Thursday, 8 May 2008

As I Speak : Black & White Days

The days of black & white reminds me of the past.
What's left us behind. Heartaches and...
Fond memories, no, I never intend to erase it.

Hear these voice from an 80's child, 
For she has always something to say,
There is no right or wrong in her dictionary,
Just an opinion what goes inside her head.

Freedom of speech, may I ?
Where do I begin? 

I have never experienced a 60's tv before.
Where  flat-screen is still a no, no  existence.
Long before I was even here.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson's song Black & White.
It was very popular back then, every little boys knows the dance routine.
The good old days journey of a child,
Pretty much where this post got inspired.

Under the roof-top I used to visit as kid, where I get excited everytime.
But not anymore. It is a sad thing that I don't have it in me.
Coz everything are destroyed in a nick of time.
You can't see it in my eyes. Though in my heart I feel it.
A cry, a pain I cleverly hide.

It's old you might say.
All I could see is the wonders of wooden carved.
It's a beautiful sight if you asked me.

Some people they just could care less.
Who they are? Where did they came from?
Do they even realize that they came from unique & exotic background?
I hope they will and still.

Is it wrong to be traditional?
How can you let go everything so beautiful?
What's past is past, but yet if it's tresurable,
It is meant to be kept & preserved.
Freshly blended on my mind,
 that is what I would love to do.

These days, all we think is about modernization.
Living in a fast phase of life, sometime's makes me feel like a robot.
Are we humans anymore?

Oh my so called love and hate relationship with development!

Forgive  me but I'm not saying that future invention or development is a wrong thing but being a true Nature lover I am just pissed off! Destruction of the forest, a polluted environment & a thin ozone layer that makes me sick? Kills me! 

What says you?

No? Think about it......



Kenny Mah said...

I'm with you on this, dear... as I was walking to KLCC today to take the LRT to PJ for work... ugh, the smog and dust flying into my eyes... where have all the trees gone?

Eudora said...

Dust flying into your eyes? Huhu..what a sad thing!