Monday, 3 March 2008

I woke up today, look at my cellphone & guess what?
I stared at the screen.
It took me a minute.
Something caught my attention.
And if you're wondering, there was no text message on it.

Twas a quiet office hours of all the Summers I had the whole year through here at my place. Unlike other countries, here we only have a season. I never wish for a Snow at this moment. Cause I felt the weather it was Perfect. Summer all day is Great compared to the cold Winter! :)

Was I dreaming or what?
Everyone at work seems to be really considerate. Today lah. Don't know what got into them, it was so peaceful. No pressure or anything. For no reason, your environment suddenly changed. It felt really weird you know. For a second, I'm in a twilight zone. Hahaha =p

All I know is that.....
Listening to Christian Bautista's cd playing on the computer surely put a smile on my face. Making myself busy with a lil bit of entertainment at work.

Oh ya......
Someone told me that I look like a Filipino again. Geez. I've heard this like owh-so-many times already. Why is it? They got me mistaken several times. They say its the skin and face factor. I don't know lah. And also maybe because most of the Asian people they do look kinda similar. Whatever. Heehe. I bet they can't even tell that I'm a Malaysian when I was in the Philippines twice. Which is a Good thing coz I want to make it as my 2nd home-country. I just fell in love with the Dj? What I really meant was the country, culture, language and everything about it. Hee :)

Okay lah I gotta go now.
Sleephead me! *yawns*

Hope I didn't get everyone bored~


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