Saturday, 29 March 2008


If there is a word I would describe about the weather, it would be.....

Just don't blame it on the weather man. Hee xD

I am still in disbelief about what happened yesterday.
There was actually a hailstorm here where I came from.  The rain was hilarious. For a second, the rain became iced cold. It felt like snow in winter. People actually thought it was a joke but it was really happening. And the weird thing was it only happened for awhile & it was 
only within this area.

Crazy how the weather can turned out to be these days.
A misty, snowy rain at a tropical place like this?
You got to be kidding me!

It was not a sunny weather today too.
Thank God it only rained for awhile. So before it rained, cuzzy and I decided to go for a stroll at the park before heading to the beach.

The Park

Walking along the park. Sad to say that our park here in Malaysia does not allowed pets around. I would love to bring my pets for a walk here. And honestly, we don't have the nicest public park here. Too bad. It is not maintained well at all.

The Beach

Beachy moment me & my cuzzy love to do.
Strolling down memory lane, reminds me of something, someone.
I almost forgotten the fact that I still got that sand allergic from that particular day. But it was good to go out to the beach again. Feel the fresh air & breath! For a moment, all the sorrows tend to slip away! If only.....

Am I talking too much about weather here?
I might as well be a weather forecast person.
Haha kidding! =p


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