Sunday, 20 April 2008

KK's Freeze World Earth Day!

In order to show our support for this event, my sister & I decided to document & blog about it.

This is one of the biggest Freeze event in conjuction of what our friends in Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya did. An awesome event indeed! I am so glad I got the chance to witness this! :)

City Mall's Concourse area
20th April 2008
8 pm, sharp
5 Minutes

That freezing moment.....

Freeze people, freeze!

Guess who I saw there?

I can see you Amie! Hee xD

Hey! And that guy seems familiar too!

Was it Sotong? Mr.GoldFish or......Julian? :p

Aren't those people below familiar or what?

The blogger, videographer, photographer.....
Most of them are there to witness this event.

That's it from me!
ToO sleepy & tired.

Outta here...



impedius said...

LOL Its not all the time i get to see myself in another person's blog. I finished uploading the KK FREEZE video. Check it out here --->

Eudora said...

Sure I'll check it out later! ;)

Ami3 S10 said...

LOLLLLLL...thats me alright! haha.. tulah tu ko, hidden paparazzi crouching photographer..hahaha! Napa ko ndak tegur gengssss...-__- nemain, probly we meet up lah kan during tu bloggers meet or anywhere in KK. Kici bah kk nie..keke! :)

Eudora said...

Hehehe. I guess I'm always the paparazzi kind. Yalah, nxt time I will tegur u guys. Me shy2 one bah. Haha!

Okie dokie I'll see you when I do see you! ;)

maslight said...

hohohoho XD

u were there too XD

JACQ said...

Haaa? U were there too? Didn't see you oh! Aiya.. no need to be shy bahh.. just come up and say hi and take a pic with u! hehe.. :)

Eudora said...

Massy - Yes, I was there. Guilty! Hee xD

Jacq - I was there. Guilty again! Hee xD Bah, nxt time lah k I say hi to u & we all can take pic together :)

fie the elf said...

well i hope everyone who was there is well aware of what 'world earth day' means!

Eudora said...

ya, I hope so too! :)