Monday, 31 March 2008

I told myself,
"Sees the day with a smile."
Look forward, never look behind.
Carry everything that lift your spirit up & leave every memories that made you down.
Like those amazing sunsets my eye witness in every different part of places,
I ought to see a beautiful life. Be contented for once, for what I own right now.
Even if it was never perfect.

Maybe it will be.....
Someday on One Sweet Day.

For there is always a reason to :)

And by the way, today marks a special day for someone so close to my heart. I opened my old journal and as I reached the page, I saw a familiar hand-written note. No, it wasn't my hand-writing.

It was written....
"Handsome boy birthday! "

Yeah, it's J*'s birthday today!
The best guy friend one could have. 
I called him up to wished him since he's away from here.
Sorry no birthday pressie! I never ever missed his birthday. Yes, I never did.
Just how much he can really relate to me in most of the things makes me miss him more.

Ooh, old pictures during college time.
It's been awhile since our last picture together.
Heehe xD


Sunday, 30 March 2008

Left unsaid

There are like a thousand words I need to say right now. I could write a book or even lyrics I might as well be a song-writer. Yet everything is sometimes hard to explained.

I salute to the people who are brave enough to blog about anything, just about everything. 
Freedom of speech. It's true we have the right to say so. I 100% agree. But here? Hmmm.....
I wish this is America. I wish I could just spit it out & have the guts.

No, I won't be blogging about it.
I could no longer will.

Let it be a private show.
No one has to know about it.
Silence, that is all I need.

My mouth is shut.
I am lost for words.


Saturday, 29 March 2008


If there is a word I would describe about the weather, it would be.....

Just don't blame it on the weather man. Hee xD

I am still in disbelief about what happened yesterday.
There was actually a hailstorm here where I came from.  The rain was hilarious. For a second, the rain became iced cold. It felt like snow in winter. People actually thought it was a joke but it was really happening. And the weird thing was it only happened for awhile & it was 
only within this area.

Crazy how the weather can turned out to be these days.
A misty, snowy rain at a tropical place like this?
You got to be kidding me!

It was not a sunny weather today too.
Thank God it only rained for awhile. So before it rained, cuzzy and I decided to go for a stroll at the park before heading to the beach.

The Park

Walking along the park. Sad to say that our park here in Malaysia does not allowed pets around. I would love to bring my pets for a walk here. And honestly, we don't have the nicest public park here. Too bad. It is not maintained well at all.

The Beach

Beachy moment me & my cuzzy love to do.
Strolling down memory lane, reminds me of something, someone.
I almost forgotten the fact that I still got that sand allergic from that particular day. But it was good to go out to the beach again. Feel the fresh air & breath! For a moment, all the sorrows tend to slip away! If only.....

Am I talking too much about weather here?
I might as well be a weather forecast person.
Haha kidding! =p


Friday, 28 March 2008

Yet another charity Sunday.....

This one of those backdated entry I was meaning to get posted.
I know, I know it's way too late. But better late than never right? ;)

Started off the early morning journey with my parents without the siblings.
Had a great day but would be even better if my siblings went along.
The day of a middle child began. Heehe =p 

Charity Sunday Outing
Kota Belud
27 January 2008

In my point of view, Sharing is definitely the best in our daily life. 
Still is. Always will and have.
Spreading the love with everyone regardless where they came from.
We humans need to learn to give & take.

Why do people misundertood when we actually do it with sincererity?
I take it as it is.  Leave it.
Couldn't be bothered.
All I think about is I lift my hands
to those in need of one or two.

These are some of the random shots I took.
It might not look good.
But it comes from the heart.

There are several things we might not find it everyday.
We may have found it today.
My sight sees the joy in them.


Thursday, 27 March 2008

My Lovely LOVE

So yeah, that's my LOVE.
The cute puppy of mine.
Small & adorable,
but annoying and naughty at times.

Doesnt mean I don't love her.

This is so hard to be captured cause she wouldnt even stay put for even a second.
Still I'm enjoying every minute bit of time to photographed her.

I dont know how I'll live without her.
She always makes my day!



Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Backdated post coming up!

Yes, I will probably be doing most of my backdated post nowadays.
It has been way too long.
But at least there's something to be shared.
I'm sharing this to everyone about what has been going on with my  life.
Hope you guys won't mind.

First on the list :

Grandma's Birthday at Puteri.
On the 27 of January 2008

I'll leave you guys with the pictures......
They'll do the talking while I go lazy-ing around.
Haha =p

Tasty-fying meals that night !
Dinner makes me grow FAT.
Too much feasting.

Dessert. You know I love it! :)
Coconuts just reminds me of something again.

It's time to blow off the candles Grandma! ;)
Here pictured with my little munchkin,
nephew, Michael. We called our little Mikey, our Snowboy.
Cute right? Indeed! :)

Grandma & her great-grandson

Chocolatey cake.

My Chivas & My Cake.
I am not a big drinker but what's a celebration without alchohol? Heehe. =p

Did I just make you guys hungry or what?
If yes, Sorry about that !
Hee xD

Good food + Family = Happiness
There is nothing more I could asked for.


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A Simple Short Note
For Today........

"Every night she cried herself to sleep ,
Thinking why does this happened to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?"

There are certain things in life seems to be so complicated.  
Some say its way too hard for an explaination.  
Some people might not know what happened in the past.  
They might not even understand what it's like to be in your side. 
But they are really good friends out there who do listen. 
Good friends who don't pretend and lie.  They tell the truth.
Those kind who makes your life easier instead of trying to make it harder for you. 

I am glad I have those kind of friends. :)

On a happier note :
Big Shoutout to my cousin who is celebrating her birthday today!

Your truly and cousin Elsa

~ HaPPY BirtHDaY to My Cuzzy, Elsa !!!!!!!!!! ~
Miss You


Monday, 24 March 2008

I've tried. 
For the best, to save for the last.
Thing's didn't worked out.
So what can I do?

Maybe I can't do anything.
But knowing that I've been making the effort to make things better, 
it's just worth it. 
At least it's not a total failure for me.

It was never my fault anyways.

......It's a Monday.
And no, I'm not complaining.
Is it a Blue one?
Or is it just plain and Ordinary?

I started off my day with a smile &
surprisingly it ended throughout the whole day.
That explained how good my day was. :)

Today it crossed my mind.  I can't just wait for the dream to become a reality. I got to make it happened myself. The lesson I've learned, enough getting me inspired.

I have been clearing the mess on my Facebook just now.
There are like thousands of applications & it is way too much for me.
Not only did its making my computer running slow,
I got sick & irritated at times.
Everyone is complaining about my page. Not everyone but most of them that is.
Sorry. Haha =p

So I decided to get rid some the applications.
Yes, I did what T* told me to do. I wouldnt want to make someone's lappy crashed again!
Heehe xD

I need to catch my beauty sleep now.
Will be updating more with pictures soon.
Malas bah wanna edit the pix! Hahaha :D


Easter Sunday

No, I didnt get any wishes from anyone but my own family. There isnt any bunny wabbit to give away any Easter goodies for me too. Some people they just don't care anymore. But still content right now.

I got this from Mum's SMS.
Just thought I'd share it with everyone of you here.

Holy Week Reflection

1. Sometimes, God breaks our spirit to save our soul.
2. Sometimes, He breaks our heart to make us whole.
3. Sometimes, He sends us pain so we can be stronger.
4. Sometimes, He sends us failure so we can be humble.
5. Sometimes, He sends us illness so we can take better care of ourselves.
6. Sometimes, He takes EVERYTHING away from us so we can learn the value of EVERYTHING we have

I have to agree those sentences above.
So, so true. Seriously. :)

And after 17 years or so, I finally got the chance to meet Tristan again. Good old days, the childhood memories is coming back. For me that is. I didn't know that we actually have something in common. The love for travelling, knowing other peoples language & cultures and for the love of creative stuffs. I think you just turned someone shy into at least speak-up a little kinda person. It was great though. Heehe xD

Yours truly & Tristan with his new blonde straight hair.
Man, those tattoos are sOo amazingly awesome!
I surely want to get some traditional one for myself too. If only I could bare those few hours pains with needles. But I'm sure it's gonna be worth it diba?

Well, we will see about that.

Easter Sunday party at Grandparent's place were great too.
Got to spend some time with family members. And the home-made food were scrumptiuosly delicious! :)

I'm off to bed now.


Saturday, 22 March 2008

I am sitting here at Starbucks, Citymall right now blogging. The smell of my sister's banana chocolate muffin kills me since I am already full during dinner. Gosh, finally I had the chance to get my blog updated! It's been like ages! And those fellas haven't got my Streamyx fixed yet! Damnit!

Still having my Vanilla Cream Espresso Affogato Frapuccino puts a smile on my face!
Yes, I actually remember with unique pronunciation. I am a freak when it comes to language.
Starbucks make...
Happy, happy me! :)

So I promised to tell you guys what happened last Sunday did I?
Hee. Here goes......

From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
of Wedding & Potrait Photography

Yes, I went to attend this seminar by Louis Pang the amazing wedding
photographer himself.

The seminar started off with a talk about EPSON printers by the
regional manager, James based in Singapore. It was actually good to know
some facts about those printers though I must admit that I was only there to hear
Louis Pang do some talking. Hahaha....sorry James! =p But honestly, being a once EPSON printer user, I must say that their printing quality is one of the best so far!

After that talk from EPSON, finally we got to hear Louis Pang do his thing.
Not only does he took awesome photographs, he also has a good communication
skills. We got to hear him share his 7 great tips and well, ALMOST hmmm
I think EVERYONE got INSPIRED that day.

Owh well, maybe I just did.
It doesnt even matter I don't own a DSLR.
But still, a Nikon SLR will do.
Till I got my hands on one that is.

Heehe xD

Being one of the people who attend this seminar,
I am just feeling LUCKY and HONOURED.

Thanks EPSON !
For making everything is FREE that day!

Goodie Bag from EPSON!

Here's what we got from that seminar.....

A DVD worth RM50
Louis Pang's Big Little Moments
sharing his photography sessions.

A Signed Autographed One
It's FREE ! :)

And by the way, that's a friend of mine, Amanda and his
hubby, Desmond on that DVD cover.

Hey, they are on the DVD surface too!

Some information about EPSON printers inside the file.

the upcoming registration forms for LP's workshops.
I wish I had alot of money to attend that!


Goodies from EPSON


Hell yeah,
I don't want to miss this chance ever!
Finally met him in person!

Yours truly & Mr. Louis Pang himself


Pictures courtesy from my sister

Last but not least,
yeah after sO loOonggggg he said.

A senior of mine in college.
Julian and I at the seminar.
It was good to meet you there Bro!

That's it for now!


Sunday, 16 March 2008

Extraordinaire Sunday?

You BET!

Heehe :)

I just had a
Great Sunday today!
And half of it was just

I really have fun with what happened just now.
Everything, every minute & every second of it, it's
Worth it!
But right now, I think I'm just too tired to upload the pictures 
and tell you guys all the details here. 
I will most probably blog about it tomorrow.

CheeriOs Peeps
here's to a Beautiful Weekend!


Saturday, 15 March 2008

I got my CPU back!

Yes! He's back, he's back !
My handsome blue CPU is BACK in ACTION!

Hee :)
I got a brand new power supply and a new motherboard too.
I just lost a few hundred to get it fixed. But thank God my hard disk is Safe and I didn't lost any documents. Phew!

Now that I finally got my CPU back, I'll be doing some updating on all those backdated post soon. First thing first, I'm going to do some editing with all the pictures. Which explains why my post nowadays has been very boring without lots of pictures. Not only for the lack of it but also I have my own reason not to put too much of it here.

I'm very much of a more person private nowadays. Only the chosen people get to view what has been going behind my life. 
This blog is still personal but with limit. 

I'm not saying that I don't like knowing  new people. As a matter of fact, I do. I want to travel 
around to places 
so that I could meet people who are Atrageously Unique & Exotic.
Strangers who colours your life everywhere rather than just that simple plain, black & white.
That would be BORING.

Call me anything you want.
You might say that I'm paranoid.
Go ahead maybe I am, but I'm just being safe these days, not wanting to get hurt by just any stranger anymore.


This sentence :

" My God, my God,
Why have you abandoned me? "

It had opened up our eyes during this Holy Week.


Friday, 14 March 2008

My sister, my cuzzy and I were supposed to go the beach tonight but have to cancel our plans last minute due to the unpredictable weather these days. Rainy days won't allow us to go any nearer to the beach. Kept walking through a pot hole full of rain waters won't do any better for someone like me. Huhu.

Sitting here at my desk, imagining that I could sing beside my window pane boxes just like the one's they have at most of the country homes. Reminds me the times I had during my visit at Tagaytay, Philippines. Imagine I'm Singing endless Tagalog songs with a piece of guitar sounds played by isang lalaki guapo named Piolo. I rather stay home watching the rain drops falling from the sky, through my bedroom window than it keeps on falling on my head. Who? The actor/singer named Piolo Pascual? Hmmm.....

Reality Check!
Just My Imagination.

Hahahaha dream on! Far beyond my expectation. Heehe. Ok,ok I guess I've been watching too much of Tagalog movies. I better stopped dreaming for once.

Insanity keeps my mind running wild,
I don't know how to make a happy world,
Please, I don't want you to see me crying,
Cause I hate to go on pretending.

P/s : I miss Sunshine! *sigh*


Thursday, 13 March 2008


As I was walking towards into my office building this morning, I saw that little girl again. I don't know why everytime I see her, she makes me stopped & stood there near her for awhile. I look into her eyes. Silently I watched her sitting at the corner drawing something from that piece of paper & only a pencil on her hand. And the day before I saw her held a book & read it at the same corner. There was no one around. All by herself. She was this poor kid living in nearby. I was so touched to see how engrossed she was doing something useful even how poor she is. When I set my eyes on her, I can see her determination to learn something despite her condition.

I walked past by her slowly, smiling.

No, not to her. But to myself only in my heart.

She makes my day.
I was touched by an angel. Indeed!


And you know what else makes my day?
I am so Happy today too because I saw my little munchkins!
I went out for lunch with my colleagues and saw my cousin & her family at the coffee shop. Eeeee I miss them sOo much! Lil Madie and Baby Mikey are my niece & nephew. Eventhough we live nearby but I seldom get to see them. Just before I leave the coffee shop, I kissed them & say goodbye. :)

Surely that was a Great feeling!


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The construction going on nearby my place kills me. It's been going on for 24 hours. So inconsiderate lah. Wanna sleep also susah. Eeeeee I hate it!

I was tossing around my bed yesterday. I didn't get to sleep well last night. I wanted so bad to rest my head to bed after blogging but with failure attempt. The time strucked way past 12 and I was still wide awake. This morning, I had to woke up with my heavy eyes. I ended up with a sleepy day.

Was it the construction or am I just thinking too much?
Hmmmmm....definitely Not a good thing when you're all sleepy.
Make's you unproductive.

Here's to another day with usual routine.
And it's my turn to prepare dinner again.
This is what I usually cook for my family......

It's very simple.
Nothing extraordinaire at all.

On another note:

I just SMS-ed one of the guys from the band ESTRANGED if I could get my hands on those Estranged Tees below. But too bad, he texted me back saying that for the time being, it will only be sold at the Sunburst KL 2008 International Music. He asked me not to worry coz they are hoping that the tees will be available for shipment soon. Soon lah I hope! *fingers crossed*

"......come sunburst la! Hehe" he said.
Which I wish I could be there. So bad. Huhu :(

I really want those tees lah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heehe xD


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Chatterbox at Vedablue again!

So yeah, we decided to hang-out here again.
My cuzzy & I ! Heehe =)

Something for my sweet tooth.
Since I can't have anything cold (still having my sore throat & influenza...huhu ), I decided to asked for my favourite latte macchiato and a piece of that chessy cake! Yummy? Indeed talaga eh! :)

Miss-pinky-for-the-nite enjoying her cheesy cake!
Bite by bite deliciousssssssss.....Hahaha =p

I love this Latte Macchiato!
And the cookie too!
Can you tell how HAPPY I am? Coz I AM lah you !@#$% ! Hehehehe =p

Cuzzy's Ice Cream :)

The leg....
Relaxing with the owh-so-comfortable pillows !

In between the talks, the laughter.....
We decided to take some snap shots around and felt like playing peek-a-boo even for just a lil while.

On another note :

We know something you don't know.
As friends, we only wish you will not be blinded
The sight of yours should be wide
Hope you'll see it for yourself
What lies beneath it, the truth will be revealed
I just wish sooner or later, by then a realization will be made.

Sweetness makes me content for now....
And p/s : cuzzy, you know what? The sea will be black soon *evil grin*


Monday, 10 March 2008

I keep on playing this on the laptop.
I don't know why.
I feel it. I just love this song.

If I could play a guitar, this will be just the right song for me.
If only I could.
But not. Don't even think about it. I can't even play a piece of musical instrument.
Hee xD

Taylor Swift
Teardrops On My Guitar

This might just be it.
Everything needed to be said.

Nuff said.


Sunday, 9 March 2008

Going for Japanese food.....

And Yes, yet again.

My Sister decided to cook something Japanese today.
At least I don't have to cook. Heehe.
Something healthy yet still delicious to eat! :)

I'm not in the mood for a long post right now.
We will just cut it short okay?
Hahaha =p

The Japanese Chicken Curry with Rice


And I have no idea what this call in Japanese.
There's egg, crab meat, seaweed and rice.

That's about it.
Feeling so sleepy. I think it's the effect of the cough mixture I've just eaten.
Still down with sickness. My throat is getting bad. *sigh*