Thursday, 31 January 2008

Come & Gone

In life, I have learned that things may come and go.

I was quite disappointed with the decision you have made.
Cause Honestly, I want to make things better. Really I do.

What more can I do or say?
I just have to leave it all and let it be.
It is the choice you have chosen and I respect that.

Maybe it's worthless what I've done all this while.
Sometimes I feel so stupid. Too many things going behind my back.
You're just pathetic! I'm sorry I'm saying this, forgive me but that's the truth.
You made me like this, remember?


I won't be bragging about that for too long.
It's killing me. It does.

Still, today I'm so HAPPY cause I finally got my CPU back!!!!
Thanks to kuya Roger ! :))
Super-duper happy for bringing my life home! Hee xD
Later I treat you Donuts ok bro? :)

And I am looking forward for the many events happening this year & I am sOo eager to know the contest winner result already. Yeah, the contest I've been joining recently.

I certainly hope I win that CD !
Really, really hoping! *hint hint* to the guys of the band. =p

P/s : Will update with pictures sOon! *Cheers*


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Money Can't Buy Happiness

I was not in the mood to do my work just now. Eventhough there are like piles of printing to do. So much to do, sometimes I wish I don't have to work. Haha. But then in order to live, we have no other choice but to earn money.

The only reason I'm working now is to have the things I want in life. But no, too bad what I am really looking for in my life doesnt involved money, it cannot buy Happiness. No matter how much money you have in your savings or how many property you hold, it would not make you Happy. Trust me, you may say that Money, with it you could buy everything your heart desire. But think about it, you will only be happy in a short span of time. But in a long run to come, you will not.

Happiness is when you have love all around you all the time. What is happiness to you? For me, Someone who can make you smile and laugh the whole day through. Someone who would tell you that everything will be alright. I could go on mentioning here endlessly. Happiness it meant alot to me. I'm not only talking about true love but also happiness that comes through a friendship. Losing a close friend is like losing half of your heart. Empty as a vessel. It's like a part of you has died but still go on breathing. Whether you like it or not.

You chose this path. Not I.
You are the one who is running away while I'm still here facing reality.

Deleting me from *********?
Oh, come on lah. What were you thinking?

Suddenly, I realize that it's getting harder to heal.

Just a serious thought to ponder.


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Without it....It's you! (Itu Kamu =p)

I was browsing through most of the blogs just now and mostly were talking about Malaysia's local band Estranged winning the award for Anugerah Juara Lagu 2008. Which had really makes my day! I managed to call the vocalist Rich last night to wish him Congrats. I wanted to call the other members but failed to much disappointment. I guess Hanafi was busy, Din did picked up but was cut off after saying my name and I found out that Andy's phone went crazy again. Hee. xD

In a different note :

It is full of smile on my face
Not to mention laughter out loud
Was it fake and pretentious?

Some things made me sick and annoyed.
Yes, I admit it.
I still do. Till it over.
I hope it ends tonight or perhaps soon.

I just love it when I'm busy and occupied.
So that I won't think much everyday.
Yeah, nowadays I need to.
Who would have thought I would say that!

Things might have changed. Or not.
Not I. I'm still the One you knew before.
That least I want you to know that.

I miss you. That's for sure. We've been apart for too long. We have been partners in love. Always together during ups and down. When will we ever meet again? Oh, I love you too much!

Owh, that last paragraph above meant for no one special.
I was actually talking about my CPU. I miss it coz I can't blog with pictures without it. My CPU is in the hospital right now. :( I hope it recovered soon. What will my life be without you? Heehe And yes I'm blogging at home using my family's laptop.

Life owh life look what you've done to me.


Monday, 28 January 2008

Well, well, well....

Just another MONDAY Bluessss....

I know I have been missing 2 days blog entry so far. It's not right, It's definitely not me. I have been a regular nowadays updating my blog. Suddenly I'm lazy and when I do have the Heart to blog again, there you go my CPU is having a problem. My digital camera is not functioning well anymore either.And everything has been pretty messed up for me too. Whatever. LIFE it aint always a Bed of Roses. Sh*t happens. Gosh, what a week!

Plus, I have to blog from the office right now. Way uncomfortable. But what the hell!

But then AGAIN....

I've had a Great weekend. Spending time with your loved ones on Saturday & Sunday's? What more can I asked for?

Saturday- Went to jalan-jalan after work with my cuzzy. And at night, attended Sunset mass with my family.

Sunday- My stress free Sunday is all about not wearing too much make-up during the day & flip-flops! :) As my parents and I head off to Kota Belud for the charity Sunday. And this time, without my other siblings aroundd. Boring. And at night, the whole family my dad's side celebrated Grandma's birthday! :)

You're right Ika, I should get over it and do things that make me HAPPY! :)

And YES evon, ESTRANGED WON !I'm Aware of that and it makes me Happy, wanna go and give them a WARM HUGGIES ! Hahaha =p WoOHoOooooo !!!!!!!

I Will Try to Blog again once everything is settle...I'll try but can't promise tho'!

Till then,
Take Care all!

P/s : I Need the FreQuency CaNNoN autographed album Badly!
DiNoOooo.....Huahahahaha :D


Friday, 25 January 2008

Moody Friday

I just realize that I have been updating alot lately.
I wanted to say SOMETHING but suddenly I am Soo LAZY to blog.

I Need an Inspiration.
Seriously needing one.

I can't sleep either. I dunno why.

I felt like I'm losing my appetite.
I use to eat like a cow but now not!
I need to eat more.

I am sOo pissed off with life, love, work and everything

And something is better left unsaid.


Thursday, 24 January 2008

A Good Night at Vedablu, City Mall

Vedablu has always been one of my favourite spot since I knew it existed.Heehe. Thus there was absolutely no way I could resist going. Excuse me for my schweet tooth! Haha =p It is always nice to hang-out with the people who share the same interest with you here. Sharing the same stories with you could end up for long hours. You might even forget the time is! Plus eyeing on the cute worker at the counter too..Ooh, flirting huh? Haaha...

My cousin and I couldnt help it but help ourselves with this scrumptious meal!
And yeshhhh....We REALLY LOVE desserts! ;)

You know what they say,
" No Matter What Happened, Blood is Still Thicker than Water. "

I totally agree on that!

Honestly, I haven't felt like this in a long time. Everyday I wish things would be like before. But things changed, I know. I'm just glad that tonight I felt so much better. You know after sh*t happened. Havent had a heart to heart talk for such hours. It seems like ages we did not have moments like this. Me and the closest person I had on earth is there for me. Rather than you. The next thing you know the people who have been there for you after all these years are coming back.

Need I say more?
No, I dun think soOooooo......

Yet again, I appreciate the thought! :)
Thanks for you-know-what cuzzy!

I had a Great time!


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Your Guardian Angel

by Red Jump Suit

This music video is dedicated to my best friend and lovely Maika. I know you both love this song sOo much. So do I. I can't believe I still have the same taste in music with my best friend after all this while.

And also for those who have been there for me through ups and down.
Helping me cope with pressure is never that easy. But nevertheless I truly appreciate those who were there to share their joy and laughter for me to realise that life is aint that bad after all. :)

This favourite song of mine goes out to you.

In my own words:

I will be the one with you through endless journey,
Even if there is challeges along the way,
Come let us both spread our wings and prepare to fly,
I will be the Your Guardian Angel baby.


Dear God,

Tell Me Something...

When will I ever find
My Guardian Angel?

Will I ever do? Help me to believe there is one.
The one who will lead me to a better road rather than bringing me halfway up and drag me allthe way down. The one who could fly me up to the sky. Even if I have no wings on my back. He could just be the One. Maybe not just an Ordinary one but as Exotic as I seem to like. I don't actually ask for too much. But just perhaps he could be just perfect in my eyes, the sweetest one could give and have.

I hope so too.


Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My Tuessssdayyyyy.....

First of all, I want to say SORRY for my sO-called-sOppy blog entry lately.

I've been thinking that it would be unfair for the rest of you guys to read about my boring entry. I'm just not in the good shape these few days. Wouldnt wanna involve it with anyone here. SoO forgive me for that! :)
As a matter of fact, I'm just gonna blog about it at my other blog. Yes, the other one. The Strictly private for me,myself and I. There were once I was thinking of giving access to someone but now, no way! It's Mine, All MINE. Selfish? Nah! Hee xD

My best friend is leaving for KL today. SoO so SAD. I didnt even get the chance to meet him like we were supposed to. Limited time for us as J* had to rushed back to moved out from his rented place. He was so sad he have to cancelled his flight that was supposed to be only after Chinese New Year. Too bad. Guess I will see him when he comes home again. ;)

But there is one thing dat will definitely make my day!
One of my favourite local band drummer told me,
"well, we promised u a copy hehe
dont worry
ur not forgotten"

If you're reading this owh-my-favourite drummer, (which you usually do =p )

Yeah, at least I got something I am going to be HAPPYabout !

And just like our favourite The All American Rejects sang,
"Move Along"
Yup, bestie Indeed! Haha =))

Have a Nice Day Peeps! Or Night!
(Refering to friends and family scattered around the globe)
I am all about the time zone. As if. =p


Monday, 21 January 2008

The Voice Within

I am currently listening to: Christina Aguilera's The Voice Within

When there is no one else look inside yourself like your oldest friend trust the voice within.......

It's true what my best friend said
"We can't forget, we let go and we forgive."
Thanks J* for listening! Appreciate it!
I wish you could read this! Talk to you soon :)

On another note:

I almost forgot to mention about something yesterday.
What a Beautiful Sunday I had!
Another lovely one to mention!
Just the right time to break free even if it is just for awhile

Sadly, we didnt brought any camera along.
So much for a last minute plan. Like we always did. But My family is certainly the best anyone could have! My siblings should agree with me ;)

Anyway, we went to.....

Check this out peeps! they should pay me for promoting since it's just been a month they are operating...heehe....

We didnt even know actually if this place exist. Thanks to Daddy we got to that place and it was awesome! ahhhh...almost heaven! they say! I'm glad we found that place. Would LOVE to go again. I rather go with everyone who care for me rather than someone who are not. Anyone? Call me! Hee =)

That's it for today!

Wanna read & get great ideas from the useful decorating book I got yesterday.

A Great U.S decor book. Yesh, U.S okay? Not U.* ! Hahaha =p
I got myself a little bit idea on my next project already.

Till then, Take Care all!


Sunday, 20 January 2008

Don't Say Goodbye......

I have decided to blog again.
Sorry it took me some time. I just felt I don't have the heart to blog anymore.
But now I am back. Maybe for not too long. We will see. For some reason I just need to go through changes. I just need some more time and space on my own. What the heck. Does it even makes a difference. I wish I could.

If there is given a one more chance to turn back time, Just once I will do it all over again.

Sometimes tough decisions need to be done. Whether you like it or not. Sooner or later. Fuh! Too much regret to mention.

Just a little too late. I supposed.

If it was about the connection, I will disconnect.
Obviously, the line will be dead by then.

But surprisingly, No, I didn't.

"The river seems to be having a drought or something. The water seems to be gone. Empty and dry you can say. All in a sudden. Just like the teardrops of mine."

I just wondered.

Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

Rachel Ann Go
Don't Say Goodbye

P/s : For those who knows me, please, please DO get yourself a Google account & send me your email. I really need to close this blog to private. Thanks!


Thursday, 17 January 2008

Won't be blogging here TODAY.

Don't ask me WHY.

I just need a BREATHER.
When I say it, I TRULY mean it.

I want my privacy BACK.
MAYBE just for TODAY.

Come to think of it,
I shall pay a visit to my other site more often.

Will be blogging privately TODAY.
Dun Miss Me ToO Much.
As if YOU even CARE.
I dun think soO!

Be Right Back!
I Won't Be Long....I Promise!
So Stay TUNED!



Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Charity Sunday Outing 16 December 2007

Another backdated post. Heehe.

Kg. Tandek, Kota Belud

We went to Kg.Tandek in Kota Belud. Yet another charity on a Sunday. Just before Christmas. There were Christmas party in advance for the villagers.

Here are just some of the pictures taken.....

Meet my bodyguards. Hehe =p
My younger brother, yours truly and my cousin Elmer.
Us posing at the village's shallow river. Gosh, why do I have to be sOo short? :S

She was so happy to get a toy.

This little girl were delighted to share her joy with another friend.
The Smile on her face says it all! =)

This is how the village looks like.

People meet Kg. Tandek. ;)

Christmas Red Hats for the little ones.


Introducing the team of people who helped in preparing lunch.

They even brought along their mobile kitchen. =)

Look what I've caught in action.

The two lovey-dovey swans.
Taken while strolling by the shallow river.

See? I am actually Smiling!
I cant take my eyes off you. You're beautiful! Oh, I cant get enough of dat view!

I was really enjoying the scenery, I wanted to stay longer! :)
Stress-free weekend :))

And On our way to journey back home.....

Snap2 at the Pottery Shop

Was looking around the shop and I found this.
Kinda blurry. Sorry. xD

An Old Violin by the rack.
It's filthy and dusty.

I decided to pose with the flower pots.

Hahaha...Such a poser am I. *BWEK* =P

Lovely flower pots

A bit English & Classy. Nice one.

I am loving more Sundays to come!


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sentimental Me

I have been listening to a more sentimental love songs at the office today. The songs seems just right. Very soothing and it suits my mood. Everything was quiet and steady. Perfect Tuesday I thought. I was suddenly caught in the act enjoying while singing my once favourite tunes. To tell you guys the truth, it reminds me of my good old days again.

Usually I will go feeling all sleepy listening to it. But not today.
Weird but true. Of all the sudden, I felt old.

Or maybe I just miss singing those songs on karaoke. Perhaps.

My mind kept thinking about the things Grandpa said to me this morning. I just want to stop thinking about it. Even if just for a while. But failed. Eventually it lasted the whole day through.

And a close guy friend of mine, Aaron said to me on MSN just now.....

" We're getting old. And I'm scared of it. "

Yes, I have got to admit that I felt the same way too. I understand how you feel.

Afraid of getting old? Who doesnt?
Age is just a number we say. But the feeling of afraid we're getting older each year is still there. Time flies. I mean really fast these days. For a second, I would like to stopped all the happy times we had together. Yes between my loved ones that is. If we were a movie on DVD, I'll paused it on the remote control. I wish I could.

We will never know what and how the future holds for us tomorrow.
What lies ahead.....

Are we going to be successful?
Are we going to be happy?
Are we going to live with the person we can't live without & have cute babies together?
Or are we going to end up living alone?
The last question really freak me out.
Knowing you will never have someone hold your hand through good & bad is definitely a sad thing to see.

I guess I better end this now.
Excuse me for I am feeling a bit sentimental & little sappy. Now you know.


Monday, 14 January 2008

The Philippines With Me (3)

This is one of my backdated post.

Date: 25/November/2007 Sunday
Location : Jeepney Factory sa Sarao

After the visitation to the Bamboo Organ Church, we went to visit the Jeepney factory. It was a short but sweet visit. Such a memorable one. I could still remember the locals trying to make us purchase the mini jeepney. Heehe they look kinda desperate but nah, I didnt even bought one. I managed to run away from them. The sentence,"Pilih na ma'am" still fresh on my mind. Haha. We even saw the old school kind of jeepney. Very classic indeed. Reminds me of an old black and white film pictures. Heehe.

For those of you who did not know what a jeeney is,
Jeepney is actually a type of transportation available in The Philippines.
The cheapest ride to travel around town and it is the most famous mode of transport there. I wonder how is it if there is a Jeepney here in Malaysia?
Just wondering. =)

Since I am soO lazy to do the explaination,
I guess I better leave you guys with the pictures.
You don't want me to bore you with too much words right? Heehe ;)

Here's some of the pictures.....

Welcome to.....

The Entrance

Making our way in....

The red, red coloured.....
RED my favourite colour! ^_^

This how the place looks like.

The 'Cebu' Jeepney

Free ride! Anyone?
Hee :)

One of the classic one.

And that's yours truly! =)

This is how the whole thing looks like....A Red classic I like!

A Shorter version of Jeepney.

Is this a piece of junk or what?
Dusty, dirty and it is very old I'll tell you. Really.

But it could worth more than you expect after repair....Maybe I dunno. Hee.

I had a thing or two about something vintage & classic.
Pero does it count kung konti lang?

Jeepney, I find it unique & exotic !


Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sweet toOth on a Sunday....

What a SundaY!
My sister and I went for evening photo-shooting again.
But too bad there were alot of insects since it was a rainy season. Shoot!
SoO it didnt last long. Huhu.

Yours truly has finally got the chance to treat her dearest sister for her belated birthday! Hee xD

Here are some of the pictures....

At Likas during the evening photo-shoot. Heehe ;)

Me,myself and I.
Dreaming about you?
Who? Is there anyone?
If there is any...Haha!
You go figure it out. =p

My Dinner Treat~
At City Mall

Kopitiam style. Me likey!
Plus the friendly cashier guy toO.
Acting cute or what?

My Sister's Meal~

The Roti Kahwin Set =D

My Meal~

Mi Rebus. Hot & Spicy. With Prawns.
Just the way I like it! =)

Guessss whatttttt......


We finally got our hands on this.
Our Sweet tooth has been waiting for this diba, Sis?


Yet ANOTHER picture of donut!
You know how I Lurveeeee Donutssss!

See how excited am I?
Haha =p

Verdict from a Donut fan : 10/10 Coz I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! =))

P/s : You know what? I Love You,Love You & Love You!
I am talking about the donuts. Yeah,REALLY. Or was it?
Confusion. Confusion. Hmmmm....


Saturday, 12 January 2008

It's My Dad's Birthday! =)

I woke up getting ready for work.
Morning greetings to wish dad his birthday during breakfast. ;)

My Saturday was kinda slow and steady today. It was really quiet at work just now cause our technician were mostly outstation. I was bored not having alot of people in the office I felt like talking to the wall as I got nobody to talk to. Huhu.

I got to chat with my best friend again. Happy me. At least, someone do listen rather than you. As if you even care. Duh whatever. BoO.

Anyways, my family and I just got back from dinner celebrating Dad's birthday just now. =)

A note for My Father, My Hero.....

You have made me your most photographed model as a kid.
We have travel to alot of places together
Only God knows how many endless adventures we have shared
Growing up to the lessons you taught
Having close bond between a father and daughter
You were like a friend
The coolest daddy one could have!

I got spoilt, I got pampered
So do my other siblings
Not with all the money
But you shower us with love
And you were always there for us
Whenever we needed you
I guess we were lucky and blessed to have you

I know I am no good in expressing & showing my love
And how much you mean to me
But still,
I have to say that no matter how many man said they love me,
You will always be my no. 1 man I look up to
Coz you know what?
I was always your girl, a kid at heart even though I've grown.
Now and Forever....Hanggang Ngayon..heeehe xD

Hugs & Kisses from Your Daughter


Friday, 11 January 2008

A Nice Working Friday :)

Yeap, back to work on a Friday.

I was having a goOd night sleep despite something. Ok dont want to talk about it. Oh well, continue with my story. I started off my day feeling all refreshed today and I dont know why. Perhaps it is because I was so looking forward for today's photo-shooting. I just love the fact where you dont have to stay the whole day at the office facing the computer. Not to mention picking up endless phone calls. Duh, I hate that!

My colleague & I were at the same building again but this time with no nice view to look at. Huhu. So I didnt get to take the picture I wanted. But I did met some nice bunch of people as usual. And some cheeky young men too. Haha....I wasnt the one who were cheeky okay? They were. Heehe. ;)

The best part today was a very-not-so-hectic working day!
And the weather? It had fool me again. Naughty,naughty. =p
Since it was Friday and the Muslim man need to go the mosque, break time was from 11 a.m till 2p.m. My colleague & I went for window shopping after lunch. Just a sneak peek of everything since we dont want to waste our money just yet okay? Hahaha =p

Another fun day out from the office! Weeee xD
I never thought I love working after a short public holiday!

Hahahaha.......(Okay, now I can laugh!)


Thursday, 10 January 2008

Baby, it's friggin' cold here !

Hey there! Guess what? I was actually doing SOMETHING today rather than wasting my time with NOTHING at all. Thank God for that. But I did spend my few hours doing NOTHING but SLEEPING. Yeah, guess again... I was staying up late. I mean SoO Like Really LATE ! Such a Piggy I am! Hahaha....I felt like I was few hours behind Malaysia's time. Talk about sleeping at the wrong time zone. Suddenly Reza Salleh's Ocean Spanning Sorrow lyrics slip into my mind, " Wide awake, I cannot sleep again..." Maybe my mind was somewhere else or was it the public holiday factor again? WhoOpS ! =P

By the way, the weather was soO cold...... I mean like friggin' cold here at my place. I don't even feel like turning on the fan. The sun won't even shine! Huhu =( For gOoDness sake! It had made me a bit lazy or more. It doesnt do me any better as well.

Yes,I'm glad it's not as cold as winter. As if I know how cold is winter like. Haha =D

Did a bit of house chores too just now. The house needs a little cleaning here and there. Stayed home the whole day as the weather wont even give us the chance to go out. Which is a good thing cause we need to forked out some money if we ever do go out. As least we got to save our money.

And I finally got the chance to MSN-ing with my favourite drummer Dino after so long!
WeehoO at last the much awaited album will be out soon! Like I's been like ages man! Good luck & have fun for the future gigs!

Dino and his cat, WoOfie. Both are such a cutie. ;)

%%%%%%%%%%% FCANNON RAWKS ! =)%%%%%%%%%%%



The rain is pouring.
Could it be crying?

I just wonder.

P/S: Maika, I hope you get to sleep well tonight! Cheers ! =)


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Today, tomorrow and....

Thank God tomorrow is going to be another public holiday here in Malaysia. How lucky can we Malaysian be? I guess non-Malaysian will be envy with the holidays we have right now. As if they are going to be jealous. Heehe. It is Awal Muharam for the Muslim tomorrow. And I am, yours truly, still have no clue what what I am going to do. Maybe I could just do something useful or I might as well do nothing at all! NOTHING? Haha =p

Today me & D* my colleague, went for photo-shooting again. We took turns to capture pictures of the government staffs as usual. But this time, the location took place were superb ! It was at a meeting room with a view of KK's main town area and facing the sea. Nice! I hope I can take a picture of it. Well maybe this Friday perhaps. Heehe xD We will see how it goes.

and I am thinking of.....

Making changes to everything, something
But somehow it just needed some time
Taking it slow, One day at a time
Maybe it will make a difference
Someday, If only.....

Just the thought of it.


Monday, 7 January 2008

The Philippines With Me (2)

So this entry is kinda late but alam mo its better than never diba? Ooppsiee I'm starting to mix my English with Tagalog here....So bare with me ;)

This was my second day in the Philippines
Date : 25 November 2007
Location : The Bamboo Organ Church in Sarao

We attended Sunday mass sa church and it was in Tagalog language mind you! The songs are all beautiful and I got to sing my 1st Tagalog church song. :) It really helps knowing about the language. Pero Konti lang ! Hee xD

Everything here is made out of bamboo. Very nice and creative indeed. The church is historical and the structure are solid & it's siyempre maganda yun ! This church even got their own gallery displaying about the church's history.

Because of it's over populated country, they have church mass service every hour. Unlike in my place, hometown here in Malaysia, They only have 3 church mass on Sunday. It is so much different there. And because of it's famous historical story too, many tourist visit this church as one of the country's tourism attraction.

There is so much to tell but I guess I'll just leave you guys with the pictures....

Ooh...Bamboo Organ Church til next time....



Sunday, 6 January 2008

Boredom strikes me!

I had a Great Sunday Morning with my family. Went to Gaya Street & City Mall.As usual my hands couldnt get off from buying that piece of item. Wonder what huh? Heehe...
But I was having a rather Lazy and Lazy Evening.
And I am bored toO. I felt like I'm dying of boredom.
I can't help it but bug everyone! Hahaha sorry! =p

Since I dont know what to blog about, I might as well post this....

Yeah, the video titled Lost by the heart-throb himself, Michael Buble.

My goodness this song is so touching.
I almost cried listening to it. And yeah watching it too.
But you know what?
It really helps when you have someone singing you this song especially when you're feeling lost or something. Well for me that is. That's what I thought.

Okay lah gotta go now.
You guys take good care of yourself aights?

xoxo Hugs & Kisses from Me! xoxo


Saturday, 5 January 2008

Doing it well....

As a matter of fact,
I am doing owh-so-much better than yesterday! =)

Thanks to everyone who has been so concerned.
Maybe I am just stressed out or something. That explain why I am being so moody and having headache these past few days. Sometimes I do think too much. Don't blame me cause I have feelings too you know. All I need is little more TLC....At a certain point, being alone, giving me some space and time is all I asked for.

Hugs to the 'concerned' ones
Your unconditional friendships is all I need now....
Big thank you !

I am smiling because of you....
The reason I am doing great & never been much better than this
The loved ones who happened to be there & never let me down
And He who never fail to lift my spirit up & through it all
He is always around me whether bad or good, He is the Almighty God.

"Sometimes we get misunderstood. We tend to hurt each other when things turned sour. But no matter what happens, we can work things out to make our friendship better. You and I, we are both Humans. We make mistake. And you know that. No small matter will ever tore us apart. That I promised."

Have a Great Weekend Y'all & Take Care !
Hugs & Kisses


Friday, 4 January 2008

My Wish....

On the video : Rascal Flatts

I am feeling a bit better. Just in case you were wondering. Don't worry. If you ever do worry.

This will be a quick one, I promised.

Wishing that everything will be all good this year. Everything that you & I wish for...Will it ever come true? I guess we will never know. Ooh...too much wishes!

Whatever you choose, just remember that it was meant to be respected & I hope everyone chose what matters most to them and have made the right decision.

Wishing and hoping....
Pondering over the things full of wishes....
It's endless, countless !

Yet again...
Another meaningful song. The lyrics are beautiful.


Thursday, 3 January 2008

Feeling a bit under the weather

I was laughing so hard just now so I could just forget about it & let it slip away.
I tried. But my attempt was failed. Guess I am no use when it comes to pretending.
I bet you knew.
Do you?

My headache has not gone yet.

I am not feeling any better.
I might as well sleep it through again.
I think I have a migraine or something.
Or was it just a normal headache? Not a clue. If you ask me.

Try asking the Doctor instead.

Please don't ever get mistaken again.
I'm just talking about the headache. Really.

Just another rainy day without sunshine.

Ps 98:1, 3cd-4, 5-6
All the ends of the earth have
seen the saving power of God.


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

It's all coming back to me....

I have no idea what has gotten into me lately. Completely losing my mood I think I'm going insane. I can't seem to focused. My long time headache phenomenon is coming back to me. It suddenly attacked me today. Few months back it was already heal but now it strikes again. I wonder why. It hurts I felt like it is going to burst anytime soon. I don't know. Maybe I should not think too much. The thing is I worry so much I'm afraid it would kill me. Thank God I havent had insonmia yet.

Plus one of my toe-nail has torned. Punya lah sakit. Sampai isi lagi tu. S**t.

My best-guy-friend just MSN-ing me at work just now. I was sOo glad he is finally free after the new year. And the gOod news is he will be here till after Chinese New Year. Might as well got the chance seeing him again. Yeah! You see he's the reason I smile today because I know no matter how many people dig on me, I know he will always be there & care for me. I don't always get to see him since he's studying in LimKokWing Uni. But he never forget about me. Unlike some people, they would forget about you when they felt like they dont need you or when they are too busy. That is why I appreciate my 'Koko' soO much! ;)

That makes me a lil better. Oh well,at least.

I think I ought to stop now.
Going to catch some sleep.
I just had Panadols to ease my pain.
If it doesnt have an effect, I'm gonna take some sleeping pills instead.
Seriously? No, I'm not crazy lah. I hope it works.



Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008....I am glad you are here!

Another new chapter to begin my life with.
Grant me with full happiness & success. Let all the dark despair and emptiness be filled. Leave no space or gap come in between. If you know what I meant.

Not only I am glad that 2008 is finally here, it's also going to be the year of Rat in the Chinese calendar and guess what? It's My Year! It goes well with my favourite number 8 too! I had a rough time last year and thus I've chosen to leave it all behind as least the bad ones that is. Not going to talk about it anymore. The Sweet ones is still in my heart though. You don't know how much beautiful the memories are. I wish you do.

That is why I welcome you my dear 2008 with a big heart.
I just hope you are the One for me. Hopefully better than 2006.

I thought I would just go straight to bed after work yesterday just as I did last time. But I didnt. Thinking that there is no one important to celebrate with. I was totally wrong. I still have my family members and that what matters most. Plus it was also my elder sister's birthday so there is always a reason to celebrate right? ;) Was chatting with a friend before dinner telling me how awesome his 2006 new year's eve celebration in London is. I wish I was there too. I was asking his plans last night and he said too bad this year maybe he has no one to celebrate with since his friends will all be working. I pity you. Afiq, I hope you did have fun anyways! =)

I was with my parents, siblings, grandparents, my sister's other half & a friend of my sister's welcoming the new year yesterday. After dinner, we all sat at the verandah drinking waiting for the new year's countdown. It been awhile since I even last touched Alcohol. Haha =p It was great drinking again. Eventhough I am not a big drinker, I survived eventually. Hee =D

All and all I had fun.
Guess its not dat bad after all. xD

My 2008 first pic! Oh gosh, I look awful with that spectacle with light! I should have wore a costume with that......Muahhahaha =pp

Yours truly,