Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Backdated post coming up!

Yes, I will probably be doing most of my backdated post nowadays.
It has been way too long.
But at least there's something to be shared.
I'm sharing this to everyone about what has been going on with my  life.
Hope you guys won't mind.

First on the list :

Grandma's Birthday at Puteri.
On the 27 of January 2008

I'll leave you guys with the pictures......
They'll do the talking while I go lazy-ing around.
Haha =p

Tasty-fying meals that night !
Dinner makes me grow FAT.
Too much feasting.

Dessert. You know I love it! :)
Coconuts just reminds me of something again.

It's time to blow off the candles Grandma! ;)
Here pictured with my little munchkin,
nephew, Michael. We called our little Mikey, our Snowboy.
Cute right? Indeed! :)

Grandma & her great-grandson

Chocolatey cake.

My Chivas & My Cake.
I am not a big drinker but what's a celebration without alchohol? Heehe. =p

Did I just make you guys hungry or what?
If yes, Sorry about that !
Hee xD

Good food + Family = Happiness
There is nothing more I could asked for.


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