Friday, 30 May 2008

The Philippines With Me (4)

Another backdated post.

I came to a realization that I haven't finished posting about my trip last year. I could not really tell the exact location as this was when we were on the way to Tagaytay Highlands.

Date : 25 November 2007
Location : Somewhere in the Philippines

After the visitation to the Jeepney factory back in Sarao, we headed to the road to Tagaytay. You can read my previous post here. This is the continuation.

Our Pinoy driver, told us to try one of the local product. Since it will be few hours till we reached our destination, we stopped by at Colette's.  Just another chain of Colette's you will find selling their famous buko pie. :)

Note : Pasalubong is actually something you could bring or give to someone as a gift.

Here is what in store for Colette's little corner shop. You could find various kinds of sweet and snacks on the shelves & display on the counter. Everything is nicely packed for everyone to bring home & enjoy. Plus it is locally made.

The colours caught my attention.
The sweetness add to perfection.
Suits for someone who has a sweet tooth like me!

One of the must try product our driver recommended to us earlier on.
So that is when we  bought this....
A box of buko pie.
In other words, the coconut pie.

Everyone in the family love this.
Yes, the scrumptious pie filled with coconut!
Tastes great once you take a bite, you will probably want more!
One of the best dessert in the Philippines! Siempre naman. :)

As we got ourselves something to munch , we get in back to the coach, seated & continue our journey. My back hurt so bad from sitting too long.  All I could hear is the sound of loud voices by the older generation.  Silence conquered me. I became a bit restless. The hours seems a never ending one. But still the excitement keeps me going.....

Till the next episode of 'The Philippines With Me'
Stay tuned !



Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Ooh... I'd love to have some of that pie... Looks delish! More Filipino culinary adventures, please! :D

Eudora said...

It is simply delicious! Heehe.
And more post of the culinary adventures coming up! ;)