Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Hong Kong Recipe - 30th March

As a kid, I grew up watching Cantonese dramas on my daily evenings. I learned some words from it & thought that it is not actually a difficult language to learn. I may not master the language just yet but then I could understand a bit. I prefer Mandarin though nowadays cause it is a worldwide language. Since part of my Chinese Hainan blood running through my veins, I could not help it but say that I can't live without Chinese cuisine! Yes indeed! Heehe :)

Speaking of food, yours truly, my sister & his other half went to a restaurant here in my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in East Malaysia.

Head downtown to sampled some Chinese food.....

Hong Kong Recipe
Warisan Square

Ice Cold Lemon Tea for me! Mi Favorita !

I just love the unique glass :)

The couple ordered this Cold Chocolate Drink with Black Sago Pearl on top!
Nice ! :)

Be careful not to let the ice got melted! Better slurped it fast! Haha =p

Yours truly ordered this.
Moi Honey Chicken Rice With Vegetable Salad. Sweeetttttt just the way I like it!
Aha, ahaaa.....

Clean-sweep till the last bite! Haha :D

and the couple each ordered this.
My sister ordered beef & her other half ordered lamb.
I think it's called Baked Cheese Beef/Lamb Rice or was it the other way around?
I forgot lah! Hehehe =p

Personally, I think this meal is something different & unique.
It looks like a pizza from the outside.
But it turns out that it is actually a rice.
It's more likely a non-crusty pizza in a dim sum wooden plate! *LOL*

I recommend this place a must go to dine for it is not only reasonable, 
it is also a nice place to just hang-out & catch-up with friends. 
Besides, it serves various Chinese & Japanese delicacies too!

Hong Kong Recipe anyone?



Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Recipe? Would like to try but we don't have that here in the Klang Valley, unless I'm very much mistaken. Just the usual Kim Gary, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, etc...

The black sago bits look good... *slurps*

Eudora said...

Hey there, thanks for dropping by! You really did hop, skip and dance over my blog do you? Hee =)

Yeah, I'm not really sure if they have it in KL either. But you can always go there if you do come & visit KK !

The black sago taste great by the way! ;)