Saturday, 10 May 2008

Only words : Pouring rain & tears......

 After a really hot day yesterday, I felt like soaking in tub full of iced water. Heehe.

But not for today, I was suddenly awaken by a dark morning.
I didn't even feel like getting out of the bed either. The sun wasn't even shining the whole day.
For a second, I feel like I was in a twilight zone. Yesterday it was sunshine, and today was the unpredictable rain. The day was quiet without construction. Yay for that! :)

"What a good day to sleep!"
I said to myself.

Afternoon came as I am back from work. An Indian movie had caught my eyes. I became a couch potato in an instant. I was stucked watching till the last scene. Me watching a Hindustan film? You've gotta be kidding me! I was pretty amazed myself too. So okay the story line was interesting and I definitely could not resist at all. The scene keeps making my teardrops fall everytime. I was touched & teary. No I can't deny that.

Sweet words of love. Families. Friendship. True distance relationship.
There is like a thing or two I love about this movie, I learned something. Something that makes you opened up your eyes and not forgetting your own heart too. 


How can you be so heartless?
Even to your loved ones?
How can you abandon to the ones that have brought you into this world &
raise you up till you became what you are today?
If they can sacrifice for you, then why can't you?

They only need LOVE.
Yes LOVE. Is that too much to ask for?

That's when I thought to myself,
I wouldn't want to be like that kind of person.
Just because you're rich, doesn't mean you have to forget where you come from.

I appreciate my parents more.



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