Sunday, 6 April 2008

Vedablu - 30th March

I bet some of you might this,
"What? Vedablu again?"

Heehe. Yeah, I know.
If you have been reading my blog, you might have noticed.
For a hundred million times, I lost count.
Hmmmm just maybe. I'm exaggerating here. Haha =p
I'm posting about Vedablu yet again.
And by this time, you guess it right by saying,
" That must be her favourite spot! "

I would say,
" Yeah, totally! Indeed ! "

Unlike my other previous post, this one is at a different location.
This Vedablu branch is located at Gaya Street.
The shoplot in front of the Sabah Tourism Board building.

When we arrived, my sister and I were like the only customer there.
And slowly other customers coming in. As this street is situated at the main town area, most of the customers will be foreigners as it's a prime location for tourist.

I find this Vedablu shop is more romantic & relax compared to the other branch in Kota Kinabalu. A bit of darkness atmosphere and the lights are so dimmed. Slow song playing, just the right thing to suit your mood enjoying your tasty-fying sweet desserts & drinks.

You can even opt to seat at the bar.
See that bottles at the bar?
They have great selection of flavours to choose from.
Mix, mix with my favourite Ice blended coffee! :)

Yours truly is thinking hard what to order.
Heehe xD

Here I'm trying to promote those ice-cream.
Which I think I fail miserable-ly.
Coz I can't even remember the names! Huahahahaha =p

As sinful as you might think it is....
we had this.....

Too much to think on what to order,
My sister & I decided to share a banana boat instead.
Besides, we just had dinner at HongKong Recipe.

Be prepared to forked out some extra cash cause in my opinion, the cost for those ice-cream per scoop is aint that cheap! I can't really exactly tell you how much is the pricing are but all I can tell you that it is expensive. But if you're eager to try & keen on a new place for a dessert then go ahead!

I don't know 'bout you, so better check it out by yourself today!
Coz it sure does worth every cent of my money though! :)

P/s: I never get any commission from them. So that means, this is an honest opinion. Vedablu ice-cream for you & me please? ;)


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