Friday, 28 March 2008

Yet another charity Sunday.....

This one of those backdated entry I was meaning to get posted.
I know, I know it's way too late. But better late than never right? ;)

Started off the early morning journey with my parents without the siblings.
Had a great day but would be even better if my siblings went along.
The day of a middle child began. Heehe =p 

Charity Sunday Outing
Kota Belud
27 January 2008

In my point of view, Sharing is definitely the best in our daily life. 
Still is. Always will and have.
Spreading the love with everyone regardless where they came from.
We humans need to learn to give & take.

Why do people misundertood when we actually do it with sincererity?
I take it as it is.  Leave it.
Couldn't be bothered.
All I think about is I lift my hands
to those in need of one or two.

These are some of the random shots I took.
It might not look good.
But it comes from the heart.

There are several things we might not find it everyday.
We may have found it today.
My sight sees the joy in them.


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