone wanted a picture with him and so did I but I did not get the chance to. *sigh*

It was a hot bright sunny day, but none the less, I did enjoy myself under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh.....

Well, except for that leg blisters I got from wearing wedges heels lah Hahaha =p


Sunday, 28 October 2007

I went to bed kinda late last night but yet I was awake by my sleepless night....Early to rise than expected, I do not know why. Still pretty tired of my day trip just now. The place were soO Amazingly beautiful ! I wish you were there with me. Hopefully, I will be posting an entry of it real soon....And not to forget pictures of Sabah's very own paradise! ;)

On the other note:

I'm starting a countdown for Christmas starting bare with me ok? Heehe =) It's 57 days to Christmas ! Weeeeeeeeehooooooo.......

Few more weeks and I'm off for a vacation AGAIN ! Yay!!!!! *Big Grin* Let November be here.....

And few more weeks,days,hours & minutes till that particular day comes.....time flies when we, I least expected ! Did you realize everything is moving like a jetplane these days?

Distance seems getting closer & nearer....Hmmmmm.....

Saturday, 27 October 2007

I was meaning to get all of my pending blog entry done. I tried but I failed. Just give me some time & I'll get you guys updated! I've been spending my weekends here & there these few weeks I barely have time to manage my own stuff. Fully occupied even on weekends. There is just like too many pictures bah. I would'nt wanna blog without pictures coz I know that would be like soO boring right? ;)

SO today you guys gotta excuse me aights?

Gotta catch with my beauty sleep coz tomorrow's ought to be a very LoOoonnngggg day ahead! Yaaa....AGAIN ! Pwede ba? Matulog na ako !Heeeehe =)

I've just realize that in 2 months time, it's gonna be Christmas! OMG, sOo FAST ! Eeeeeee I AM SOo NoT.......Ah, nevermindddddd.....=S

Friday, 26 October 2007


Who turned 16th today still very young

BUT yet he's TALLER than Me ! GeeZ =P

and to the Loyal Dog of Mine toO ! They both share the same birthday!

With Lotsa Love !


P/s : Sorry ah! No kisses cause it's Reserved for someone else ....Ahaks! Kidding =pp

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Doing that Facebook-ing again? =p

Things are pretty much slowing down for me at Facebook. I am still on it but not as Much addictive as I was before when I first explore the world of a rather complicated site. People were complaining about it but none the less everyone got really addicted to it sooner or later. Most of my family members & relatives are in & have their own account already....Even my Grand Uncle toO! How kewl is that? =) Besides Facebook is wayyyyyy better than the other site as what I've told Yvonne before. And guess she totally agree with me on this! Hee =D

The Poking thingy might have gotten me bored recently but sending drinks is still on top of my list! The drinks looks so REAL...Huahahaha I Wish! =p

I'm trying to reduced my applications on Facebook bah but I can't! It's getting alot pulak....Geez =p Someone even asked me to not log-into it. I just can't resist. Can't help it! Someone HELP!!!!!!


I am soO loving my fluff friend!


Meet my pet RAYVEN! It's a Squirrel! Say Hi everyone! But Rayven only knows how to speak Italian! Mind you.....Muahahaha =p

I've gave Rayven a habitat. An Autumn in my heart habitat. Since it's Autumn in overseas right now, why not? I've always love the way autumn looks like. Too bad I cant feel such weather in Malaysia though! *sigh*

Btw, if you happened to be on my fluff friends list, please do come and pet him aights? Heehe...Should have introduced Rayven to Simon's Rusty since they are both Squirls...Who knows they might be related !LOL =)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Happy Birthday to my child hood friend who is Seoul, Korea right now !
The cutey Aaron ;)

When Everything Got Lovely.....

" I'm in the mood for dancing,
Ooh, I'm giving it all tonight....."

Like the smile I've always showed on the pictures of mine. It is me. Love to bare her teeth and hate the way she looks without one. Simply me without having to pretend what is inside. I'm sure someone close to me knows it right diba? Heehe =)

I just wanna take things easy for the time being. No used grumbling over stuffs. Who cares about things that make you headache. Learn to live through crazy things cause that is Life. It aint always a bed of roses. Screw the people who always don't like to see people's happiness & they just have to get rid of their jealousy. So I guess we better deal with it. Whatever comes our way, Let it come....

I want to keep holding on to something I still believe in.
I ain't afraid, no more.

I know we can make it through, yeah if only we try.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I Have Nothing to Say Today


HaHa, Just SoO YoU KNoW....... =p

Nite Guys!
See u guys tomorrow for update!
Heehe =)

Monday, 22 October 2007

After the charity dinner at Magellan =)

Today I had to make a choice between going to charity dinner in Magellan, Sutera Harbour or to the B.E.D Waterfront for a charity concert. It was tough making a decision at first because a friend of mine who is playing for a local band from the Blast Off 2007 competition has asked me to go and watch them performed. But instead I chose to be at the charity dinner in Magellan. I didnt regret not going to the B.E.D to watch my friend's band preformed at all. At least I got to hang-out with my colleagues off work & we did have fun laughing our hearts out at the table! And did I ever mention a bunch of crazy work mates who never fail to make me happy? Well, they do! Plus, I got to see Velvet on stage again! She saw me there while singing near our table & waved her hand ! Heehe =)

On the other note, someone gotta thank me for being able to access this blog and indeed very Happy I presumed! So now that you will be able to read this, no more excuses for not having an account...haha =p

Visit this blog more often and you'll get UPDATED! Heehe =>

And anyone who haven't got an account yet, PLease lah get one!

I almost forgot....

U guys take care aights?

Much LoVeeeeeeee =))

Sunday, 21 October 2007

I have been learning to use other better site besides this. I am beginning to try out the other site but I will still be here to update daily. At least, that is what I want to do. Now that I'm feeling so much better, I am back to my usual routine & wanna get you guys see what's going on in my life. Especially to those who's been waiting patiently for me to write a new blog entry. Which I knew there is. I thank you for being so loyal & still you are still here...Heehe =D For my family members & friends who are scattered all over the globe & who aren't always here in our lovely hometown KK, I am sure this will definitely be place to know what's happening right? So yeah, I'm back to penned everything down to the virtual world!

And especially for someone who can't seem to access this blog eventhough I've been sending countless times of invites! Here's for you....I'm opening back my blog to the public just so you could read it! =)

I'm not sure till when but do enjoy while it last!
This might be TEMPORARY.
I don't know yet......

xOxO Eudora~

Thursday, 18 October 2007

:: Pacific Sutera Moments ::

Over the last few weekends, I got myself & my siblings a pampering moment courtesy of daddy! Eventhough it is a last minute plan but it was worth it! After a long hectic working days why not diba? Dad just know how to 'ambil hati' his children...He's spoiling us yet again while he & mum were on a wedding reception that night or are we just too LUCKY? Heehe =)

Here's the bedroom me & my sis were in & my brother got to have his OWN room!

What a beautiful room...complete with everything I wanted! =)

Me, Myself & I enjoying a glass of orange....

The Oily Face of Mine....Haha !

We even have our own Jacuzzi! WeehoOooo....

Sipping through a glass of orange, inside the jacuzzi while watching a movie from the bathroom window? Heaven! But too bad I didnt do that! Hahaha =p

The SMILE from GoOd Night Sleep =)

ToO lazy to wake up! =p

Its that Lazy Sunday again....

I couldnt get myself out from the bed so watched movie first lah! Heehe ;)

My Golf-View Room =)

Taken from the balcony....

Good morning sunshine!

Me and usual naked face straight from bed! Heehe...

What a nice view!

Golf anyone? ;)

A night at the hotel wouldnt be completed without this!

Yes...taking pics in the beautiful bathroom! Hehehehehe =p

Last shot for the day!

The hot sunday morning after checking out.....Strolling by Sutera's boardwalk =)

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Mesilau: Part II

I was meaning to get this posted earlier.
I think I lost my passion to do this blogging thingy.
I've been too lazy & so busy with some things. I hardly had the time to do this daily. Someone has to make me come back. But I guessed this won't be long I promised.

I took this picture the 1st day we were in Mesilau.

The scenery were Amazing. Who could resist taking a picture?

Had a good night sleep that night. It was the best sleep I ever had since I got this headache problem. Probably because I had a great conversation on the phone outside the freaking cold weather outside...Heehe =p And Thank God my headache is getting better these days! Thanks to the Ones that Heals My Soul....I am sO LOVED =)

Ooh I Love the Way You Love the Way You Love Me,
There's No Where Else I'd Rather Be.....

The Flora & Fauna of Beautiful Land of Kundasang....

So beautiful It almost seem like it is Heaven....
Just like everything here is so unique & reminds me of the culture of a friend.....things that you dont often get to see...Noticed that black rambutan? Have you eaten it before? Well, not me! Was wondering how it taste though....


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

So many things to do, with so little time....*sigh*

Alot of things has changed....
Someone said to me, " Have you noticed? "
I replied, "Yeah, I did " =)

I guessed I'd better be well prepared for everything that might be facing changes. And that includes myself. Hmmmm....

I used to grumble over small things
I used to cry over spilled milk....which is not worthy at all & makes me look stupid regretting! Haha =p
I get cranky for having sleepless nights, where else nowadays I could smile for not getting my usual 8 hours sleep
And not to mention, my temper & anger were worst than you thought !

Those were the days!

But nowadays its different
What made me changed I don't know
It's like an Angel just fall beside me !

I just Smile when work doesnt seem to stopped & let me have a break for even a moment. I laughed easily these days at even lil things, people though I'm mad! Well, I'm not! Laughter is definitely the best medicine to ease the stress at work! Haha =p

I woke up greeting the sunshine like it's mine and every morning seems to make me feel like dancing!

When Life's seems crazy, I believe things just happened for a reason. Yeah, I bet! Heehe...

It suddenly came to my realization that I'm getting old...
It didnt occured to me until someone told me discussing about what will the future holds.....
I am an Adult least that's what I wanna believe now....
I am happy what's been happening...
Changed for a good reason, to be a better person & to have the life I hope for....
I just hope I am getting wiser!

And yeah, big girls don't cry.....Anymore ;)

Saturday, 6 October 2007

I Got Tagged?

Gosh, I hate doing this ! Thanks to you sis, I'm not sure whether I want to do this. I've been missing in action from the blogging arena these few days. Sorry guys! I guess I need my inspiration back !

And Where the heck has the 'Inspiration' gone?


When you're gone the pieces of my heart I'm missing you.....

Okay, okay enough 'bout dat!

Actually, I can't even recall the most embarassing moment I had right now. But I guess this one can consider lah heehe =p. I think the most embarassing moment I had was last year at Warisan Square. The first time I went & watch my favourite local band, ESTRANGED performed. The night where I got sweaty in crowds & dance like it never hurt. As the matter of fact, I was standing there for hours without even realizing that I was wearing wedges heels for goodness sake! Haha =) The embarassing moment came when Rich (the vocalist) asked the crowd who knew how to sing the chorus of their song! I was one of many crowds who held up the hands to get chosen. I didnt expect that Rich would actually chose me to sing that song! Goodness, gracious....I stood there, stunned & supprised pun ada! But I chose to sing jugak! Thank God he didnt asked me to come on stage to sing with him....Otherwise, I'll be freaking out for sure ! I never sang in public before apa lagi large crowds.....I hope NOBODY recognised me that night....If not, MALU eh! I know its not a big deal but me SHY, SHY one bah! Heehe ;) But I know Velvet saw me that night lah huhu =D

Alright, dat's it!

Enough is enough.....


Muahahahahahaha =p