Saturday, 19 April 2008

Vivalicious Saturday

A Saturday night doing nothing is simply marvellous. I could hear little Bambi's voice outside as if it's calling me to let it in. Trying to get my attention, she scratched the wooden door harder wanting to go inside. Naughty Bambi is being impatient waiting for me. It's her dinner time. Little Bambi is my toy-sized puppy by the way.

The air swiftly blew my hair. A windy weather after the rain. Enjoying the Nescafe's Viva Vanilla Flavoured Coffee on the kitchen table while engrossing & flipping through each pages of Malaysia's The Edge- Haven magazine. Mmmm....did I not mention I was actually eating my Chicken Pau too? ;)

For a second, I'd like the quiet environment I don't usually have these days. Peace of mind. Heaven? Not Quite but Almost lah.  
Mum is in the master bedroom watching her usual AF thingy on tv. 
I'm not quite a fan anymore so that's why. ;p
Just letting the time pass through. 
While the other siblings off to a PC Fair downtown.  
Was supposed to join them but heck, I rather stay home before I tend
to forked out every cents I have on my purse.  
Save it for rainy days remember? Hell yeah! :)
And Dad is still on vacation. I wish I could joined him there! *sigh*
Urghhh...why oh why?

Still it's a Vivalicious night with the limited supply of Nescafe's Viva Vanilla I've got in the Phillippines last year!
Daddy, I want again! 
Screw the company for not having my favourite drink here. :(



impedius said...

Sometimes the best place to chill is home sweet home. :-)

Eudora said...

Yeah, dats right. So so true! ;)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a hot cuppa... and fresh tasted at that... ;)

fie the elf said...

i want chicken pau =(