Saturday, 1 March 2008

Marching my way....

March, march, march my way up high....
Someone's maybe coming to paint the town red?

Heehe kidding :)

Most of the towns in my country, Malaysia is probably busy with the up-coming election. Billboards, signboards, banners, flyers and whatever other things you can think of, are up after the candidates names were announced. Both government and opposition parties are busy campaigning out there. And I believe this time around, those printing/advertising companies are the ones having a very good business right now & not to mention working their ass off to get things done.

Speaking of the election, I am proudly saying that I am eligible to vote! And yes, I've registered already. I am so excited to cast my vote as this my first time. I won't tell you guys what I'm going to vote for, but I just want to say that I'm voting for the ones that will bring benefits for us as a Malaysian citizen. Whatever you chose, choose it wisely. We don't want to end up regretting choosing the wrong ones. And remember, one vote counts! It will make changes. :)

And here we go again, it's a brand new month.

It is going to be my 2nd year working on my first real job. Wow so fast eh. Seems only yesterday. And sadly,something has been 2 years that doesn't last. Nothing last forever.

There is another 4 months to go for my vacation. And alot to-do list already. Getting my CPU fix, tickets, bills, new dresses, helping out with my cousin's engagement, wedding's, and bla bla bla......

But above all, I bet it's going to be a fun and challeging month! I'm going to do things that makes me content!

" If it makes me can't be that badddddddd......"

Whoopssss....maybe I shouldn't sing. The rain is pouring heavily. I might as well stopped. Nanti takut Red Sea pun tenggelam.
Heehe was just joking. Hahaha =p

Have a Great Weekend Y'all!

I'm going to dream having a tan at Daytona Beach the American way tonight.
It's been a wild wet bad weather these days in Sabah.


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