Saturday, 26 April 2008

Poppea Garden Cafe

Right after work just now, my cousin & I decided to go for a lunch.
So we headed down to Poppea Garden Cafe in CityMall.

The Menu

Looking at menu, I could see various types of food.
Most of it are Thai or Vietnam influenced.
But they also have this Western-Style meal for those who prefer eating something different rather than the usual rice & noodle Asian people love.

The hungry stomach of ours waiting for the food,
hoping for a nice, hearty lunch to satisfy our need.
This is what we ordered.

Both of us ordered the 'Set Lunch' which consists of :
-Plain Rice
-Meat/Fish/Dish of Your Choice on the 'Set Lunch' menu
-Herbal drink/Cordial Orange

My cousin's lunch:
Thai Fish Fillet set

And mine was :
Ginger Onion Fish set

The price dining here is quite reasonable but I find that the vegetable served is not that fresh. Or was it over-cooked? Or did I just came in a wrong time?I'm not sure about that either.

Honestly, the pictures on the menu is even more interesting than the real thing.
I might go back for a 2nd try on other meals and see if that 2nd chance worth it.

For me, food was just an okay just now.
But lunch time with cuzzy was worth it as we spent exactly like 2 hours in that cafe! Heehe ;)



fie the elf said...

your blog always banyak gambars of food.

im sad.


Pammie said...

sedap pula the food at popea..i always pass the shop but never have i thought the food was like that!

Eudora said...

Fie- Sorry, I just can't resist! ;)

Pammie- The food quite ok lah. Heehe. You should go and have a try yourself babe! Hee :)