Thursday, 24 April 2008

On Bobby Chinn in World Cafe Asia

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Ever since I first set my eyes on the show, World Cafe Asia, 
I got myself hooked up to it! 
Yeah.  It's not like I'm a couch potato that could sit
in front of the television screen that long.  
Blame on that particular week, a much too long holiday I got. 
I had nothing better to do. 
So being a typical Travel & Living avid fan, 
I switched the channel on the remote control.
One switch can change everything. It has been a favourite till today.

Why do I love this guy?

Bobby Chinn,  a mixed blooded guy who happens to love food, travel & music. 
Him being half Chinese, half Greek, please don't blame me for saying that he is such a good looking guy okay? Cause he is. And I must say that I kind of have this thing or two about a guy who is into showing off his culinary skills. Cooking for love could actually make someone easily smitten. Anyone agree with me? Or was it just his curly hair ?

There is actually a long story of Bobby's life & background to tell,
it is worth reading.
I could go typing endless here which I don't intend to do right now.  
Sleepyhead of me.

But he is....
An ultimate bachelor on my list, I would say.
Reading his profile I could agree more. Well for me that is.
Log on to for more information.

I might as well put Bobby Chinn's Restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam on my MUST next travel trip! *fingers crossed*


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