Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The construction going on nearby my place kills me. It's been going on for 24 hours. So inconsiderate lah. Wanna sleep also susah. Eeeeee I hate it!

I was tossing around my bed yesterday. I didn't get to sleep well last night. I wanted so bad to rest my head to bed after blogging but with failure attempt. The time strucked way past 12 and I was still wide awake. This morning, I had to woke up with my heavy eyes. I ended up with a sleepy day.

Was it the construction or am I just thinking too much?
Hmmmmm....definitely Not a good thing when you're all sleepy.
Make's you unproductive.

Here's to another day with usual routine.
And it's my turn to prepare dinner again.
This is what I usually cook for my family......

It's very simple.
Nothing extraordinaire at all.

On another note:

I just SMS-ed one of the guys from the band ESTRANGED if I could get my hands on those Estranged Tees below. But too bad, he texted me back saying that for the time being, it will only be sold at the Sunburst KL 2008 International Music. He asked me not to worry coz they are hoping that the tees will be available for shipment soon. Soon lah I hope! *fingers crossed*

"......come sunburst la! Hehe" he said.
Which I wish I could be there. So bad. Huhu :(

I really want those tees lah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heehe xD



evon.the.hawtness said...

sorry to say this eudora, after the first wash, the tee looks horrendous. omg. i regret. =s

Eudora said...

oh really? huhu too bad. they should improve the quality of the tees then.