Friday, 7 March 2008

It's raining outside.....

Yes, again and again.

Covered under the comforter I lay upon my bed.
Still feeling sick I am. For a second, resting my head makes me bored. Even reading my favourite magazine won't help a bit. So here I am on my desk trying to blog again every now and then. I lost count the medicines I took today. Endless I think I could open a pharmacy. But at least I feel so much better after a whole day of rest.

It's a wet pre-election week.

Most area has been flooded these past few days. But that doesnt stop the election campaign from going on. That's the Spirit! Heehe. Gosh. Why am I suddenly so interested in this election thingy. Okay maybe that is just the feeling of going to vote for the first time. So bare with me. Haha.

I know what I'm going to vote for already.
I've made my decision. It's the right one I hope.
I just want JUSTICE. For a citizen right.
Hopefully the one who deserved to win,
win tomorrow. Just hope it can make a DIFFERENCE.

Time For A Change !

P/s : I still felt like singing eventhough my voice sounds like a rock star (the bad one) coz it kills me not singing whenever I hear a song. I hope it doesnt start raining again tomorrow.We wouldn't want the election to be postponed diba?

Heehe ;)


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