Thursday, 13 December 2007

Looking forward to....

1. Get My Hands On Shelley Leong's CD ! I just got a message from the talented lady herself and she will most probably sent it by Monday next week ! I have been waiting it for months & now that she's in Malaysia, she'll sent it to me. Plus it will be autographed. No more worrying about hassle for it to be send over all the way from Boston....Yeah! =)

Thanks Again Shelley! ;)

2.Everyone's Homecoming for Christmas! One already did! =D That includes my cuzzy brother Alfie & my other lil cuzzy brother Elmer who will be staying over at my place this weekend till Xmas. And Elsa, but not sure if she's coming to KK though. Too bad Moon won't be here this time around as she will be having a White Christmas in United Kingdom with her Mr. Marsh. Huhuuu..I'm sOoo jealous I wanna go toOoooooo! Heehe =p

3.Celebrate Christmas With Loved Ones & not forgetting those pressies I'm gonna get! Hmmmmm....I wonder what did you get me for Christmas this year?

4. Do that Charity Sunday thingy again! Will be joining my dad to Kota Marudu this weekend. Talk about doing charity during advent season...Me likey! =)

And some of the things that might excites me.....
I don't know yet! Heehe =)





shelley said...

You should get it by Thursday! Let me know when you get it safely, ya.


eudoraluvart said...

Sure. Will do! Cheers ;)