Friday, 29 February 2008

The Way I am

Hell, it's been a month. Is it?

I am a Sinner.
I am nothing without the Almighty.
I am not Beautiful. I am not Wealthy.
I am Never Perfect.
That I Have Got to Admit.

But I Have a Heart of Gold, I Bet You Ever Noticed that do you? Aha ! =p

This Heart Is Pure and Fragile.
Once Broken, It Difficult to Mend.

Love Me For Who I am.
Accept What I've got and what I'm willing to share.
If You Can't, I'm Sorry But You Just Got to Leave.

Sometime's you ought to be cruel to be kind.
So much of being Nice is no good cause in the end all you get is dust thrown on your face. Life oh life. Heehe.

It's a Friday night and it will be my last entry of the month.
February has come to an end. Geez, time flies.

To everyone who is reading this especially loved ones & good friends,
Sorry if you think this post is a crapped one. Apologies! ;)

Looking forward for March!
Who knows when will my lucky charm arrive?



evon.the.hawtness said...

u got a nicely trimmed eyebrows there. hehehe. =pp. ur blog is sweet, not crap! =]

eudoraluvart said...

thanks evon! hee ;)