Saturday, 17 May 2008

Light of Darkness

Let me say this in my own words, my thoughts. What I want to say at this moment.
Something is unfair but life's like that. When we are unsatisfied over certain things. Like simple things in life that could take charge these days. Conquered by some people. It was a decision made. The minority can't seem to overcome and beat the majority. We all needed a change. That just could not possibly happened. We all knew that.

Blinded by the darkness,
My sight sees nothing.
Come, oh come,
I welcome thee....
O thy eternal light,
Shine upon me,
Make me feel just right,
That my life could be perfect!

Sometimes I feel like a blind man,
But Praise to God for He showed me the light.
I maybe be blind, but I still have feelings.
I feel it, I keep it inside my heart.

The light of darkness lead me to somewhere I never thought I'd be....


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