Sunday, 13 April 2008

ShoO Sunday

Sunny Sunday witness me buying  a pair of comfortable shoes  this afternoon. I couldn't resist. Forgive me if it makes me feel better. Hee. The climate was too hot to handle. The ray of sunshine killed me! My skin almost burn. Thank God I didnt! =p

Later on, we went ahead for our journey to Rasa Ria Resort for photo-shoot session.
The weather seems fine at first. But guess what?
The rain or shine decided to play on us again.
Please do not do this to us.
Stop that April fool thingy already.....Will you?

By the way, this is what I learned & kept me thinking today....
"We are occupied sometimes we tend to forget to feed our soul."
Let us pause for a moment & reflect on it.

What says you?

Am pretty exhausted to blog right now.
Sleeping time! Wee =)


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