Wednesday, 28 May 2008

As I Speak : 280508

The internet connection is getting pretty f*cked up these days. My owh my! It's nerve wrecking. It's getting slower as a snail. I might as well have a nap while waiting for the page to load. Nak layan YouTube pun susah lah weii. Maybe it's really congested ey? 

Whatever lah. Heehe.

The time shows 11:30 p.m. Blogging here in my own room it feel so comfortable. I realize it's late . But for me, the night is still young. Yeah,  eventhough I am working tomorrow.  Sitting here while listening to some spiritual songs.  At this time of the day, it's really soothing. Singing along with my MP3's . Feed my heart & soul. I just hope I don't woke everyone up! Hee xD

Well luckily, the brothers are on school holiday! So, I won't have to worry about bugging anyone who will eventually rise early in the morning.

Oh ya....
I have developed the pictures I took with my Nikon SLR Camera already.
It's not that good compared to last time. Need to brush up my skills back. I haven't been using that camera for so long. Which is why the lighting seems pretty bad.  Will try to upload it here when I have the time. And I am missing digital camera too. Huhu. :(

And, and, and......
I just found out about a great place for a vacation here in Sabah from my sister just now. Yes, yet another one. Talk about that soon. When I say 'soon', it doesnt mean that soon aights? Haha :p

Later! :)


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