Friday, 14 March 2008

My sister, my cuzzy and I were supposed to go the beach tonight but have to cancel our plans last minute due to the unpredictable weather these days. Rainy days won't allow us to go any nearer to the beach. Kept walking through a pot hole full of rain waters won't do any better for someone like me. Huhu.

Sitting here at my desk, imagining that I could sing beside my window pane boxes just like the one's they have at most of the country homes. Reminds me the times I had during my visit at Tagaytay, Philippines. Imagine I'm Singing endless Tagalog songs with a piece of guitar sounds played by isang lalaki guapo named Piolo. I rather stay home watching the rain drops falling from the sky, through my bedroom window than it keeps on falling on my head. Who? The actor/singer named Piolo Pascual? Hmmm.....

Reality Check!
Just My Imagination.

Hahahaha dream on! Far beyond my expectation. Heehe. Ok,ok I guess I've been watching too much of Tagalog movies. I better stopped dreaming for once.

Insanity keeps my mind running wild,
I don't know how to make a happy world,
Please, I don't want you to see me crying,
Cause I hate to go on pretending.

P/s : I miss Sunshine! *sigh*


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Tristan said...

Hey buddy! I'll be in Sabah tomorrow. Can you send me your cell phone # or something so I can get ahold of you later. BYE!