Saturday, 3 May 2008

3 Events

3 Events = A Wedding + A Reality Show Concert + An Award Show

Today I witnessed an old friend of my cousin or a distant relative of mine I would say,
a wedding between Greer & Juanis. My cousin & I got her a simple wedding gift we got last minute before going there. But still, we both hope that she will love it.

Pink & Purple around the wedding receprtion venue.
I could sense the happiness of the newly-weds.
All smiles of the multi cultures fill the surrounding.
Drinks were rise up to cheer the bride and groom.

I went home just in time for Stacy from the Akademi Fantasia reality show performance 
& owh well,  to watch the others too. I was not satisfied with the person who were voted out because honestly, he is way better than the person I wanted to see out from the academy.

But what the heck,
my mind were actually more to wanting to watch AIM that time. Since everyone wanted to watch AF, I just have to bear with it. I wanted so bad to watch Rich and his band perform but failed. *sobs*

At least, I got to watch PopShuvit performed!
Yay, for that! WoOhoO!!!!!!!

It's almost mid-night and I am feeling owh-so-not in the mood for a long post again.
Power failure on my body's battery.




Kenny Mah said...

Power failure on a weekend? Best time to recharge that battery, dear! ;)

rai[N]y_riN said...

yeahh!pop shuvit performed!live on AIM!pretty much cool ah?but that's not their real energy i's much more controlled...never mind..still enjoy their performance..


Eudora said...

Kenny M- Ya, need to! ;)

Rin - Yeah,cool! Love their performance stil! :)