Friday, 30 November 2007

I am home!

Yes, after 6 days out of the country....I am finally home!
Glad to be back in this beautiful city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

I just came back yesterday from the Land of Smiles.
I am still tired and pretty jet-lagged.
I had a great time going for a vacation with my family. Spending time going to places with my loved ones is what I love doing most. I am glad that the adventurous journey between us is still here. We are still together.
Met some beautiful people with different cultures during my stay in the Philippines.
Well, not to mention experiencing some situations I've never felt before.
And I would say, " Salamat sa Diyos " for it!

I've just finished unpacking my bags.
Spend the whole day getting the laundry done for all of my used clothes.
Exhausted and sleepy still at the same time. Just give me time to update about vacation ok?

I think I left my heart in the Philippines,
But still, sa puso ko belongs here, kahit ano mangyare,
Kahit na magkano mahal ako the Philippines,
My heart will always be in my hometown.

Memories have already been captured,
As I left my foot steps behind.

And I truly can't believe my eyes that it's the end of the month already!
Tomorrow will be a new month....
It's 25 DAYS till it's Xmas!
3 DAYS TO GO? SoO FAST leh !

Can You Believe It?

Hee =D

Much Love,

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Officially blogging from Manila =)

Hi Everyone.....

Guess what? Nandito po ako sa Manila. I've just reached here a couple of hours ago. We arrived in Macapagal Airport earlier than expected but the road on the way to Manila is a massive jam. It is not that it is my first time here. It's my second time yo! So for me its just usual.

Anyway, we went to a nice dinner at the seafood restaurant after checking in at the hotel just now. Since I'm not into this town night life, Ive decded to blog onstead. Luckily there is an access beside the hotel.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.....

Still pretty jet-lagged from this trip....

Okay, will blog more tomorrow !
If I do have the time lah.....

Love sa Manila
xoxo Eudora ;)
Okay, I promised this one will be a short one....

I could not sleep last night...
Thank God I have someone to accompany me....Thank You =) & its probably because of being TOO EXCITED !

This one goes to YvOnne & the rest of you...........

Your ANSWER is HERE......



Friday, 23 November 2007

In a few hours time, my family & I will be flying out of the country!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......( That's kinda long for an expression right? Haha =pp)

It is TOTALLY A RELIEVED when you finally get off from work. Even till the last minutes in the office just now, you don't know how stressful it is trying hard to finished up that pile of work. The hours seem soO hectic since yesterday. Honestly, I hate rushing out stuffs. Everyone wants everything fast as if humans nowadays are Robots. But thank God there is always a Vacation to look forward to. That is where most of my salary goes to....My Love for Travelling & Shopping! Ya, I hate to break it to you darling, I may be the Girl who don't really spend her money much but a girl is still a girl....Shopping? Who can resist it? Even you don't....Hee =D

I am finally done with my packing.
Making sure everything is in the list.
Checking it twice & I'm set and ready to go.

Right now,
This image keeps playing on my mind.....

Wait for me,
I'll be there soon....
And this time around, I'll make sure that you will be the most captured momentO ! =)



Love, Eudora

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Today Richeal from the band ESTRANGED just lost his 3 months old puppy. So sorry to hear that bro. It is a sad thing to know that the pet we loved is suffering & have to choose the decision to let them go. It is tough. Been through that kind of situation myself, I was having a fever for almost 2 weeks you know. But I'm sure Sniffy is in a better place right now. R.I.P

Sniffy in Loving Memory

I hope you don't mind me putting this picture here for rememberance.

The Rain sucks BIG TIME.
My cloths could hardly get dry these days. Was thinking of dry-cleaning if this go on. Sh** ! Sorry I didn't mean to say that word, but lately the weather just don't behaved. It just kills me. And where did my Sunshine gO? Off tO work in another town but here? =(

I do seriously miss you Sunshine!
Come back, pwede ba?

Before I forgot....
Wanna wish....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE LOCAL SINGER-SONGWRITER ! You know how much I Love Your Songs right? REZA SALLEH, You Are One Talented Guy! All the Best man!*Hugs*


Love, Eudora

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

As I sit here blogging, I have started doing my packing already. I'm kinda excited going for this trip because I've always wanted to go to that place. I'm just worried that I can't finish my office work in time though. Plus, my handphone is going through a shitty moment. *sigh*

And guess what?


Plus, this makes me sad even more...
I've received an invitation on ESTRANGED's Musik2 Semifinal this coming 25th of November from Andy, the drummer just now. I am not attending. Ya, TOO BAD. I Can't even watch it LIVE on tv. The gOod things always come at the wrong time. Guess I have to missed it this time.

Just in case you were still wondering where am I going for vacation....Keep Wondering! Will let you guys know soon! Patience is a Virtue guys, so hang on! Haha =p For those who knew it already, shhhhh...silence please!

Do you mind me saying this once more?
"Till the rain will finally fade, I still miss you sunshine !
Yes, I do. Really,really do."


P/S: It's My Colleague's Birthday! Happy Birthday D* & Best Wishes in Life! =)

Love, Eudora

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

"You have my heart,
And we will never be world apart....."

Yes. Have to say that I haven't gotten over that song just yet. Not the one that Rihanna sung but the version by Marie Digby herself. I love the guitar she played! My goodness I'm absolutely addicted to it. Plus, it has been raining here in my town KK, Sabah these days. Only God knows when the rain will eventually stopped! Please God please don't make it rain this Saturday! I beg you cause I'm going for a vacation! Pweetty pleaseeeeeeee......

I ought to pack my bag soon....
And get everything done before I leave.....

And hear me when I say,
"Sunshine, I Miss Youuuuu !"
Coz I do.
The rain won't do me any better! *sigh* =/

13 DAYS? LEFT.....

Love, Eudora

Monday, 19 November 2007

Being human, we can never be perfect.
And that is for sure.

We are all a Sinner, never a Saint.
We are not perfect.
No matter what,
we can never please anyone right?

We have been through hell and heaven on earth
We've screwed up big times before and
Going through glorious moments we wish it will last forever

Well, everyone did.

With every step we make
Every stepping stone we seek
I hope we will sticked together

Through thick & thin
Through annoying moments & sharing laughter
Through rain and sunshine....
I could go on with words saying this!

As Human We are made to be with someone. To be around with our loved ones.
Love,love,love family and friends....
We will never walk alone.....(Macam lagu Liverpool pulak! Haha =p )

So my point is.....

Let's Stay Together ! =)

14 DAYS LEFT....

Love, Eudora

Sunday, 18 November 2007

It's a quiet Sunday.
It's been raining again. Not-too-sunny day at all. I miss sunshine. I do. Just this morning I had to wear my pink long-sleeve shirt to church. Not my usual attire for not baring too much skin. Heehe. It is way too cold , I suddenly felt as if I was somewhere else. I even thought of covering my head with snow cap and wore a pair of gloves. Haha =p

I just got my money change to a different currency today. At last. It was hard to get it these days. Hee =D. But too bad my GPRS is still aint working. And that totally sucks! I think I need to get my handphone to the DIGI centre before going out of the country. If not I think I won't be able to connect with my loved ones during my vacation. Oh no, that would be a sad thing. =(

Anyways, I got to go and catch my sweet dreams now.

The weather just makes me wanna ooze off. Man, soO sOo cold I need my warmth lah...The best time to do some cuddling with my pillow! Haha =)

15 DAYS LEFT.....

Love, Eudora

Saturday, 17 November 2007

It was raining the whole day today. As if it was a sad day with tears over flowing. But not my heart. It is shining brightly. I could sing lively to the lyrics of the song on the radio on the way to work this morning. It was quite peaceful today at my work place. The fact that it was raining outside, everyone chose to stay in & enjoy while the boss decided not to stay long in the office.Eventhough the weather makes me sleepy, I never felt more energetic to get my work done on a Saturday. Thinking about how I could hide under my comforter and lie down on my bed the whole day sleeping. What a bliss! I wish I could. Still smiling though.

There is something I am and so I have to admit it....
Looking forward for the days to come. Too excited to mention. Something or somewhere I am dying to.

This is what I felt on a fine day .

Especially when Christmas is around the corner. I am starting my countdown back.
Sorry for neglecting the countdown. Plus, I have to add more countdown TODAY !

Haha Not! It's something else ! =pp

xoxo Eudora

Friday, 16 November 2007

A Thankful Friday ;)

I've been so stressed with work lately but today I've chosen to end it well.
Guess it is not a bad day after all.
As I sit here blogging, I'm listening to this song titled,"Whenever You Call..." by Mariah Carey & Brian Mcknight. Reminds me of the good old days.....

I dedicate this song for the one who were always there whenever I am in need...

This was one of my favourite song.
Mariah Carey has always been my favourite singer of all time. She has been my idol since I was at a young age. A lady that comes with a package. She has the beauty, a great body and a voice & talent that is one in a million. That explains why I adore this lady here so much. =)

On a different note :

Thank God For All He Has Bestowed Upon Us Today.
For The Things That We Wanted, He Truly Has Answered Our Prayers.
Because We Seek Him & Believe In Him.

And Thanks Sunshine....
For Giving Me the Light & Courage to Stand Up Once More,
Before or After the Rain, You will always be my Umbrella.

I would'nt have made it Alone! Weeeeee.... =)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Heal Over

That's the song I am currently listening to. I got that song re-sung by a long time friend of mine, the beautiful lady herself, Haizum. You have no idea how much I love this song It is so wonderful to me, it keeps me going eventhough life is sometimes crazy and unpredictable. It is.

You could seriously be healed over completely by this song....Well maybe SOMEDAY !

Enjoy this song!
*Cheers* =)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

In case you were wondering....

I had a not-so-good day today.
Someone at work is STILL pissing me off like TOTALLY ! My colleague D* is so gonna agree with me on this. Pathetic guy! Acting as if he's just a lil' child....@*&^%#!
I know someone got a Hard time it self. GUESS WHAT? You're not the only one darling! And now I got mine too. Hell is coming...SoO so true! =(

And to add up more....
I'm still recovering from a very bad stomach ache I've got from having breakfast this morning. I was not aware of eating my too much spicy & I got it upset! Yes, I had too much chillies baby! Helppppp!!!!! Screw me for not listening but I can't resist it bah! Huhu...


For those who have no idea yet where am I going for my vacation, I am not telling yet! You just have to wait what will the answer be, Heehe....And Yvonne, no unfortunately, I am not going to KL. If so, I might have told you earlier so that we could meet up. *sigh*

Someone make my day fast!
I Need My Sunshine yo....Hugs & Kisses and more TLC pwetty please...Haha =p
Or perhaps a bottle of my favourite cocktail will do....

PiNa CoLaDa....Anyone? Hee =D

Monday, 12 November 2007

Luggage hunt...heehe =p

Yeah, I went luggage hunting with dad & siblings just now after work while mum stayed at home. We had a hard time searching for a good one since there were like alot to choose from and since I want one with a good quality plus with a good price. I got myself a Swiss Polo luggage for the trip! hee =D

I didnt ate outside since I promised mum that I would come home & taste her 'Tuhau' dish. For those who don't know, 'Tuhau' is a local Kadazan Dusun dish. More or less like a vegetable. Haven't had it in awhile. P/s : Sorry kio. Kivaa noh tuhun nokobiis biis huud hilo2....Tapun dulu...Heehe jan jealous ! Excuse me for having such a broken Kadazan language Haha =)


On a different note....

1) I'm still thinking about last night's conversation with a friend. What was that all about again? =pp
2) Someone pisses me off at the office just now! ARGHHHHH.....
3) But still, I feel a lil better after watching that Craig Ferguson talk show at the Youtube link. That was soo damn funny! =)

Just a little piece of note....

Thank you for the many beautiful things =)

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Endless Love

"My Love,
There's Only You In My Life
The Only Thing That's Right

My First Love
You're Every Breath That I Take
You're Every Step I Make

And I,
I Want to Share All My Love With You
No One Else Will Do

And Your Eyes,
They Tell Me How Much You Care
Oh Yes, You Will Always Be,
My Endless Love....."

It has been raining these days.
It is raining here on a Sunday evening....
For me it has always been soothing listening to one of my favourite old songs.Which reminds me that I haven't been singing this song on karaoke for awhile.

Just another day I'm in the mood for something relaxing & lovey-dovey heehe =D


Saturday, 10 November 2007

Wait For You....

I need to be at the other site right now. My very own secret hide-out....Shhh heehe =p So in the mean time, I guess I'll leave you guys with this video....

This song sung by Elliot Yamin just turned me ON like totally! Love it! Wanted to put another video but this one keeps going first on my mind....

Questo dedicato a voi
Definitivamente li aspetterò qualunque prende….


Friday, 9 November 2007

the strangers that colours my life....

I can't believe it's Friday already!
Yeah, tomorrow is Saturday....
Wow, the weekend is here again....

I must admit that I have been at home most of the time since the past few months. Not wanting to spend more as I will be travelling most of time. Which I already did. During that time, I have got to know some nice people around and even strangers who I never get to meet face-to-face before. I always say that I don't usually add strangers at my Friendster account or any networking account. But it all depends actually. I won't add them if they look weird or scary like psycho maniac. Heehe...If you are nice, I won't be hesitate to add you. After all these types of sites wants you to get to know more people. I do believe sometimes, strangers could add more colours to your life. So, no harm right?

I must say that I've met some people who eventually became my virtual close friends nowadays!I never regretted adding them cause they shared the same interest with me. Plus sometimes they are way better than the ones you already knew. One of them is Y* who I think not only we share our love for local bands, I think we also adore the same kind of food. And how could I forget? Animals too Heehe =) Y* also introduced me to Facebook which I happened to loved and currently got soO addicted, I have more applications then she did ! Ahaks =p Oh well, I really do hope we could meet each other soon. It will be a blast! ;)

And to the other stranger of mine, I hope you won't be one pretty soon.

Here's to all the strangers that colours my life. I love you guys! Let's hope we can meet up one day aights? *Cheers*


Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Deepavali Holiday.....

Today marks a day of celebration for the Indian's around the world.

No, I didn't went anywhere today. Since all of my Indian friends are in KL and mostly they were my childhood friends I've never seen in ages so I just stayed at home. There were so many things to do besides you only get to settle everything when there is a public holiday.

Started off the day with a beautiful my sunshine greeting....Heehe ;)
Having breakfast and spend the rest of the half-day doing my laundry....
While the next hours were spend wisely lazy-ing and relaxing around like there's no tomorrow. Not forgetting the house chores need to be done. And YES, I do house cleaning and I am not a spolt brat princess ok? Some of friends thinks that I'm one cause I grew my nails long & they said my palm of hands are too soft....Haha! =p

I just realize that the time is moving way too fast! I mean wayyyyyy tooooo fastttt....geddit? Aiyohhhhhhh........
I really, really need to get things done....with so little time like this.....
Can the time even spare me a minute? Hmmmmm......
I need to get ready & start my body engine to start moving...Heehe =)

And excuse me,
I need to say this in a different language cause it will sound better. *bwek* =pp

"All'uomo che è stato sempre fthere per me...
La vita è stata bell'con voi intorno...
Voi che siete ......."

By the way, WINTER is here already !
Well I mean not in Malaysia lah....Of course its in the UK!
Ooohhh...I'm sure it's nice to sleep on a cold weather and tend to get lazy and eat moreeeee right, right, right? Plus, you have a good reason to drink alcohol this time of the year Hee =)

No wonder I'm freezing even when it's only raining these days.....


Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I am feeling so Content today. Totally in a holiday mood even if it is only for a day. I don't even know what to blog. Rising up early from bed today made smile. It's like I just woke up from a sweet dream. Maybe. Heehe =D

Owh ya , How could I forget......


14 DAYS TO GO FOR A VACATION & shhhhh it's coming soon....I hope ! =))


Tuesday, 6 November 2007 likey likey! =)

My sister and I went to the port again just to capture the wonderful evening view of MV Doulos. Yes, AGAIN! Hee =D The evening were PurrrfecccctO ! It was not raining and the sunset were Beautiful! There's no harm going there again before it leave besides this will be the last they will be sailing here...=)

After taking few shots of the ship, I just sat there by the rock and enjoy the view. While waiting for my sister trying to take the best shot of the day. We just wouldn't wanna missed taking pictures this time around.

After the photography session, we went to City Mall. We both decided to have a Schweettt Dinner for a change. So we headed down to VedaBlu for ice cream! Ya, since we both do have a sweet tooth! Ehehee =D

As we opened up the menu....

Too much selection to choose from! Everything is too tempting to indulge with....Owh noO...Haha =/

Unlike the other Vedablu outlets in town.....

The outlet here is even more bigger. The spaces are larger and they like different kind of area. They also have more food selections and drinks to choose from.

Gotta say that this one is my favourite spot!

Comfy sofas complete with magazines. It a nice dining area where you can just chill around and oOohhh, I love those what do they call? Featured wall? Hmmmm...Yup dats right! And those lightings....I want that in my room! Weeee =p

Looking at this.....

Makes me wanna have it all! Haha greedy me! ToO bad I only have one wouldn't have enough space to put in that much food =D

:: My Drink ::

My favourite Vedablu's Peppermint Ice Cream Milkshake. Comes with my favourite colour straw....PURPLE! =)

:: The Sister's Drink ::

Belgian Choc Ice-Cream SmoOthies....Yummmmyyyy

:: My SweetY::

My Buttery Waffles....Ooohhh...aAaahhh it Fattening -lah! =pp

:: The Sister's foOd ::

Strawberry Pancakes! =)

We ended the day with bloated stomach, full of sweet words to say & sleeping with sweet dreams! Ahaks! =pp





Monday, 5 November 2007

MV Doulos International Night - 14th October 2007

Just after the trip to the 'Tip of Borneo' in Kudat, my family and I headed back home to get ready for the MV Doulos International Night. I was already tired being under the HOT sunny weather & I actually hated the fact where you have to go rushing for an event. But still, I was anxious to see what they have for the night.
Honestly, I was kind of disappointed with the performances Because I was expecting something more cultural and full of excitement, and it did not go according to my expectation. Still, I was happy that I did learned a thing or two that night. Everything you wanted to know about the history of MV Doulos. I did not know that MV Doulos is actually just 2 years younger tha the Titanic!
Been on board on the ship for 3 times since I was at my younger age, it is still nevertheless making me looking forward to go on board everytime they would stopped by my hometown port.
Some of you might not be satisfied what they have for the night. Not I. I did not regret every second, minute or an hour of it. Getting to know them personally & about others different ways of life. It is about networking which I happened to love!

:: Angela & I ::

I met a very lovely friend that night. That's Angela. She's from Switzerland. We shared & exchanged wonderful stories together. About life and the beautiful place she lived in. Who would have thought that she is actually younger than me! Heehe =D

My younger brother and I decided to head down to the International Cafe & got this...

I think it was a Banana Cake....YUMMY ! =)
My Brother got himself a Sprite drink imported from Denmark which cost him only RM 1.50 per can and it's the same price as Malaysia's can of Sprite! Geez mind you! =p

While I decided to quench my thirst on Apple Juice (well, I actually wanted an Orange Juice but they didnt have one! )....

I got to indulged some sweetness on my mouth. What's a drink without any food to go with right? Blueberry pie for me it is ! Deliciousssss.... Haha =)

:: Some of the friendly crew members on board ::

The girls & I. One for the camera! I forgot their names though. =(

:: The Hot Guy From Switzerland ::

Florian and I. Flo was nice and sweet ! He must have thought that my name was kinda weird or unique or what cause He asked my name twice ! Haha =D

:: The Cute Girl With Her Pink Dress ::

Forgive me for not remembering her name. I think she's cute. But why do I have to be very small and short compared to them? *sigh*

:: The Friendly One ::

Ok, don't ask me her name either. But she's nice enough to let me take a picture with her eventhough she's busy cleaning the table at that time.

:: The Korean & I ::

Eventhough she's not that good speaking in English, but at least she tried her best to start a conversation with others. She is shy but still friendly though.

Everything was awesome that night. Meeting new friends eventhough it was only for few moments but still worth the while. I would do this again given the chance!

*Big Smile*

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Tip of Borneo, Kudat, Sabah - 14th Oct 2007

Location: "Tip of Borneo" Simpang Mengayau, Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia.
Time: Afternoon
Date: 2nd Day of Eid - 14th October 2007

After another charity Sunday, my family & a couple of the church members decided to head down to the tip of Borneo. It's been awhile since we were there. It was not that far from the church we were going but the gravel road seems to take us ages to arrived there. All you could see there is palm oil & coconut tree plantation around. There were only a few villagers staying there despite the un-sealed road.

I was still recovering from the leg blisters I got the day before. Wearing heels just to go on board at MV Doulos? Serves me right! Hahaha now that is not worth the pain!...But it's a good thing to have a comfortable slippers for a long distance trip like this. At least it lessen my blister pain...Heehe =D

Looking at the beautiful scenery makes me forget all the sad memories & bad things that has happened. The wonderful crystal clear beaches just turned me on. It's not that alot of bad things happened to me lately , but these kind of places tend to keep me breath and smell the fresh air for awhile. I need this from a long hectic week as we don't always get to see this everyday. Another great weekend to remember! =)

That's me again posing with the board. As you can see I am still smiling eventhough I was tired of walking. Despite the hot sunny weather & I was sweating like cow, I was wiling to give it a shot not wanting to ruined the whole picture. Ekekeke =p

Thank God the weather was good that day. It turned out sunny, sunny Sunday and its not raining. But still, I need my Umbrella, ella-ella-eh.....It's essential duh! Ahaks! =))


Friday, 2 November 2007



And Praying..........................................................

For A Miracle.

That Everything Is Going To Be Fine. What we seek we shall find. If it's worth the wait, then let it be. And it's for the good, let's hope for the best.

Seek him and He will surely answer our call. It's the Communication. The Most Important thing we have like you and I. Without it, it aint hope. It's disconnected.

Praying real hard to make things happened.
Nothing in particular. Just my prayers for the ones I loved.

I want it God, I really do....Pretty please =)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Dare to dream.

We might never know it might be Real someday.
But dreaming has a limit. Too much of it will kill us.
Making a dream come true is never always easy. To make a dream come true, we got to work for it.

This is why I'd said that a part of my dream is always gonna be dream because trying to achieved it is so hard for me.

You see I have always wanted to live abroad.

I am not saying this because I don't like living in Malaysia, Being living in Sabah the whole of my life, makes me wonder sometimes what it is like being away from your loved ones. Learning about other cultures, get to travel around & see new places and master foreign languages is definitely what I wanna do before I die. It is an amazing thing if you could do this with the one you love.

I got this from the internet about months ago. It has been my wallpaper for weeks already! Heehe =)

This picture may looks familiar to you. Not I. This place seems to be a nice place to live in. Maybe a place to call home. A small town with beautiful people around. Plus it has four seasons. A place where you could sit on the green grass with beautiful parks it has to offer. I don't know. Just perhaps it might be as wonderful as it seems. I never been there. I just wish I had.

Although it might be beautiful over there, HOME is still Home Sweet Home. It's where the heart is. You and I, we belong here, the place we call our own. Our heaven. Our paradise.