Friday, 11 April 2008


It's 11.05 p.m on my clock.

I just finished reading comic awhile ago.

Now I'm sitting in front of my PC thinking what to blog today. No words could come straight from my mind. All I think about is to sit back & relax.

Listening & singing my favourite Spanish tunes on the computer right now.
The sounds of a remake of traditional A La Nanita Nana song is just so beautiful.
I felt like I'm in Barcelona, Spain.

Come to think of it, makes me want to hit the bed anytime now.
Dream, dream, dream.....

Mi Senor Amor, told you I'm a big dreamer!
Sagrada Familia? Anyone por favor?

Ok, ok enough 'bout it already...Heehe ;)



elfiejane said...

gosh nowadays i just feel like stayin g in bed the whole day! i wanna blog but i'm like,kinda too lazy,haha

Eudora said...

Fie, I feel the same way too! Sometimes I don't have the energy to move out straight from the bed every morning. Too bad I have to work. Heehe. ;)