Monday, 24 March 2008

I've tried. 
For the best, to save for the last.
Thing's didn't worked out.
So what can I do?

Maybe I can't do anything.
But knowing that I've been making the effort to make things better, 
it's just worth it. 
At least it's not a total failure for me.

It was never my fault anyways.

......It's a Monday.
And no, I'm not complaining.
Is it a Blue one?
Or is it just plain and Ordinary?

I started off my day with a smile &
surprisingly it ended throughout the whole day.
That explained how good my day was. :)

Today it crossed my mind.  I can't just wait for the dream to become a reality. I got to make it happened myself. The lesson I've learned, enough getting me inspired.

I have been clearing the mess on my Facebook just now.
There are like thousands of applications & it is way too much for me.
Not only did its making my computer running slow,
I got sick & irritated at times.
Everyone is complaining about my page. Not everyone but most of them that is.
Sorry. Haha =p

So I decided to get rid some the applications.
Yes, I did what T* told me to do. I wouldnt want to make someone's lappy crashed again!
Heehe xD

I need to catch my beauty sleep now.
Will be updating more with pictures soon.
Malas bah wanna edit the pix! Hahaha :D


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