Monday, 7 April 2008

It Waits For No Man!

My eyes gazed at the calendar.
Time doesnt have a pity on me. Even for a bit.
Stingy, you never even gave me the chance to steal some of it.
Time is running out.

I could hear voices saying,
" Move! Faster, faster ! "
The heart of mine beating,
Makes my adrenaline rushed everytime.
I am busy. Like really, really do.
Why can't you understand?
Standing alone, the body has a problem.
It is killing the whole system. Half of it is dying.
But some of it is still burning.
The spirit to go on living.

For once,
Stopped the ticking clock!
Turned it away!
Can you?
Just once, that is all I asked for.

Still, it makes me appreciate while it last.
For when it is gone, at least I won't feel much regret.


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