Friday, 25 April 2008

As I Speak : FCannon's New Music Videos!

"It's Double Whammy Day!"
As quoted by Yuri Wong on my Facebook inbox.

Malaysia's local band, Frequency Cannon has finally released their 2 music videos!
*screaming out loud*

I got this link through The Frequency Cannon Group at Facebook
& I decided to blog and do some free promoting as usual. ;)

Check it out, hope you guys enjoy it as I did!
Both songs are my personal favourite.

The much awaited music video for the hit single  'Girl'
Produced By : Adrian Lai from The Factory Studio

Their latest single 'FreeFalling' music video.
Produced by : Aliff Zulkifli from  The Factory Studio

Another update :
I heard they will make an appearance in the Malaysia's Seventeen magazine May Issue.
So to their fans out there, make you grab a copy of it coz I'm sure I'm going to get one myself! Hee xD

As I was typing this, my cousin Elsa will be witnessing FCannon's performance at her Taylor's College. I wish I could be there. *sigh*
But as Dino the Drummer says, " Let her be your eyes & ears."
Haha! Yeah, right Dino!
I don't mind though coz she promised to get me some autographs & pictures.
She even called me up just now & got me an autograph from my ex high school mate,
Mia Palencia the Jazz singer. I can't believe Mia still remembers me!
Thanks Sa! Love u! Heehe.

Well, I bet they're gonna have lots of fun rocking on stage!
I hope they won't get anything exploded as much as I know Dino wanted to!
Hahaha....LOL :p

That's it from me.
I think it's rather long already.

Rock On!?
Hee xD



impedius said...

This is the first time i heard of FCannon. Love the videos. They're great! :-)

Eudora said...

Actually they were the Blastoff 1st ever Grand Champion.
They are not that famous yet esp. among Sabahans dats y I chose to promote them. Hee xD

Thanks for the comment. ;)

rai[N]y_riN said...

FCANNON!!!!!!!i love them damn to eudora who make a free promotion on the blog...
*clap clap*....


Eudora said...

Yeah, Rin! I Love them so much too! Thanks for the comment!

Cheerios! :)