Friday, 18 April 2008

at the Kitchen....

Chopping off those onions, garlics & ginger.
Cutting vegetables, fresh seafood on the board.
When I'm in a hurry, don't be surprise I got my fingers cut.
Or was I just too clumsy? Heehe.
Things I usually do on a daily basis after work.
Yes, beside blogging, I do cook. Not for myself but the whole family. :)

What's cooking?
What's for dinner?
What's on the table for tonight?
They said.

I might not be the Cooking Goddess as Nigella Lawson or as great as graphic designer turned cook Kylie Kwong, but at least I cook more than just an egg. Growing up being trained to learn to cook does help. Cooking is actually not a difficult task at all.

And it is even better when you do it with love.
Those love portion that makes a perfect meal.
I am sure it tasted even better.

You got to cook it from the heart.
A home-made one for you and me.

Preparing the ingredients

Can you smell?
Haha =p

Prawns With Chinese Cooking Wine

Fish Curry

Mixed 'Ulam'

A traditional food of the KadazanDusun culture in Sabah.

'Limau Kasturi' skin with Plum Sauce

'HamChoi'+ Chicken Stock Soup

Home-made dinner

I hope I didn't get anyone starving ! Oopss! :p



Anonymous said...

Hehe, you don't have to be Nigella or Kylie... just be our artrageously unique and exotic Eudora... with your own cooking shows and cookbooks... :)

Eudora said...

Yeah, I think I should be my own self rather than anyone else. ;)

Anonymous said...

wow...sedapnyer!!! especially the prawns :) Me heart Prawns *ahaks*