Sunday, 2 March 2008

Japanese Dinner 01 Feb 2008

So yesterday night, the girls decided to have something Japanese for dinner. It's been awhile since my last Japanese meal. It's expensive for goodness sake. Heehe. But once in a blue moon, we got to treat ourselves and indulge with something like this. Talking about a food lover like me. :)

It ain't a crime diba?
I don't think so.

Here's the place where we went to eat.

Wagamama Japanese Restaurant in Asia City Mall

The waitress, the environment and my hot Ocha(its the Green tea in Japanase)

Food, food, food I enjoy having.....

~~~~~ Itadakimasu ! ~~~~~~~
Haahaha....I always hear this from kuya Roger! Heehe ;)

Some of the tasty food we got from the moving counter. Heehe.

You wanna know what I've ordered?

My Yofu Sake & Gyoza Oroshi-ni Set. I believe that what it is called if I'm not mistaken. Haaha =p

My sis and my cuzzy ate this. :)

It's urmmmmm.....Hana....something.....I forgot! LOL ;P

Another beautiful night! ;)

And here's to everyone who loves Japanese sOo much. Found this in youtube and I have no idea what is it called. Makes me feel so emotional. It's a nice one though.

Arigato Gozaimasu!


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