Monday, 31 March 2008

I told myself,
"Sees the day with a smile."
Look forward, never look behind.
Carry everything that lift your spirit up & leave every memories that made you down.
Like those amazing sunsets my eye witness in every different part of places,
I ought to see a beautiful life. Be contented for once, for what I own right now.
Even if it was never perfect.

Maybe it will be.....
Someday on One Sweet Day.

For there is always a reason to :)

And by the way, today marks a special day for someone so close to my heart. I opened my old journal and as I reached the page, I saw a familiar hand-written note. No, it wasn't my hand-writing.

It was written....
"Handsome boy birthday! "

Yeah, it's J*'s birthday today!
The best guy friend one could have. 
I called him up to wished him since he's away from here.
Sorry no birthday pressie! I never ever missed his birthday. Yes, I never did.
Just how much he can really relate to me in most of the things makes me miss him more.

Ooh, old pictures during college time.
It's been awhile since our last picture together.
Heehe xD


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