Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Full house + BK

We were SUPPOSED to watch Iron Man just now BUT yes with a big BUT.....
by the time we reached the counter, the cinema seats were already full.  Since it was the opening day & everyone will be on holiday tomorrow,
I've expected that. We should have booked it online earlier on.

I was so surprised when my cuzzy told me she saw my college buddy EGH with his gf just now.
Since we haven't been contacting each other like ages already, I didn't expect him to hug me from behind.

And because we didn't get any seats at the cinema,
we decided to go to Burger King for snack-ing ! ;)
**There's a confusion which BK we wanted to go & ended up in a different location in between**
Haha =p
But managed to relocated which BK we're going to dine exactly later.
As we reached,
It was kinda late for meal but what the heck we did order something anyways.
Mango drink, apple pie & onion rings for me! My favourite! ;)
Along the way......
The never ending.........
Chit-chatting till its late, got bloated, exhausted and owh well sleepy too.
Hence a very short post.

I think I wanna crash now.


Tuesday, 29 April 2008

31 degrees + reading

I hate to brag about how shitty the weather looks like these days
I just couldn't help it anyhow.
It started to get hotter since the last drop of endless rain.
The temperature rise up till 31 degrees.
Can you imagine how hot is that?
*Suddenly this song kept playing on my head*
It's getting hot in here! So take off all your clothes!
Oh my, not naked but....
I felt like wearing a bikini even during night time!
Hahaha =p

Darn, we people on Earth can never stop complaining do we?

Anyway, here's what I'm going to do to ease & calm myself down.

Thank goodness I've just got my Malaysia's Seventeen magazine May Issue!
Grab a copy now!
Frequency Cannon featured in this issue.

No, I won't be giving you guys a sneak peek on it coz you will have to get yours your own! I mean it! Go, go, go....
Hahaha xD

Call me crazy or anything.
I got 2 of this magazine just because Frequency Cannon are featured in it.

Here's a sneak peek of Utopia's Issue no. 128....
Interview with the guys. ;)

Featuring the 4 talented guys.
Awesome interview as usual! :)

And I'm also currently doing some fashion update with this.
Got this from sis.

Yeah, a light reading will do for the time being.


Monday, 28 April 2008

A Quickie One!

Sorry for not updating yesterday.
I guess I just need a day of break.

It's been a hot sunny day.
Evening sunshine making the heat of pain.
Wearing bared back shirt with mini skirts doing my routine after work.
Bearing with the fact that the Earth's ozone layer is getting thinner each day.

I've been watching 8tv's Quickie online these past few days.
Trying to keep myself updated with local entertainment & stuffs.
And since my favourite celebrities are on it,
There is always a reason to watch beside the thing about not watching tv that much.

Who could resist gazing the eyes at those good looking guitarist on screen?
Well, definitely not me! Haha =p

That's it!
Need to continue reading the magazine! ;)


Saturday, 26 April 2008

Poppea Garden Cafe

Right after work just now, my cousin & I decided to go for a lunch.
So we headed down to Poppea Garden Cafe in CityMall.

The Menu

Looking at menu, I could see various types of food.
Most of it are Thai or Vietnam influenced.
But they also have this Western-Style meal for those who prefer eating something different rather than the usual rice & noodle Asian people love.

The hungry stomach of ours waiting for the food,
hoping for a nice, hearty lunch to satisfy our need.
This is what we ordered.

Both of us ordered the 'Set Lunch' which consists of :
-Plain Rice
-Meat/Fish/Dish of Your Choice on the 'Set Lunch' menu
-Herbal drink/Cordial Orange

My cousin's lunch:
Thai Fish Fillet set

And mine was :
Ginger Onion Fish set

The price dining here is quite reasonable but I find that the vegetable served is not that fresh. Or was it over-cooked? Or did I just came in a wrong time?I'm not sure about that either.

Honestly, the pictures on the menu is even more interesting than the real thing.
I might go back for a 2nd try on other meals and see if that 2nd chance worth it.

For me, food was just an okay just now.
But lunch time with cuzzy was worth it as we spent exactly like 2 hours in that cafe! Heehe ;)


Friday, 25 April 2008

As I Speak : FCannon's New Music Videos!

"It's Double Whammy Day!"
As quoted by Yuri Wong on my Facebook inbox.

Malaysia's local band, Frequency Cannon has finally released their 2 music videos!
*screaming out loud*

I got this link through The Frequency Cannon Group at Facebook
& I decided to blog and do some free promoting as usual. ;)

Check it out, hope you guys enjoy it as I did!
Both songs are my personal favourite.

The much awaited music video for the hit single  'Girl'
Produced By : Adrian Lai from The Factory Studio

Their latest single 'FreeFalling' music video.
Produced by : Aliff Zulkifli from  The Factory Studio

Another update :
I heard they will make an appearance in the Malaysia's Seventeen magazine May Issue.
So to their fans out there, make you grab a copy of it coz I'm sure I'm going to get one myself! Hee xD

As I was typing this, my cousin Elsa will be witnessing FCannon's performance at her Taylor's College. I wish I could be there. *sigh*
But as Dino the Drummer says, " Let her be your eyes & ears."
Haha! Yeah, right Dino!
I don't mind though coz she promised to get me some autographs & pictures.
She even called me up just now & got me an autograph from my ex high school mate,
Mia Palencia the Jazz singer. I can't believe Mia still remembers me!
Thanks Sa! Love u! Heehe.

Well, I bet they're gonna have lots of fun rocking on stage!
I hope they won't get anything exploded as much as I know Dino wanted to!
Hahaha....LOL :p

That's it from me.
I think it's rather long already.

Rock On!?
Hee xD


Thursday, 24 April 2008

On Bobby Chinn in World Cafe Asia

Picture Credit : Taken from

Ever since I first set my eyes on the show, World Cafe Asia, 
I got myself hooked up to it! 
Yeah.  It's not like I'm a couch potato that could sit
in front of the television screen that long.  
Blame on that particular week, a much too long holiday I got. 
I had nothing better to do. 
So being a typical Travel & Living avid fan, 
I switched the channel on the remote control.
One switch can change everything. It has been a favourite till today.

Why do I love this guy?

Bobby Chinn,  a mixed blooded guy who happens to love food, travel & music. 
Him being half Chinese, half Greek, please don't blame me for saying that he is such a good looking guy okay? Cause he is. And I must say that I kind of have this thing or two about a guy who is into showing off his culinary skills. Cooking for love could actually make someone easily smitten. Anyone agree with me? Or was it just his curly hair ?

There is actually a long story of Bobby's life & background to tell,
it is worth reading.
I could go typing endless here which I don't intend to do right now.  
Sleepyhead of me.

But he is....
An ultimate bachelor on my list, I would say.
Reading his profile I could agree more. Well for me that is.
Log on to for more information.

I might as well put Bobby Chinn's Restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam on my MUST next travel trip! *fingers crossed*


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Darkness Falls....

At the edge of pavement, I sat.
The beach was rather quiet,
The moon was bright,
Trees were spotted by the street light,
I could see the shadows of a lonely sight,
Someone walking by, must be a heaven sent,
Well maybe just letting go of the past.

He said,

" When there is darkness,
Never fear nor despair my dear,
Have trust & faith,
For there will always be light."

I shall believe in Him for what He has said in His Word is always true.


Monday, 21 April 2008

Estranged Won!

Picture Courtesy of Arif Faris

*Screams excitedly*

Heehe xD

Good Times With the Guys Last Year ;)

Some of you might know this already. Yeah, one of my favourite local band, Estranged won the awards at the Anugerah Planet Musik, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre last night. I am soO Happy they've won! I've expected their winning coz I have always believe that they can win & my prediction was sO true! My support worth after all. :)

To the guys of ESTRANGED,
Rich, Hanafi, Din & Andy......

Congratulations On Your
Recent Winning at APM !
May You Have
Lot's More to Come!

All the Best For
2nd Album!


Sunday, 20 April 2008

KK's Freeze World Earth Day!

In order to show our support for this event, my sister & I decided to document & blog about it.

This is one of the biggest Freeze event in conjuction of what our friends in Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya did. An awesome event indeed! I am so glad I got the chance to witness this! :)

City Mall's Concourse area
20th April 2008
8 pm, sharp
5 Minutes

That freezing moment.....

Freeze people, freeze!

Guess who I saw there?

I can see you Amie! Hee xD

Hey! And that guy seems familiar too!

Was it Sotong? Mr.GoldFish or......Julian? :p

Aren't those people below familiar or what?

The blogger, videographer, photographer.....
Most of them are there to witness this event.

That's it from me!
ToO sleepy & tired.

Outta here...


Saturday, 19 April 2008

Vivalicious Saturday

A Saturday night doing nothing is simply marvellous. I could hear little Bambi's voice outside as if it's calling me to let it in. Trying to get my attention, she scratched the wooden door harder wanting to go inside. Naughty Bambi is being impatient waiting for me. It's her dinner time. Little Bambi is my toy-sized puppy by the way.

The air swiftly blew my hair. A windy weather after the rain. Enjoying the Nescafe's Viva Vanilla Flavoured Coffee on the kitchen table while engrossing & flipping through each pages of Malaysia's The Edge- Haven magazine. Mmmm....did I not mention I was actually eating my Chicken Pau too? ;)

For a second, I'd like the quiet environment I don't usually have these days. Peace of mind. Heaven? Not Quite but Almost lah.  
Mum is in the master bedroom watching her usual AF thingy on tv. 
I'm not quite a fan anymore so that's why. ;p
Just letting the time pass through. 
While the other siblings off to a PC Fair downtown.  
Was supposed to join them but heck, I rather stay home before I tend
to forked out every cents I have on my purse.  
Save it for rainy days remember? Hell yeah! :)
And Dad is still on vacation. I wish I could joined him there! *sigh*
Urghhh...why oh why?

Still it's a Vivalicious night with the limited supply of Nescafe's Viva Vanilla I've got in the Phillippines last year!
Daddy, I want again! 
Screw the company for not having my favourite drink here. :(


Friday, 18 April 2008

at the Kitchen....

Chopping off those onions, garlics & ginger.
Cutting vegetables, fresh seafood on the board.
When I'm in a hurry, don't be surprise I got my fingers cut.
Or was I just too clumsy? Heehe.
Things I usually do on a daily basis after work.
Yes, beside blogging, I do cook. Not for myself but the whole family. :)

What's cooking?
What's for dinner?
What's on the table for tonight?
They said.

I might not be the Cooking Goddess as Nigella Lawson or as great as graphic designer turned cook Kylie Kwong, but at least I cook more than just an egg. Growing up being trained to learn to cook does help. Cooking is actually not a difficult task at all.

And it is even better when you do it with love.
Those love portion that makes a perfect meal.
I am sure it tasted even better.

You got to cook it from the heart.
A home-made one for you and me.

Preparing the ingredients

Can you smell?
Haha =p

Prawns With Chinese Cooking Wine

Fish Curry

Mixed 'Ulam'

A traditional food of the KadazanDusun culture in Sabah.

'Limau Kasturi' skin with Plum Sauce

'HamChoi'+ Chicken Stock Soup

Home-made dinner

I hope I didn't get anyone starving ! Oopss! :p


Thursday, 17 April 2008

the Red heels

I am pretty positively sure that my closed ones would know the fact that I love Red too much. From the red coloured collection I've got here in my room. Red Devils merchandise, England & Spain football jerseys, Christmas flowers, chair just to name a few. And did I forgot to mention that song Red Dress by local singer & musician Yuri Wong is my favourite too? :)

sO, what's with the title above you may ask?

the Red heels.
The heels that left behind not only a story.
But two or more most likely.

This particular heels is actually my favourite pair so far.
What makes it so special?
I stumbled upon this while doing some shopping on my first trip to the Philippines. It hit me to purchased it without thinking twice as I felt an instant love at first sight for it! Geez. Very typical I must say. Woman & shoes? They just can't be separated! Shoe fetish, shoe fetish.....Crazy yo!

Secondly, I also wore this heels to my first meeting up close & personal with my favourite local band, Estranged. Yeah I did! It was not a good idea to wear heels to a concert, I know. My leg was killing me that time. But it was worth it! As least for me that is. Talking 'bout bands, I'm a real fanatic one right? Yikes! Heehe =p

And beside going to the so many special events in my life with this heels,
I almost found what I want in my life but I didnt.

Dear Red heels of mine,

Through the dry and wet season, you are still here.
You came from a different place but yet you fit in.
You remind me of that something. Will I still called it special?
I don't know. Ahhhhh....Memories!

I don't blame you, my heels.
It was a never your fault.

the scene that was :
It was rather hot that day. But there was no burning sun to suffer my skin.
Walking slowly, as if we were just passing the time.
Splashing waters of the sea.
Sharing thoughts & views, seems endless.
You & I.....
Captured everything till this day.
I got something you left behind. A deep one.

P/s : Reddish red one, my love for thee shall remain.
I think I shall named myself 'Red Riding Hood' soon but in my own version lah

Hee xD


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sweet Love


Seated at the corner table I am.
Looking through the glass window,
I watched people passing through the doors.
Sipping my Ocha while waiting for you unpatiently.


Tongue licked all over you. Kissing passionately.
Frozen but still enough to make me my heart melt.
Sugary, my honey bunch,
Full of flavours,
You are too sweet for words!
I could barely describe the words to written or spoken here.
I am speechless, I could lose the oxygen in my breath!
You're way undescribable sweetheart!













You know What?
Talking about you
is like a never-ending story.
Maybe Coz I LOVE YOU too much!

You know the feeling
Kiss, kiss...
kinda thingy.

Maybe, Just perhaps that,

Nothing else is the best but you.....
Oh, my Haagen-Dazs !

Heehe, yeah the ice-cream.


Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park : 5 April 2008

We can make it happened. It doesnt even matter whether it is sunshine or rain.
So we go on to what we called ' our last minute' plan.
The weather has always been unfair to us but nothing will ever stopped us.
We can make it through the rain. Just like we always do.

As a nature & an animal lover,
this is just the right place to be !

When you're feeling all out. tired & hungry,
do pay a visit to this cafe.....

But hey, I've just arrived! Better check the animals out first! Hee xD
Let's moved on with some of the pictures of the animals there.

They say,
Pictures tells a thousand words.
So I might let the picture do the talking.
I will still do a bit less words of caption though.

The Sun Bear

Awww....isn't it cute?
I couldn't resist taking pictures of it sound asleep!
I felt like pinching it cheeks. or Maybe I should not....
Hahaha.... =p

The Himalayan Tiger

Hey kitty, kitty!
Meow, meow.....
Oopss I mean...
Roarrrrrrrr !

Orang Utan

The orang utan must be thinking,
" What's for dinner later?
More of bananas perhaps?"
Heehe :)


Jumping up and down, it wouldnt sit still.
This was the hardest one to get it captured.
Can you just give me one best shot of yourself for a moment?

The Proboscis Monkeys

The Mummy feeding the baby!
So sweet naman! ;)

The Zebras

Are they both fighting or playing?
I have no idea. Hmmm...

Tembadau or Wild Cattle

Feed on grass.

Mouse Deer

The cute little one.  I didnt noticed at first.


Can you see them?
The most caring ones here.
One big happy family.
As always! Nice ey? ;)

The Asian Elephant

Slightly smaller than the African Elephant.
It's still huge though!
Hey Dumbo!

Small Crocs

To be honest,
I'm not too keen on reptiles.
So left unsaid.

The Ostrichs

The fast runner
and show offs! Haaha =p

Burung Gagak

Reminds me of the talking birds my late grandfather in Papar used to have.
So talking to birds were never that rare for me. But at some point,
I don't quite like birds. Coz I think I'm allergic to it! Hehehe....

Overall, we had fun that day!
But for me, only to find out that I had tons of blisters on my leg as I reached home. Huhuhu...

I should have worn flip flops instead....


Monday, 14 April 2008

Fill the Emptiness

When the my head is fill with nothing but emptiness,
where I don't seem to know what else to do...

I wish I could paint the sky......
Something that once awhile out of reality.

But I can't.
That's the fact.

One of my favourite things to do when I am bored.
This is what you will see on my desk.
Sribbles, designs & full colours....
Thus cover every spaces at the white paper.

" When you are feeling all down,
just call my name and I will lift you up.
You can count on me, I will be one who colours your everyday life dear. "


Sunday, 13 April 2008

ShoO Sunday

Sunny Sunday witness me buying  a pair of comfortable shoes  this afternoon. I couldn't resist. Forgive me if it makes me feel better. Hee. The climate was too hot to handle. The ray of sunshine killed me! My skin almost burn. Thank God I didnt! =p

Later on, we went ahead for our journey to Rasa Ria Resort for photo-shoot session.
The weather seems fine at first. But guess what?
The rain or shine decided to play on us again.
Please do not do this to us.
Stop that April fool thingy already.....Will you?

By the way, this is what I learned & kept me thinking today....
"We are occupied sometimes we tend to forget to feed our soul."
Let us pause for a moment & reflect on it.

What says you?

Am pretty exhausted to blog right now.
Sleeping time! Wee =)


Saturday, 12 April 2008

A New Number

Each passing year, I try not to look forward to it.
If I could, I wish I could avoid it .I don't know. Sometime it just scares me.
Psycho, that numero just freaking me out a bit!
I don't mean to sound not appreciative or what.
This is just a feeling. Don't blame me.

Believe me when I say it is  the only day you will know who is real and who are not.
Trust me. Appreciate what you have today, never demand what you can't have.

Few years back, I nearly lost something. That one thing important no other man will give except Him. 
Thank God for I am still here today. Is that a great feeling or what?
Thanks to everyone for making this day as mine.
For the ones I felt so real & so true.  Those irreplaceable kind.
My loved ones.  Mi Familia at Kaibigan. ( My family & friends )

I have a Life. A Heart.
By second chance, I still own one.
It is so fragile, people tend to break it.
And while others care to mend for me.

As my tiny finger tips flip through the sheets fill with numbers,
I danced to a new age. Turning in just the right vibe.
I am positively sure it aint a wrong number at all.
I finally turned a year older today.

Will it be as magnifico as before?
Maybe  if I could make my own dance.
The right step at a time. Doesn't have to be perfecto.
Perhaps it will be as I wanted.

I got myself a new number.
A spanking new one & hopefully more to come! :)