Monday, 21 April 2008

Estranged Won!

Picture Courtesy of Arif Faris

*Screams excitedly*

Heehe xD

Good Times With the Guys Last Year ;)

Some of you might know this already. Yeah, one of my favourite local band, Estranged won the awards at the Anugerah Planet Musik, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre last night. I am soO Happy they've won! I've expected their winning coz I have always believe that they can win & my prediction was sO true! My support worth after all. :)

To the guys of ESTRANGED,
Rich, Hanafi, Din & Andy......

Congratulations On Your
Recent Winning at APM !
May You Have
Lot's More to Come!

All the Best For
2nd Album!



Anonymous said...

Congrats and bravo to the band! :D

Eudora said...


impedius said...

Estranged are cool! One of the very few local bands out there which are really good. CONGRATS TO THEM! :-)

fie the elf said...


i met rich once at shenanigans, he's friends with a friend of mine, and i had no idea who he was.

my friend: this is know him?
my friend: what? you don't know his band estranged??

Eudora said...

Impedius - Yeah, they are! Not only saying this because I'm a fan but also for getting to know them personally! ;)

Fie - You've met him? Nice! ;)
And btw, I can't blame you for not knowing them coz you're not here in Malaysia. Heehe..