Friday, 29 February 2008

The Way I am

Hell, it's been a month. Is it?

I am a Sinner.
I am nothing without the Almighty.
I am not Beautiful. I am not Wealthy.
I am Never Perfect.
That I Have Got to Admit.

But I Have a Heart of Gold, I Bet You Ever Noticed that do you? Aha ! =p

This Heart Is Pure and Fragile.
Once Broken, It Difficult to Mend.

Love Me For Who I am.
Accept What I've got and what I'm willing to share.
If You Can't, I'm Sorry But You Just Got to Leave.

Sometime's you ought to be cruel to be kind.
So much of being Nice is no good cause in the end all you get is dust thrown on your face. Life oh life. Heehe.

It's a Friday night and it will be my last entry of the month.
February has come to an end. Geez, time flies.

To everyone who is reading this especially loved ones & good friends,
Sorry if you think this post is a crapped one. Apologies! ;)

Looking forward for March!
Who knows when will my lucky charm arrive?


On the 28 February 2008

This was written yesterday

Dear diary...

Everyday seems like an ordinary day for me. It's the same yesterday, today or even tomorrow. I lead a simple life doing my usual routine . Unlike some people, money certainly do not come easy for me. I'm trying my best to earn for a living. In order to get what I want or even for the sake for the love of traveling, I will do it with my own money. Not like some spoiled brat. Cause honestly I'm not rich.

It seems that nothing has ever happened.
At least that's what I wanted to think right now. But no matter how hard I try not to think about it, I definitely can't run from the fact. Whatever happened it is all a history already. What a all I'm going to say.

Let go of the past. Life has to go on eventually, it has to. *sigh*

I had a chit chat session again with my closest cuzzy just now. It has always been good and relieved having someone you can count on. I'm glad I have her back after knowing that I can't have that other person anymore. Ngayon nandito ka....heehe ;)

Yoyo-ing time with cuzzy was fun indeed!
Peppermint Vira & Almond Dora?
Muahahahahaha...... =p
That was the flavour of our drink anyway.



Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bit by bit, little by little
The raindrops droping by....

Rain, rain go away
Come again another day
My oh my little baby
She just want to go out & play......

The day has gone and past by.
It's yet another wet Wednesday.

I'm shivering, I need a Heater.
It felt like Winter. I'm not used to the cold water. It seems as if I'm a Stranger. I'm not used being a Hater. I've always been a Lover.
I need a Breather, something Warmer.

What makes it Fair?
To makes things Clear....
Can it be even Better?

Heaven is more likely the days of Summer.

Does it even matter?

In my own words, that is what My Heart says today.
And, No, I'm not going to have my say any further.


On another note :

Currently I'm into this....

Go and grab a copy of this magazine!
It's worth the read especially for any field of designers!

The Edge Haven - February 2008 Issue

If you asked me, Yes, I'm Loving It!
I have more ideas rolling on my mind at this moment.

Cheers! :)


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Got it, got it !

Yes, finally! The Frequency Cannon cd that I won few weeks ago. And Thank God this time around it was in Purrrrrfeeeeecctttt condition!



The parcel I received from PosLaju this evening.
I asked the postman, " Did you bring some love letter for me today?" Heehe. Okay so I was just kidding. Hee =p

Sorry this picture has to be blurred for privacy reason.
Contains address & mobile number of the band's drummer and mine.
So better to be safe here. Right, right? heehe.

Well, here's the cd I got from them.
Hey, they even wrote my name on it!

Hmmmm....just ignore the reflection aights?
Haa xD

Black,white and alil bit of colours.
A simple design. Yet still a nice one.

Art direction credits to: Azana Azman who also did the cd cover design for Estranged.

Signatures from the band.
By Kuachee, Dino, Azrul and Yuri.

Sadly Siva is not in the band anymore.

Cd Cover

Just in case if you guys are reading this....

tO Dino and the rest of the Frequency Cannon members,
Thanks alot for the autographed cd! I just wish Siva could sign it too. Too bad lah.
Anyways, you guys still rock my socks! Love you guys and I will continue supporting as long you guys keep on rocking!
All the Best! xoxo

Second Chance

Frequency Cannon

I leave you guys with the latest video from Frequency Cannon.
Enjoy! :)


Monday, 25 February 2008

I just got an SMS from one of my favourite local drummer just now. He just sent me the Cd from KL which I won few weeks back to replace the broken Cd I got that day. Yay! I'll be waiting patiently for it! Heehe. Thanks again! :)

I have alot on my mind.
Too much too handle. Cash, Travel, Life.....
It's all in my head. All think about is my next vacation. Got to work out those SLR photography again soon. It's been awhile.

I've been thinking of this lately. I just want to let it be.
Right now, I just want to " Trust no one but myself and follow my instinct "
If it is for the best, that is what I will do.

I let myself open & be free
See it with those wide eyes of mine
Taking the risk of life
Whatever it might be
You and Me
The talk, the walk...
Chances are it could be beautiful! ;)

On another note :
Tristan, I would love to meet up with you again buddy! It's been like 17 years! Haha =p If only I have the time. Can't promise tho'. Heehe :)



Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Quickie One on a Sunday

Shout-out to everyone who's scattered around the globe reading this! :)

Just came back from Grandma's place just now for Station of the Cross prayer with all the family members. Not everyone were there. Only a few of us but it was great having to spend my Sunday with loved ones especially those cute lil kids. I didnt took alot of pictures as my camera ran out of battery. And I am a bit tired right now. Will probably continue tomorrow.

Anyway, I just love this part of lyrics taken from the song Inconsolable- Backstreet Boys.

" I climb the walls, yeah
I can see the edge but I can't take the fall, no
I've memorized the number so why can't I make the call?
Maybe 'cause I know you'll always be with me
In the possibility......"

P/s : I know who's reading my blog. You don't have to be shy. Feel free to comment and drop by my chatbox. No hiding please. Heehe. Coz I have no intention to eat anyone. Hahaha =p


Saturday, 23 February 2008


Somethings its rather confusing. Some of it I would want to think as a denial. Maybe part of it just trying to make people believe which from what I knew it is not true at all. I don't know what to believe anymore. Who's making the right statement? I don't care now. Just don't fool anyone. The people around are not stupid. I repeat they're NOT. They can see and they can tell.

Some might say that pictures are only pictures.
Pictures can tell a thousand words.
Never judge a book by it's cover. Yeah right.
In this case, it's obvious. I bet it's true.
Why deny something that is for real diba?

When one said Yes and the other one said No, obviously something is definitely wrong here. Two person saying different answers to a same questions. Trying to mixed up what's on the minds of the people around the both of you. Such a denial.

The truth is out there.
Sooner or later people will eventually know.
Just tell what is happening.
Hiding it wouldn't do any better.

Unless, IF the other one got something to hide that is.....


on another note :

Can't wait to go to Grandma's place for dinner tomorrow!


Friday, 22 February 2008

I could hear raindrops started to fall outside. While I am sitted here blogging on this laptop. Accompanied by the songs I love. Ooh, I just love listening to Michael Buble's every piece.

It's true what you said. Still fresh on my mind. It makes me & you happy. The songs are all beautiful. But it is even more beautiful when you have someone important or means so much to you to share the song with. One of the things I could have Agree more. :)

Oops, the short timing raindrops just stopped.

Maybe it wouldnt want to see me turning sad & blue.
I won't. Coz I know even if the sun refused to shine, there will always be that ray of Sunshine in My Heart.

To Everyone Who Have Never Fail to Make People Smile,
May you Shine, Shine !

Take Care & Have a Safe and Great Weekend!


Thursday, 21 February 2008

Chap Goh Mei

After 15 days celebrating Chinese New Year, finally came Chap Goh Mei.

Today our Chinese boss gave us an hour earlier to go home.
Ya,just an hour. Doesn't really makes a difference diba?
Heehe. At least got lah.

Spend my Chap Goh Mei with my closest cuzzy today.
Thanks for that lovely dinner treat!
Those seafood are so masarap naman!
Muah, muah....Heehe.

My Goodness, this soft crabs are sOoo tempting! Indeed! Hee ;)

And by the way, for those of you who's always viewing my Friendster or Facebook page or any other page profile I've got, I'm sorry I haven't got the mood to get it updated. Soon I hope. Only to those invited to my privatized photos though. Heehe.

My Soul is Slowly Patching Up Again.
No Matter What Other People Say About Me, I Could Care Less ngayon.
They Can Talk Anything They Want Coz It's Their Mouth And I Don't Have the Right to Stop Them. Don't you agree with me? Heehe ;)

Kahit na sinasaktan ako
Umiiyak ako, dahil saiyo
Heto parin ako,
Dahil mahal na mahal kita


Wednesday, 20 February 2008

It's Wednesday? Yikes, so fast leh! Heehe ;p

Tomorrow is Chap Goh Mei for the Chinese.
That means it's been like 2 weeks after Chinese New Year already?
Ya, can't believe it too.

Was laughing sOo hard today at my work place. It felt owh-so-good! I haven't felt like this for the past few weeks. I don't know. Everyone seems to be in a very happy-oh-joy kind of mood today. We were fooling around making funny jokes around with each other. Just what I need to make my day. :)

It's been raining again but this time with a little bit of sunshine.
I won't have to worry coz at least there's a bit of sun to dry my laundry.
Eventhough konti lang.
I'm enjoying cold weather which make you sleep like a baby.

And currently,
I am pretty busy and occupied with work.
Working hard to earn more income.
For this year target. It ain't easy.

I am trying to enjoy more to life. I'm going to do this while I'm still here.
Alive and Kicking! Yeah.

Hope for the best!


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tagged Along!

Yes, I was reading Maika's blog and saw her tagging me.
So here goes.....

The Rules :

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
3. Tag 8 people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

The 8…

1. Daily Blogger
2. Support local music industry (Especially local English bands )
3. Loves Travelling
4. Loyal to my loved ones
5. A Good Listener
6. Into anything related to Art
7. Appreciates what is around me
8. A Dreamer & A Believer

I want another 8 from…

1. My Sister
2. Yvonne
3. Pammie
4. Tristan
5. Vivien
6. Adz
7. Julian
8. Flanegan

Or anyone else who wants to do this!
Cheers! :)


Monday, 18 February 2008

Mi Corazon Espanol ;)

Hola todos! :)


You name it ! Everything that has got to do with the word Spain lift me up. Caí en amor ! Yes, I fell in love. Not with a Spanish guy though. I just love the food and their culture. Plus, I think Spanish guys are damn Hot! And Sexy too! Hehehe xD Hopefully, someday I will get the chance to visit Spain. Barcelona. I want a handsome Spainish noivo too! As if. *bwek* Hahaha =p

By the way,
I have always love this song. One of my favourite Spanish song.

Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti
Christina Aguilera

And in my own words, I need to say this.
Sorry for my broken language.

Excusarme pero necesito decir esto en español
( Excuse me but I need to say this in Spanish )

El amor, amor es una cosa hermosa,
El malo nuestro amor para la amistad ha muerto también, debido a una persona, todo se arruina, todos debido a ella.
Apenas necesito dejarte saber eso,
Sé que algo incluso no lo sabes.
El tiempo de la esperanza hará que realizas,
Apenas tendremos que esperar y ver .....

Ok, I'll stopped my crap for tonight.


Sunday, 17 February 2008

It's a wet and cold Sunday morning and today,

it hurts me to woke up so early. so I chose to continue with my sleep instead. It felt so good, really it did. For a second, I am dreaming being somewhere, anywhere but here. Again I'm blinded by the dreams I wish I could have. Reality Checked! Reality had woke me up!

Breakfast time~
What's for breakfast?
Something soupy on a rainy day. My Meehoon Soup with Fish Sauce accompanied with my chillies. There goes my Thai taste. Heehe. It's home-made by the way. :)

It's a Sunday and I'm busy here again.
I need some space for spiritual time. It's already second Sunday of Lent. I need to spend more time talking to you God. Help me I wanna be a good Christian.

Yes I really need to.


On a different note :

Dad just told me about the price for the place I'm planning to go.
I want to go somewhere else after my next trip. I really do.
But there is a problem.
Will I be able to forked out that much amount of money?
Or will I be able to get a leave again and again?

Decision. Decision.
What a tough decision to make.


P/s : Pammie - It was Nice to finally meet you in person ! :)
And Tristan - Have fun blogging in Blogger ! Send my regards to beautiful Seoul, Korea for me! Hee ;)


Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Cold One.....

Warning : It's 14 to 10 degrees on this entry, so BEWARE.

It's friggin' cold here. My legs felt like frozen which reminds me of the time where I was wearing a knee length jeans while walking on the streets of Baguio town at night. For long hours for goodness sake. Damn crazy man. My body just can't stand it. But I Do Miss Dat Place SoO Much! Huhu.

Cold. I'm Cold. Not cool though. My Heart felt sO Cold. Everything's seems so Cold. I could barely explained it in words. I wished it was easier to describe it. But hell NO, it will NEVER be. I repeat NEVER. I wish it would.

I resist something yesterday.
But today no way.

I thought I saw a familiar number.
It was.

Please don't really believe me when I say , " I didn't "
Coz sometimes, what I really meant was, " I did "
It's confusing, I know. But if you Understand me, you will know.

As far as I am being so Unpredictable,
You know what? You are too!

This is the place you found.
Yeap, here is the place if you wanna know something.

I just love saying dat!

On another note :
Have a Great Weekend Loved Ones! :)


Friday, 15 February 2008

After a week of holiday, finally I'm back to work.

I just love it when I don't even realize the time coz I was too occupied to even look at the clock. Heehe. When I do see what the time was, it was already time to go home! Gosh, time really flies. I just realize I've got like only few months to get ready with my next trip. I'm soO so excited about it!:)

All I think now is to focus on my job to get paid, eat good food, get healthy, fly as much as possible, and appreciate what I have, the people who won't let me down I mean. I want to be content and make everyone happy especially those in need. Eventhough I am not happy, but at least I can make someone else's better than mine. Who know's I might just find happiness along the way!

And there are something's I dare not say it here. Let the wind just blew it away. Far, far over the rainbow or the sky. Too far beyond my reach. It passes by slowly.
If you really know what I mean. I hope you knew.

On the other note:
Yvonne, Good luck for tomorrow! You know for what right?
Heehe. :)


Thursday, 14 February 2008

Today marks my last day of the Chinese New Year Holiday.
Can't believe I'm going back to work tomorrow.
Today is someday I might not want to believe in.
Yes. My best friend would called it Crap of the Day. Hahaha.

But I gotta say Thank you so much for those who wishes me and my cousin in Kuching, Sarawak who called me. Appreciate it alot people! I feel LOVED on this day! Heehe.

I used to think that I need a guy to celebrate V-Day. But what the heck. I don't need one. I have like family and friends to spread love with. I would not say that I hate man. I don't coz I have tons of beautiful guys with a gold heart around me. Hee. SoO Until the day I get to meet my true Valentine guy, I ought to have fun being Single. I thought I almost found one but too bad. Just too bad. Nuff said.

But I bet someone is having a great time with her beau in the Philippines. What a nice and sweet moment celebrating Valentine's over there! Heehe. Have fun! :)

Anyway, this is what I had for dinner just now.
No, I didnt went to have a fancy meal or what but instead I treated myself a simple one. Excuse me but I just couldnt resist any alcohol drink. It is just 0,9% by the way. Heehe xD

So here's for a beautiful day....
Very meaningful to me. The lyric really meant something.

Dahil Mahal Kita sung by Rachelle Ann Go
Soundtrack from Gulong Ng Palad

Happy V-Day! Eh, I tot I say I don't believe in that?
Hahaha. Urmmm...Whatever. =p


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Posted by Picasa

So I told all of you that I cut hair. Well I did. But not that OBVIOUS though. Actually , I only cut about 2 to 3 inches of my hair because it was badly damage. And I cut abit of my front hair. I wanted to keep my hair long but things happened recently & wanted so bad a new haircut. Blame it on the that ****!

Forget about it.

Here's what's been happening the whole day......

I couldn't sleep well last night due to my stomach ache.
Darn. Sleepless night. I had to eat some medicine and got back to bed at 4 in the morning. Huhu. Thank God it was way better after waking up this morning.

So I decided to make myself a breakfast.
What a good start of the day making home-made meal diba?

My hearty heavy breakfast. What do you think? Hee =)
Eating breakfast while watching Azwin Andy on Rock Hitz. Ooh, I miss that guy! Haha =p

Spend the whole day doing the same thing again.
Boring juak lah

So tiring lah!
There is like endless things to do at home.

As usual watching Travel and Living could never bore me. I can't get enough of World Cafe : Asia. I am so hooked up ! I ought to be a couch potato. Yikes! =p

Oh well, at least I got something to do rather than nothing at all.
Gotta walk out from the room now.
Something better to do.

Catch up with u guys tomorrow!


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I've got a new template! Yeah, finally!
I have been thinking of changing the template since last time but I could never find a suitable one for me. I was so bored with the basic template that Blogger provide. Heehe. I felt like everything needed changes nowadays. I might change it again. Maybe. We'll see. I'm suddenly being sOo unpredictable like that idiot! Haha =)

It was raining AGAIN today. Hell.
Gosh, the weather doesnt seem to understand me. I have like tons of laundry to do and it keeps on pouring. Guess I really LOST my Sunshine these days. That makes me sad. Huhuhu.

Not to mention it has been freaking cold. Too cold. Really way too cold.
For a second I'd like to think and imagine that I was in New Zealand or something. Yeah rite, someone stopped me from dreaming.


I just came back from having a fattening dinner with cuzzy just now. =p
Bought some essential from Watson's and saw this box of ALMOND chocolates. We were suddenly laughing over it. Reminds us of the good old days, it cracks us up. xD

And you know what?
I'm not sure if they gave me just because I'm one of the true fan or something but I'm just glad I won. Among all of the fans. Maybe luck was in me for being the earlist to enter. Heehe.
Yeah baby, I did !
The drummer sent me a MySpace message yesterday and was sOooooo surprised !
I got MSN-ing with him last night and was asking him,
" Why didnt you guys informed me through email? "
He replied,
" It was supposed to be a Surprise! Haha "
It was indeed a Surprise. But then, he told me through MySpace. Hahaha.
I guess he was afraid that the thing they have sent might not reached on my hand.

I just can't wait to receive the thing!
Wondering what's in my mail box from the band.....

P/s : Sorry. I have no mood to update on Cultural Extravaganza thingy. Pictures of me? Just give me some time. I owe you guys an apology.


Monday, 11 February 2008

It's a Monday and I'm still on a Holiday. Good for me as this will be the longest holiday I have during this time of the year :)

No, I don't have a blue Monday today.
Heehe xD

It has been raining the whole day. Huhu.
Sunshine, where did you go?

I am still busy with my room. Still pretty messy. I got a problem. Yes. I can't seem to throw the old things away. It is hard for me to leave behind the memories. Everything is so precious even a single piece counts. But I am going to try to get rid of it. I am thinking of donating some of it too. Maybe it will make the less fortunate happy. If it does, I will feel even more happier. For sure naman.

The weather makes me lazy.
Too bad. I'm going to dragged myself to be more hardworking.
I ought to get everything done. After I finish all this, I just want to laze around, watching Tagalog movies, eating some snacks with a bottle of my Limon Corazon. Nice eh? ;)

And by the way,
I think the vocalist of a band in the Philippines just add me in Friendster.
Yael from the band Sponge Cola.
I'm not sure if it's the real person though.
I never even knew this band existed. Haha. Sorry! =p

Sponge Cola - Una

But I think you should check them out in YouTube.
They are pretty good. I kinda like it. :)

Dats about it ngayon.


Sunday, 10 February 2008

The weather was very cloudy this morning. It was so dark, I could hardly rise up from bed. Forced myself out from bed to go to church.

After having breakfast with the family, we head down to a department store.
Did you noticed that I always mention Family?
In case you were wondering, Yes, I love spending my time with them. They are always going to be my priority. I'm a Family person Indeed. I bet someone never noticed that.

And know what....I got myself a Singaporean magazine just now.....

Yeap, I love anything related to food and travel! ;)

and another Malaysian book called " The Hiplist Wedding Photographers "

Spending some money makes me happy nowadays.
To ease my mind, I'll do what it takes.

I am currently listening anything that is in my MP4 player. Some English & Tagalog songs to make my day. I miss my songs inside my CPU. *SIGH* I am also in the midst of re-arranging some stuffs in my room. Saw some of interior designs & potraits drawings I did in college. And I'm starting to miss doing it already. :(
Btw, Wish me luck guys! I've got like 3 more days to finish re-arranging my room!

i just wonder how it will turn into.

Owh well...
Ok then, don't want to go much detail here.
Have a super-great day!
Hmmm...or night!


Saturday, 9 February 2008

So much things to say but I have no idea how.

Just a snippet.

Started off the day going breakfast with the family. And after breakfast in Inanam, we went straight to some pottery shop. Mum and Dad bought some pots for the gardener to put some plants.

Spend the rest of the day at home with siblings. Doing a lot of stuffs like cleaning up my room and throwing stuffs that are not important to me anymore. I need to clear everything. Planning to sort things out here and there. Fuh, I am so in need of change coz I tend to get easily bored looking at how things look like nowadays. But I need more time. Gonna spend my holidays occupied with my room.

I decided to do something TODAY.
I just can't help it bah.
Shhhh...I better shut up & keep it to myself.
Otherwise, someone over in L****n is so going to read this. I know.
You're never too far.

(Speaking with a British accent)
It's a WORLD WIDE WEB remember?

On the other note :

I had dinner with my cuzzy at Old Town White Coffee Shop at City Mall just now. The service was pretty bad as they were like alot of people there. Nice meal but nope I didnt took any pictures. Hee xD

dats it. gotta go to bed now.


Friday, 8 February 2008

Today is Ash Wednesday on a Friday.
Today is 2nd day of Chinese New Year. I am still so in the mood for CNY since I have like another few more days to enjoy my holidays. :)

Stayed home again for the whole day.
Was too lazy and tired to do anything.
Feeling owh-so-relaxed and having not to think about what's bothering me on my mind is so good these days. Wonderful nap around afternoon. I could even have a short sweet dream. Plus it was so windy today. You could hear the birds chirping as if they were singing beautifully outside. Just the right vibe. My darling puppy is enjoying the day too! :)

For once, doing NOTHING is really SOMETHING.
Sound way too good to be true. Lovin' it !

I spend the rest of the late evening attending church mass.
And guess who I found?
My Best Friend ! Yes, Indeed.
I was really surprised. I can't believe what my eyes are seeing either. Haaha =p
Apparently, my best friend had to come back again because of the grandma. Just so they could celebrate Chinese New Year together. Nice. And I am sOo so glad that I bumped in to J* today! Kept asking me how am I doing after all that sh*t happening. Told I was doing okay and gave me a pat on my back.

Although it was just a short bumped-into meeting but it was worth it.
You know like what they say, " Short and Sweet."
Totally agree. Hee =)
The reason was I miss having the best friend around. The other one I meant. The only one who I could turned to for advice and opinion these days since YOU are not here to listened to me anymore. And J* understand me more. So much of saying that you will be there for me no matter what happened is CRAP.

Hope tomorrow shines for me!
Maybe I'm better off without you!


Chinese New Year of Rat 2008

As I don't have my CPU fixed just yet, I may have to blog without uploading some pictures. Pretty boring I know. But what the heck. I will go on with it.

I spend the whole day doing nothing but relaxing. As there were no visitation during the day. I had like too much of Ponkam which is Honey Mandarin Orange in English till I felt like having a sore throat is killing me. It was sOo Sweet and tasty compared to Lukam, I couldnt bare resist eating it :) Not to mention, the red meat and the kuih bakul Dad bought too!

I was so bored at home just now. All I did was having a good time gaining my weight with lots of food. I think I'm gonna start my diet after this. Hee =)

My family and I were having a dinner at my uncle's place just now.
Everyone came. The whole family was there. What's interesting was my uncle requested the lion dance troop to come over to his place for a performance. It seems that the kids were excited to see and witness the lion dance in their own eyes. The food were delicious. Was enjoying the FoOd again. Hahaha...And as usual, the house were beautifully decorated by my aunt herself. ;)

I was having a very bad stomach upset before dinner but guess it all went well after I flushed out everything and I was eating like a cow even when you knew it. I enjoyed my meal after all.

Since it's CNY, I wouldnt want to say anything bad or not appropriate. I'm also avoiding black and white cloths today cause it symbolizes bad luck. It's not that I believe in Feng Shui like the Buddha do, I only take the ones I think is good. Or maybe because there is still like few percent of Chinese blood running through my veins. I dont mind. But I still believe in Christianity. My Catholic faith. :)

Okay lah, I have to end right here.

Wo hen che pao liao ler

Yes. Too full.
Tired and Sleepy too.



Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Chinese New Year's Eve 2008

I haven't got the chance to update blog again these days.
Even to update my pictures, it was way difficult for me.
Yes indeed. Excuse me for the long wait.

The reason was?
He's acting crazy again and again. That handsome Blue CPU of mine.
I think I need a new hardware for my desktop or something. Not being able to update my blog entry with lots and lots of photos kills me. You know how insanity drives you mad. Hahaha =p

Since I am off from work today till Valentine's day, I'm going to be free for Chinese New Year's. It's not that I even celebrate V-Day but I have no choice cause my work place will be close that time.

And now here I am blogging using a laptop once more.

On the night of Chinese New Year's eve
All I hear is the sound of fireworks
Everyone is enjoying, celebrating
With family and loved ones

Being a half Chinese, it is always a tradition to have dinner with the whole family on Chinese New Year Eve. But this time around, it was just my parents, my siblings and I. It's not that we don't always do this, as a matter of fact we normally eat dinner together still. That what matters most. :)

But for once, I wanted to be in China or Taiwan. Or even Hong Kong will do.
Putting the images of cold weather with beautiful flowers surrounding me.
Cherry blossoms on a breezy Winter days. It must be Heaven. Don't you think so?

Yes, I love dreaming. Dare to dream they say. It aint a crime is it?
Ooh, it must have been a wonderful journey going there. Perhaps I might find my ancestors in China. The long lost relatives of mine I don't even know if I could track them down. I wonder.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish
Happy Chinese New Year's Eve to All !


Sunday, 3 February 2008

It's Not Just An Ordinary Sunday

Hee. That title bah. As if. xD

I woke up greeting Sunday toO early as I was used to waking up early.
Yes. Guess I'm used to it. Eventhough I knew I could wake up late today.
Man, I still havent recovered from not having enough rest and sleep yet.
I just hope I dont end looking like a racoOn.

People have been asking me, " So what's up with you these days? "
" Not much. Life's been busy lately & pretty messed up toO! "
Yeah, that was my reply. Haha =p
But it's true.
You wouldn't want to know.
Even if you do, I won't tell.

It's not that as I mentioned SUPER-DUPER-REALLY-BUSY, but then I'm trying to make myself pretty occupied these days. I am sOo loving it when I aint got any time to even think about it. If I had the money, I want to travel around the world. I wish.

These days, I try not getting too much attached to my computer since I got my CPU back. I felt it needed a break and I am going to do something else besides my toO much love for the internet. It's sOo Addictive I know. But it can be DANGEROUS too.

Heaven sake, I'm gonna have a LIFE out of the box rather than too much of it. Now that it is no longer here, I'm going to have a peaceful sleep and NO ONE will bug me at 3 in the morning anymore. But kinda miss it tho.

Today it's simply not ordinary in my eyes.
Besides the laundry on sunday tho.


Will only be posting my pictures in Friendster. ;)
Or maybe some at my other networking site.

Definitely not Facebook.
Facebook is rather annoying right now. It pisses me off! Really!

Owh well,
We will see...


Saturday, 2 February 2008

Hours in Starbucks

When someone asked me just now how am I feeling today, I told them that it was just OKAY. Yeap, that is how I am feeling right now. Had a few spare time for conversations on the net during my office hours despite having to do endless printing job. Hell yeah, I'm very capable of multi-tasking. Hee.

Anyway, I was having sOo much fun with my sister, cuzzy and my sister's beau at Starbucks just now. As a matter of fact, I just came back. It seems like ages not doing this. We had a Good talk again. It is nice to know that someone REALLY actually care for you. Family there do always comes first to my priority. Since everyone is so busy with their laptops just now and I'm the only one without it, I took some pictures, reading a magazine and engrossed by it while enjoying my coffee of the day as usual. Typical me. Yes still being me. Dont you just love me? Heehe =p

You know what?
I am moving on.
I am definitely Stronger than Yesterday.
Move Along! :)

And by the way,

I had a blur moment for awhile. Someone actually called me up just now. 0310 on my screen.Ermmm....while I was in Starbucks. I didn't quite hear it as they was like alot of people there. I'm not sure who that person was. Probably because the connection was pretty bad. If anyone happened to call me, I'm sorry. If you are reading this, please leave me a comment here and let me know who you are.

Wondering who....

P/s : I will update the pictures as soon as I got the time. As I am so sleepy right now. It's 2 o'clock in the morning for goodness sake. Ought to go ooze off.