Wednesday, 20 February 2008

It's Wednesday? Yikes, so fast leh! Heehe ;p

Tomorrow is Chap Goh Mei for the Chinese.
That means it's been like 2 weeks after Chinese New Year already?
Ya, can't believe it too.

Was laughing sOo hard today at my work place. It felt owh-so-good! I haven't felt like this for the past few weeks. I don't know. Everyone seems to be in a very happy-oh-joy kind of mood today. We were fooling around making funny jokes around with each other. Just what I need to make my day. :)

It's been raining again but this time with a little bit of sunshine.
I won't have to worry coz at least there's a bit of sun to dry my laundry.
Eventhough konti lang.
I'm enjoying cold weather which make you sleep like a baby.

And currently,
I am pretty busy and occupied with work.
Working hard to earn more income.
For this year target. It ain't easy.

I am trying to enjoy more to life. I'm going to do this while I'm still here.
Alive and Kicking! Yeah.

Hope for the best!


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