Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Say : On a Sunday

Like yesterday, it is just an ordinary day.
The sky is not grey,  it's after all a Sunday!

There's nothing like a quiet, relaxed weekend
on my own comfort zone......

I have been watching the featured videos on MTV Philippines website these past 2days. I am an official member na ngayon. Since I have been having difficulty to sign-up to become a member at, I chose to be  a member in MTV Philippines instead. Just wanted to win some free stuffs. Who knows I'm lucky enough right? Hee ;)

"Gusto ko MTV araw-araw!"
As the MTV Philippines tag-line said.
I would say,
it makes me masaya,
Bakit hindi diba?"


Here's another yet pictures  of  
Home-cooked Dinner with My Younger Brother




Kenny Mah / Life for Beginners said...

Good luck with winning the MTV prizes... :0

impedius said...

Hope you win some stuff! ;-)

Those photos of food... *stomach growl*

Eudora said...

Kenny M & Dino - Thank you guys! I hope I will win too! *fingers crossed* ;)