Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Full house + BK

We were SUPPOSED to watch Iron Man just now BUT yes with a big BUT.....
by the time we reached the counter, the cinema seats were already full.  Since it was the opening day & everyone will be on holiday tomorrow,
I've expected that. We should have booked it online earlier on.

I was so surprised when my cuzzy told me she saw my college buddy EGH with his gf just now.
Since we haven't been contacting each other like ages already, I didn't expect him to hug me from behind.

And because we didn't get any seats at the cinema,
we decided to go to Burger King for snack-ing ! ;)
**There's a confusion which BK we wanted to go & ended up in a different location in between**
Haha =p
But managed to relocated which BK we're going to dine exactly later.
As we reached,
It was kinda late for meal but what the heck we did order something anyways.
Mango drink, apple pie & onion rings for me! My favourite! ;)
Along the way......
The never ending.........
Chit-chatting till its late, got bloated, exhausted and owh well sleepy too.
Hence a very short post.

I think I wanna crash now.



Kenny Mah said...

Hmm, you're not the only to miss out on Iron Man. Same here... guess we best wait a bit and let the crowds dissipate first... :(

Eudora said...

You're absolutely right! We can always catch it next time...yeah,when it is not crowded. ;)